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  1. That would be a decent change from the normal levels. I'd want to do that.
  2. I would like to see a little bit more diversity in the items / objects that attack you. I recognize the name of the game is Saucers of War, but it would cool if there were some other items. Maybe a mini-lander, or some other kind of alien space craft thrown in. I did see the item in the second pane where it beams down... that's good.
  3. @high voltage ... I totally forgot about that post. That was making the rounds on Usenet and BBSes back then.
  4. OMG, I don't know why... but that is hilarious. Almost crapped my pants reading that. Where did you see that Tacocat poster?
  5. Yeah, mine has that too. I don't know if you were the one who bought it, but the game is ABSOLUTELY worth it. Hands-down, one of my top-5 Jaguar games. Absolutely love the game. It's done really well on the Jaguar. I think / guess it was an Atari ST port of some sort, but the music and everything is top notch. It's not a complicated game, and obviously... very similar to Arkanoid... which gets its roots from Breakout... but yes, superb game. I know it's hard to come by, but if you are thinking about it, it's well worth the high price.
  6. Still waiting, by the way... You said two years ago you'd replace my Frogz cart... said you'd send me a new one. After your SharkByte post, you said you were sorry and that you'd send it this time... "for real." ... It's July 6th. Still haven't seen that replacement Frogz 64 cart. Mine is totally unplayable. It gets completely messed up within the first level, and then when it goes to the second level, the title screen comes back on over the game I'm playing. It's ridiculous.
  7. Shoot... I'm on my phone and realized I responded to the wrong person all along. Sigh... hey. Oh well...
  8. Can I ask what you're doing on a 386 that you need more than 512? I could install almost all my DOS games from that era and still be fine. You may be better off with a low-end 486 if you're playing the newer / mid 90s games. You'd have less drive restrictions too.
  9. Ah, ok. If you still need it, it's 993 cyls, 16 heads, 63 sectors per track... for 512mb DOM configuration in the BIOS.
  10. Atari Corp is fantastic. The AtariBox will be revolutionary.
  11. I'm going to kiss a lot of ass to make sure I get mine.
  12. The 512 is a limitation of the BIOS. I can send you the cyl/head/sectors but I'm at a wedding and kind of drunk.
  13. OMG... 🤣🌮🤣🌮🤣🌮🤣🌮🤣🌮🤣🌮🤣🌮🤣🌮🤣🌮🤣🌮🤣🌮🤣🌮🤣🌮🤣🌮🤣🌮🤣🌮🤣🌮 ...and a Bento Box! 🍱
  14. It kind of feels like that, actually. The NES versions of the games played *exactly* like how Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy do... and that's a HUGE plus for me. The first Ultima game I played was 6 back in ~1990. I had never played the earlier games until MUCH later. It's not that I wasn't of the age, I just went down the Starflight and AD&D Gold Box Series path. I'm sure most people who had played Ultima 1-5 originally with keyboard probably would be horrified to play them as they've been made for the NES, but I just felt like it made them more playable. But yeah, on the SNES... total disaster. I can't say there'd be any situation where those games would be a fun play. I'd be interested to actually hear from anyone who played them on the SNES (6 and 7) and actually liked them. I think you'd NEED the mouse for the SNES because manipulating objects is beyond painful. As it stands, you move the "mouse cursor" with the D-pad... and good Lord... that's unplayable. I spent all of like 2 minutes playing Ultima 7 on SNES and was done. It's truly meant for PC.
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