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  1. ive only used the pm, add pics to your post feature, the chatbox (twice), and that recent status update thingy, all the rest is just fluff to me and probably wont use it, atleast its easy to hide/ignore the new options if you want also any feature taken from facebook is a no no to me but thats because i hate facebook i cant talk about the speed of the forum because my computer is so old and it has an old version of winXP that was used on another computer with different parts, i just threw that HD with the OS onto this computer (because the old HD with the OS died) and ive been using it that way for 2 years. so in other words some websites load like a 56k modem ... lol anyway keep up the good work Albert and anything that makes your job easier running this website im all for it
  2. anyone watching hockey? great playoffs so far

    1. Atari Joe

      Atari Joe

      i agree im a big hockey fan lemmi

  3. when i looked into selling my kids controller back in 2008 they wernt selling for more than $15, so i kept it
  4. heh im still waiting (7 years later) for guardian heroes to drop in price, but it went the other way, now its way more for even a loose copy
  5. when i was looking for guardian heroes for saturn i thought why wont this game sell for less than $65 ever, you would think one auction would sell lower than that once, but it never happened in 6 months. so i got one for $66 and guess what? the cd arrived cracked and i got a neg on ebay for asking the idiot why was the cd cracked i was thinking someone was bidding up the price on all auctions to keep it around $65
  6. i measured the tallest common box i could find 99.9% of the boxes are around 10 1/4 inches high and 5 1/2 inches wide the tallest box the maniac pack box is 11 1/4 high and 6 wide - but the games in it are just a re-release of earlier games i have my shelf set at 11 1/4 inches
  7. thanks, i was just curious since its the highest rarity cart i own i have to keep it not a bad profit of $28 tho if i could get $30
  8. has never used or held an ipod

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    2. Lemmi


      nah, man Cassette tapes rule. i have 200+ of those, 61 CDs and 12 vinyl

    3. Gorfy


      What, no 8-tracks?

    4. Lemmi


      LOL, i forgot i have 4 of those but no way to play them since my 8-track boombox quit working. i also just noticed that you can reply to these things about 20min ago

  9. $180 for 3do Dino Park Tycoon, but after 5 years i sold it for $380
  10. thats why i stopped collecting at the GC and Xbox, systems that require internet and hard drives isnt a console anymore but a computer system and i have one of those already that i dont play games on
  11. after his atari video cube you can rate mine then my LG CD-i system - complete with box, foam, bags, all paper work, and it came from the michigan supreme court
  12. i like the system alittle bit i saw the price of the system in magazines and thought umm no thanks way to steep i never really thought about the marketing side of things, i was just happy EA kept making the NHL series for Genesis untill 1998 back then i also love the Saturn, most played game is Warcraft 2 games i played like crazy were Captain Quazar Corpse Killer - beat it with the controller first Daedalus Encounter Dragon Lore - took something like 9 years to finish. i took a long break between playing Escape from Monster Manor FIFA Soccer Gex Lucienne's Quest - the expensive rpg Guardian War - the cheaper rpg Incredible Machine The Horde Need for Speed - just awesome to play Off World Interceptor PO'ed Return Fire Road Rash - just awesome to play Shockwave Star Control 2 Super Wing Commander The Life Stage: Virtual House - WHOA! its the king of load times Twisted Wicked 18 Wing Commander III - a sci-fi legend and a porn star all in one game just to name a few i didnt get a 3DO untill early 1997 when a funcoland store opened in my area. i got ahold of these a 3DO Goldstar from funcoland for $50 then a New FZ10 system last one on the shelf for $45 5 months later from Media Play, by the end of 1997 i bought 42 3do titles, many buy 1 get 1 free or buy 2 get 1 free sales in stores these pics are from 2003 7 items in the first pic and Dino park tycoon in the 2nd pic have been sold also atleast 11 games in the 3rd pic have now have boxes. i was heavy into attachments and the odd controller or 2 thats why those were the first to sell
  13. only 1 Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past - for GBA
  14. Thanks! I assume the "A1 84 5293576" and "A1 ?? 5234371" units do not have the expansion interface? correct i only have the one system with the port, the others dont have it
  15. here is the thread i started when i completed my 7800 collection back in 2003, and i still have it all paid $40 for tank command with manual, and $50x2 for 2 mean 18 golf games and i sold one to a member here http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/20971-my-7800-collection-is-completed/
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