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  1. And yet the original iNES header format was sorely lacking and incomplete, as there has been continued development and expansion of NES2.0 headers within the past year or so. Emulator devs had to have internal hacks in their emulators for some roms in order to represent the correct behavior that could not be expressed in iNES.
  2. This new format simply represents the information that something like MAME or some other emulator reads from a config file, like this: https://github.com/mamedev/mame/blob/master/hash/intv.xml This new format is better, as it doesn’t have dependencies on a config file, new Intellivision homebrew can be created without needing config file updates. Not to mention it’s a PITA to have an FPGA have to parse an xml config file like this.
  3. Even dumping those supplemental chips may not be enough; if there’s a volatile RAM chip or non-volatile EEPROM chip, those may not have data to be “dumped” yet are vital aspects of the cartridge that need to be represented and emulated. There could also be wiring differences on the PCB.
  4. It's not that simple; ROM dumps don't necessarily contain information about supplemental circuitry and other hardware. Which is why NES headers are required to provide information about this hardware (mappers). I believe Intellivision falls into this category.
  5. Not expecting new features, but rather fixing existing bugs in Hi-Def NES (like the Metroid FDS audio bug).
  6. Will there ever be any future firmware updates for Hi-Def NES or is a dead unsupported product at this point?
  7. They should focus on fixing bugs in their existing products and adding enhancements to them.
  8. So when will we see minor fixes (not new cores) to the original Nt Mini, including but not limited to the serial number bug (always displaying a bogus number of something like 00001), FDS audio emulation bug with the doors in Metroid, etc.
  9. I don’t see that issue listed here, can you add it?
  10. I have downgraded my HiDef NES firmware before and it worked fine.
  11. It is sorting alphabetically; a space has a lower ASCII value than a period (and all other printable characters). You could add a trailing space so that Top Gear .sfc will be listed before Top Gear 2.sfc as a period is less than the digit two.
  12. This has been addressed with improved NES cart connector and now in stock.
  13. There is an outstanding issue in github with lots of bad ColecoVision roms in the latest Smokemonster pack: https://github.com/SmokeMonsterPacks/EverDrive-Packs-Lists-Database/issues/101
  14. Smokemonster made fixes to these a few years ago. You can find them here under NES/NT Mini/NT Fixed/
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