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  1. In case you haven't seen it yet, we moved our "BBS Life" memes to a new site: https://southernamis.wixsite.com/website/forum/general-discussions/bbs-life 😉 -JP
  2. Looks like it's working as well as FoReM XE Pro 6.0 did. As in, it doesn't even answer. 😆 Come on Russ, I thought you learned your lesson in that FoReM XE Pro 6.0 thread. How do you expect anyone to ever believe you when you post vaporware? -JP
  3. As the moderator said...we need to start a separate thread for our jokes and memes. So, back by popular demand... BBS Life memes have rebooted here: https://southernamis.wixsite.com/website/forum/general-discussions/bbs-life -JP
  4. It would be worth trying it on a current version of Altirra. Perhaps some of those problems you saw with an emulator back then no longer exist in a current version of an emulator. -JP
  5. At that price, I would have demanded that they allowed 'R' to be used for replying to messages! -JP
  6. You replied to a really old post. The Wimodem does not have this issue as you can connect to an Atari 8 bit BBS in raw mode. If the Wifi device can handle raw mode, then you won't have the ATASCII heart problem that I mentioned in my 6/18/2019 post. -JP
  7. No problem. We were just having fun with the misleading topic. The topic of this thread and the first few messages suggest that the software is released and working. But after a few of us tried it, we realize that it has missing files and does not work at all. After some of us started to question it, @rcamp48 finally admitted that the software is not working. It would have been a better use of everyone's time if @rcamp48 would just be upfront with everyone and say, "Here's this software I am trying to get working. Can someone help?" But instead, he posts half baked software in messages that state "it's released and working". He regularly makes these type of posts here and on Facebook. Moving forward, I hope @rcamp48 is more forthcoming on the state of his software that he posts here. -JP
  8. "I am famous! But not as famous as @Amis!" -Wallace "Famous" Amos
  9. Either that, or the name would be a "Brute Force" pun like "Boot Force BBS"! 😆 -JP
  10. Hey @moonlight_mile, have you been emailing this guy? I am actor Rick Moose. I am here to say that I am not a friend of Matt Singer. I have never met Matt Singer. I have no idea who Matt Singer is. I don't know what a FoReM or a BBS is! So, please stop sending me emails asking if I can get you into contact with Matt Singer.
  11. For those of us running retro BBSs... The Backyard Board says: 300 baud dialup-up only 0ld Sk00l Atari BBS! It's running Bulletin Board Construction Set (BBCS) on an Atari 800XL with a Supra 300AT modem. And BBCS somehow manages to not crash! But it does not have a Midi player! 😆 https://www.telnetbbsguide.com/bbs/backyard-board/
  12. No Midi player, but it does come with a working RLE Converter? 😆 I remember waiting in anticipation for RLE images to render over a 300 baud connection! -JP
  13. I don't know...but here's a singer who prefers DarkForce BBS:
  14. If Stevie Wonder could call a BBS, you bet it would be Part-Time BBS!
  15. Call ST Guild BBS and play the popular BBS game, "Where's the SysOp?"
  16. What the hell am I looking at? When does this happen in the movie? Now. You're looking at now, sir. Everything that happens now, is happening now. What happened to then? We passed then. When? Just now. We're at now, now. Go back to then. When? Now. Now? Now. I can't. Why? We missed it. When? Just now. When will then be now? Soon.
  17. Call the Boot Factory BBS! It's a kick in the pants!
  18. The only way I can remember to use 'A' for replies is to remind myself that I'm on a Canadian BBS and "A is for Eh?" 😆
  19. At least the reply command is 'R' and not 'A'! 😆
  20. Star Fleet HQ BBS is currently stuck in a Black Hole!
  21. Learn to ride at Bikerbob's Clubhouse BBS!
  22. Powder Blue, Lime Green, or Red Velvet! 😆
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