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  1. That brings back great memories. In the 90's I brought copies of the Champ games shareware versions to my PC computer group for the group's software library and they were a huge hit.
  2. I picked Atari/Sears because of nostalgia and they had the dust cover that (kind of) keeps the contacts clean. They had the best quality labels of any of the game companies too. I liked Activision, Parker Brothers, Spectravision and Imagic cart designs too.
  3. The double shot is best for the challenging stages, but it makes your ship twice the size and easier for the aliens to hit. I also suck at Galaga, but I still love it. I think thats why its still one of my all-time favorite games. And after playing Atari's 1983 Galaxian, and how predictable the alien attack is. I'd love to see a Champ games version of that classic too.
  4. Question for John: will the Galagon demo that ZeroPage played be available for download?
  5. I wish there was one for the C-64! Atarisoft's version of Galaxian was terrible. I've checked out the new C-64 homebrew Galencia, but its gameplay is different. It reminds me of Starpath's Communist Mutants. Thanks for the answers about the Retron 77. I'll still be buying one for my light sixer and jr!
  6. Will the Retron 77 will be able to play the cartridge version?
  7. Wow, this is mindblowing. I'm amazed you got that many moving sprites and starfield on the screen without everything turning into flicker hell. The unusual thing I noticed is the galagans pull out from formation a little faster than the Arcade or NES version. Otherwise its about as perfect as you can get it. Awesome job!
  8. I'm using a Sandisk 2gb card I had from an old phone, it works fine with it. 7800 roms dont work, I wish someone would modify or code a 7800 emulator for it.
  9. Thank You Stephen!! I was getting frustrated at games not working and hoping someone would upgrade Stella! But I wish I could go into the options menu to change the size of the launcher menu (its a little too wide for my TV) and set game properties for A/B switches and stereo sound.
  10. Just a quick way for AtGames to make some fast cash on Black Friday and Christmas sales. I bet a lot of people will be disappointed as I was.
  11. I thought I could upgrade it to the HDMI menu system but nothing loaded. It probably uses the same firmware as the latest Portable Flashback.
  12. Here's a ebay scan of the HDMI version. If the box doesn't mention HDMI "720p HD output" then its the composite output version. I just tried both and they work. I also tried Champ Scramble and the latest Pacman 8K build, but Scramble didn't load and Pacman 8K had lots of screen tearing and was unplayable.
  13. Here's the front of the box: And the back... The side panel, no mention of any video output! And some screenshots:
  14. Thanks for the update! I love the fast mode switch, though it gets crazy fast on the higher levels.
  15. Family Dollar is selling the Atari Flashback 9 for $30 this week. It has a SD card socket, but it only has composite output. Stay away unless you want that!

    1. jd_1138


      They're 45 here

    2. BydoEmpire


      Nice, composite output is actually a plus for me and $30 is doable... although Id on't know that I really need another Flashback.

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