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    Currently my focus is on Atari 8 bit computers, old school BBSs, emulators, and the Lynx hand held. However, I also enjoy Atari ST computers, Jaguar, and 2600.

    My non-Atari interests include TI-994A and Coleco Adam computers.

    I am originally from the Cleveland Ohio area. So, I am always interested in reconnecting with other Cleveland Atarians -- especially those from the old Atari BBS scene in the 80s and 90s.

    I run the Basement BBS. The BBS is running a customized version of BBS Express Pro! Telnet: basementbbs.ddns.net. Port: 9000. This BBS originally ran from 1986 - 1998, so it is truly an Atari time capsule on the Internet! :)

    Another BBS to check out is Part-Time. It was run by my step dad from 1985-early 2000. It was the longest running Atari 8 bit BBS in the Cleveland 216 Area Code. To connect, telnet to ptbbs.ddns.net Port: 8000.

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  1. Didn't AMIS give you a copy of FoReM XL? If so, why not install the BBS and see if it can read that message base file? Looking at old messages is like opening up a time capsule. When I recovered a bunch of old message bases, I was a little embarassed by how young, dumb, and immature some of my posts were. But then again, I was in high school so it was par for the course! I have recovered message bases from the late 80s and early 90s on the Basement and Part-Time BBSs. You can also see some of them online at the following link: http://basementbbs.ddns.net:7000/basement-msgs/index.html -JP
  2. Syncterm supports ANSI music, but I never visited a BBS that supports it. -JP
  3. Did you try pressing control Enter instead of Enter when the Atari BBS asks to press Return? On some targets, Syncterm requires control Enter. Not sure why. -JP
  4. That's weird. On Syncterm, I just set Screen mode to Atari under the BBS listings. For example,
  5. Sounds like you were not in ATASCII mode when you called Southern Amis. Southern Amis is ATASCII only. Southern Amis will ask you to press Return and if you send it a non-ATASCII return, it will print a message like "Atascii only - change term or Syncterm mode to Atari" and log you off. If you're in ATASCII mode and press Return, then the term program should send an ATASCII return. -JP
  6. Yeah, the Basement BBS (basementbbs.ddns.net:9000). That would be a good test. Besides ATASCII graphics, there are also some screens and menus that use ATASCII cursor controls to create scrolling text, etc. southernamis.ddns.net:23 and alcatrazbbs.ddns.net:9000 are good test BBSs for ATASCII too. -JP
  7. How do you know ATASCII on qodem works well? I don't see any ATASCII BBSs in your dial list. -JP
  8. If you want to connect from Windows (or Mac, Linux, etc.) then try Syncterm whch supports ATASCII. https://syncterm.bbsdev.net/ -JP
  9. Last year, someone put up a CBBS called CBBS/NV. It includes some old messages from Ward Christensen. Telnet to cbbs.mitsaltair.com:8800 or call 702-216-6148 to access CBBS/NV. More information is available at the following link: https://www.telnetbbsguide.com/bbs/cbbs-nv/
  10. I wish I could connect to it. If someone does track down the SysOp, please suggest to them that they add telnet access. -JP
  11. Sounds good. Feel free to post the SysOp manual and start a Plexus thread in our Atari 8 bit BBS club (which is also a part of the AtariAge website). You can access it by clicking on the "Apps" menu item above, choose the "Clubs" submenu item, then choose the "Atari BBS Gurus" club. Here's also a direct link: https://atariage.com/forums/clubs/8-atari-bbs-gurus/ We would love to have more information on Plexus in our archives. -JP
  12. Would that count? Not sure. Did it handle variables, control structures (e.g., if then else), and functions? I believe the script language that Dark Lord referred to includes these capabilities. Certainly that's the assumption I made when I mentioned the memory constraints probably prevents a script engine in Atari 8 bit BBSs. What is the name of this BBS software? Hope you're successful in resurrecting it. I'd like to log in and check it out. -JP
  13. The Lantronix devices do not implement the entire Hayes command set. You should check the manual to see if these AT commands are supported. Does Foresight allow you to edit the modem init string? If so, maybe there is something else you could use. -JP Edit: I just tried your BBS just now. It connects but nothing happens.
  14. The first version of FoReM was derived from AMIS. However, later versions, such as FoReM XL and FoReM XE were "rewrites". -JP
  15. Sounds to me that compiling these script files turn them into a bit code that the BBS interprets while the BBS is running. That simplifies a parser/interpretter that needs to run on the BBS. It may be possible to design such a script engine for an Atari 8 bit BBS, however, I would think the number of instructions/functions of the language would have to be quite limited due to memory constraints. Again, you have a 64K machine with a lot of that memory already consumed by core BBS functions. In other words, the size of your script files are not the issue here. It's the memory required by the script engine + the BBS core functions. The script language would probably have to be limited due to memory constraints. That's probably one of the reasons why Atari 8 bit BBSs such as BBS Express Pro! and Carina provide an API instead. -JP
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