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  1. I can't wait for Robinson's Requiem to go on sale. I heard in the future that it's a really awesome game.
  2. This would be clumsy in the beginning, but I think after maybe 20-30 minutes, this could definitely work!
  3. Unfortunately. But, I have a week off, so we'll see. I've got to finish tiling the bathroom, and I'm studying for a certification that I don't even really need, but once I'm done with that... there's a bottle of locally San Antonio distilled gin and a can of "plant based" Tonic water with my name on it. Literally, it has my name on it because my wife put my name on it with a Sharpie because the can has been sitting in the fridge for like a month and she says it's in the way. I hadn't had anything to drink in like almost 2 months, so I went to Sprouts to get some tonic water. The only thing they had was this really weird "Gluten Free" and "plant based" tonic water. It had never occurred to me because I never assumed other tonic waters were meat based (who knew?!)... but man is it nasty. I mean, it is seriously gross.
  4. I can actually see this being really cool, but I'd love to see a light-gun for the Jaguar.
  5. Please add me to the waiting list.
  6. Thanks Carl, already have it on CD, no real interest there. BUT... I am 100% interest in getting it on cartridge, and I would buy it right now if you had it available. Instead of completely getting rid of the cut-scenes, a screen shot or something would be nice. Also some digital music instead of CD audio music would be nice. I assume you'd do something like that though. Thanks!
  7. You could also just buy Mech Warrior 2, 3, and 4 on eBay for less than $30 bucks and have an awesome story/theme to go along with the game. Don't flame me, just being honest...
  8. What could have saved the Jag? Ok, guess I'll actually try to answer this question rather than make jokes. I suppose if we acknowledge a few things: Jaguar was a great overall system (really was), but release was timed poorly. Perhaps early out of the gate, but lacking in some features. Was up against stiff competition from other systems that came out literally 1 year later. Flooded market of new exciting systems, Saturn, Playstation, Jaguar, 3DO, Sega 32x/CD, NEO-GEO on TOP of already great selling systems, SNES, Genesis, etc. Atari poorly managed money, was in debt when they released the system, and didn't pay their suppliers and / or vendors on time. Jaguar was relatively poorly marketed So if I had to say, what would have saved the Jaguar? It's all about the games, and the outreach. Atari had a few great hits that they worked hard to get, but Atari's reputation was already old and stale. Even big fans like me at the time wondered what Atari was doing. Atari's problems were deeper than the Jaguar as most people had been "lost" to Atari once the 8-bit Nintendo came out. I think though, biggest problem for them was money. If they had more money, they'd have been able to pay their vendors, and work at getting more and better titles. A couple of people seem to get really offended when I bring this up... but most Jaguar games are "beat your high score" games... that's a genre that is decidedly Atari. While I like it, the Nintendo 8-bit system brought a whole new series of games that the Jaguar totally lacked. By the time the Jaguar was cancelled and Atari went bankrupt, there were NO RPG games and NO adventure games. NBA Jam TE was excellent, but it lacked so many other sports games until it was too late. For Platform Games, it had a few good games... Rayman, Pitfall, etc... but they were largely unknown characters and / or they just weren't catchy enough. The Jaguar did have a bunch of cool interesting games that they filled various niches... either by porting them, or whatever. But there were no "big name" games other than Doom that really drew people in. For most people, Doom was a computer game, and while they did port it to various systems... it was like, why would I play this on my Jaguar when I can just play it on my computer? The people who had money to pay $300+ bucks for a Jaguar +$59 for a Doom cartridge, likely already had a computer. So... in short: more money, more / better games, better support to vendors.
  9. In the midevil times, this is how all women who were fighters dressed.
  10. Very cool... I hope one day to have a house big enough that I can have a dedicated game room. I have a spare bedroom, and one of the other bedrooms I have set up as an office for my wife and I, and then one is a master, and one is for my daughter. But ideal for me would one day be a vintage Craftsman home of 1890s / 1930s styling, preferably not haunted. With a grand open "great room," a modern, but vintage looking shaker-style kitchen. We've already got a nice kitchen, but just looking for more character. We've more or less already have a great room, but I'm looking more for something like this. Then, I'd want an office with a lot of wood trim, huge brick fireplace centered, with wall-to-wall built-in solid mahogany book shelves and cabinets on the bottom. But more importantly, enough rooms that I could have a room JUST for a bunch of tables with video games set up... hahaha...
  11. That and "security." When I first started programming in the late 1990s, security wasn't even a concept. In normal applications, and particularly in new "web" applications, it was quite common to literally take text directly from text boxes or other text inputs, and concatenate them into strings that you'd just push to the database... immediately make you susceptible to SQL injection or in some cases cross-site scripting. Or people would pass pertinent information in the url as parameters in cleartext, like user and session IDs, making them immediately susceptible to masquerade attacks, and even in some cases side-jacking where cookies were involved. But I think it depends on the developer. It was rare that I was employed in a position where I was writing directly to hardware... that was limited to some PLCs for medical devices, and directly writing to smart-cards. Most "programmers" today simply write off an IDE or through a compiler that is *heavily* supplanted with multiple layers of framework to make it easier for the developer to rapidly develop applications. We can thank Rear Admiral Hopper for that...
  12. I'd love to see Downfall + support the rotary controller... that would be pretty awesome. I've gotten pretty far in the game, but I have to get into a "mode" in order to do well. Normally when I just pick it up, I suck at it... but once I get a rythm... I can play for 10-15 minutes straight without dying.
  13. I bought Rebooteroids too... and as a huge fan of Asteroids, it's one of the few games I actually play on the Jaguar.
  14. Yes and no. I'd say things are starting to go back to normal, but at least during the first month of COVID really hitting (perhaps late April to mid-May), I saw prices on non-essential consumables go down. The reason for this is two-fold: 1 - People who are getting laid off and need money to pay bills... 2 - People who are fearing being laid off, and are selling ahead of time to ensure their financial stability. Supply / Demand always takes effect there, and that is... more people selling (to make money), and fewer people buying (to save money). It's during these times when / where the real deals can be had. Competition is *ALWAYS* better for the consumer, and *ALWAYS* worse for the competition. Alternately, there are some who will try to take advantage of such a situation, and for the most part, I don't have any problem with this. People selling emergency supplies and / or essential products at inflated prices... I see that as unethical. For non-essential products (video games, etc...) I have no problem with people inflating these prices. Buyers want the best price, and sellers want the biggest revenue... we both want the same thing... and that is to keep as much money as possible. But when they do this, they have to balance price increases with the effect it has on their loyal buyers. My personal opinion... if you're asking this, then you may want to spend a little bit more time shopping around and deciding whether or not it's really worth it. Buying Jaguar games is like a poor-man's version of collecting Bentleys. You don't really need either... and they're really just a waste of money. If you want to waste the least amount of money possible, then do your research. I saw prices going down slightly as people focus on more real-world concerns (which as I stated above, will bring in more quantity). My advice, prioritize what you want, and come up with a price range you're willing to pay and condition you're willing to accept. Set up an eBay search, and just wait. There's enough of these games that it's not like you won't be able to get one 1-5 years from now. So wait it out. Most important thing I've learned in my 42 years on this planet... you want to be prepared for a down-turn. Having money when everyone else does not is uniquely responsible for building more millionaires in the USA than anything else. It's when builders are blowing out brand new beach-side condos for $30k a pop, when they were previously selling for $500k two months before, that you'll wish you had saved your money for an economic down-turn.
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