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    Portland, Oregon USA
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    Currently my focus is on Atari 8 bit computers, old school BBSs, emulators, and the Lynx hand held. However, I also enjoy Atari ST computers, Jaguar, and 2600.

    My non-Atari interests include TI-994A and Coleco Adam computers.

    I am originally from the Cleveland Ohio area. So, I am always interested in reconnecting with other Cleveland Atarians -- especially those from the old Atari BBS scene in the 80s and 90s.

    I run the Basement BBS. The BBS is running a customized version of BBS Express Pro! Telnet: basementbbs.ddns.net. Port: 9000. This BBS originally ran from 1986 - 1998, so it is truly an Atari time capsule on the Internet! :)

    Another BBS to check out is Part-Time. It was run by my step dad from 1985-early 2000. It was the longest running Atari 8 bit BBS in the Cleveland 216 Area Code. To connect, telnet to ptbbs.ddns.net Port: 8000.

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  1. You should have offered it to Tillek! I think he would have given you cash for it! -JP
  2. On this day, July 12th, in 2020 Southern Amis BBS returned online. Southern Amis was originally called Southern Comfort and was an AMIS BBS in the 516 area code during the mid-80s (source: BBSMates website). Southern Amis was started as a tribute to the original Southern Comfort BBS. The BBS runs BBS Express and is hosted in the AWS Cloud. As of this writing, it is the only "Atari only" BBS online today (i.e., it only supports ATASCII connections). To connect to Southern Amis, telnet to southernamis.ddns.net:23.
  3. And there are also web interfaces (although they do not support ATASCII, they do support ANSI which works great with ST BBSs and BBS Express Pro! BBSs). -JP
  4. Looks good! And I remember the Avatex 1200hc too. The hc stands for "Hayes Compatible". I had just the "Avatex 1200" which had the same case and buttons, just not the "hc". As you can guess, the "Avatex 1200" (without the hc) was not 100% Hayes Compatible. The "Avatex 1200hc" came out shortly after "The Avatex 1200". Because the "Avatex 1200" was not 100% Hayes Compatible, a SysOp friend of mine called it the "Avayuck".hahahahahaha. After using the Avatex 1200 on my BBS for a year or two, I upgraded to the "Avatex 2400hc". Same modem as this one, but it supported 2400 baud. I think the case was the same, but the color of the buttons may have been different. Also, the face plate said "Avatex 2400hc". These were great modems because they were a lot cheaper than the "Hayes" and "USR" brands; but they still worked great. The only thing I did not care for on these modems was the "Data/Voice" button. It was really easy to turn off Data and forget to switch it back on. BBS Express Pro! takes the modem off hook when you logon locally. So, you would get a dial tone blaring through the speaker. One way around that would be to select Voice on the "Data/Voice" button (I think the setting was "voice" when the button was pushed out). But if you forget to set it back to "Data" after finishing your local BBS session, no one can log onto the BBS until it's manually set back to "Data". There were certainly a few times I forgot to set it back to "Data" and no one could log onto the BBS for a few hours. -JP
  5. Keep in mind that 1.2b is a daily build of their development branch. So, you could get something that isn't fully working. Anyway, go to the following link, scroll to the bottom where it says "The below links are almost certainly not what you want" and select either Win32 for Windows or MacOS for Mac. If you want a different architecture (such as Linux x86), then you'll need to grab the sources and build it yourself. https://syncterm.bbsdev.net/ -JP
  6. You can always pull up the password/user file in a sector editor. If you can clearly read the password field, then it is not encrypted. I would be surprised if any of the Atari 8 bit BBSs have encrypted passwords. Even if passwords were encrypted, the fact that users are entering passwords over unsecured telnet connections, doesn't make them very secure. -JP
  7. Very cool! My first 1200 baud modem was an Avatex 1200. This brings back memories. Please post some pics of the LEDs in operation. -JP
  8. There is definitely something going around....a few of us SysOps had hard drive and/or hardware problems in the last month. Very strange...I guess when it rains, it pours. Sorry to hear this. I was on your private BBS for a little bit...I actually thought you took it down at one point; or I would have continued to call. -JP
  9. After messing with it some more, it's now retaining its size and not stuck in full screen mode. -JP
  10. Ugh! It's not saving the sizing settings. So, When I reload Syncterm, I get the messed up full screen again! What a mess. -JP
  11. I was able to fix the full screen problem. But yeah, the current version of 1.2b has messed up ATASCII. Thanks for filing a ticket. -JP
  12. Not sure if it's related, but I also was getting some weird behavior when I tried 1.2b. It only worked in full screen mode. Now my good copy of 1.2a only works in full screen mode. I think I'm done messing around with 1.2 until it becomes a stable release. -JP
  13. Does the UDS-10 really report a 300 baud connection or is ST FoReM interpretting a simple "CONNECT" message as a 300 baud connection? Some dial-up modems will report "CONNECT" for 300 baud and "CONNECT xxxx" (e.g., CONNECT 1200, CONNECT 2400, CONNECT 9600, etc.) for baud rates > 300. -JP
  14. You purchased a Wimodem232, correct? Have you tried it with your BBS? You might have better luck with it. I scanned the Wimodem232 manual and I read that it will report the connect speed with the command ATX1 (e.g., "CONNECT 9600" for 9600 baud connection). The default is ATX0 which only prints a "CONNECT" message. You can save the configuration on the Wimodem232 with the AT&W command in case ST FoReM does not support modem init strings. -JP
  15. @Triads I haven't tried it yet, but according to the link to the ticket, the lockup bug in Syncterm 1.2a has been fixed. -JP
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