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  1. Wow, this case seems basically immaculate! It doesn't appear to have ever held a Jaguar in it.
  2. Please add me to the pre-order list.
  3. I haven't logged in, in like a month... just been so busy. I will definitely buy this!
  4. 82-T/A


    I've played this game... and I do remember it. This particular point in time for DOS games was pretty cool. There were a bunch of really cool games like this, like Cyber Realms. I grew up with an Atari 2600, but also had an 8088 PC in the early to mid 80s. I never had a 7800 until I was much older, but recognized MANY of the 7800 games as games I'd played on the PC. A few examples were "Ace of Aces," "Arctic Fox," "Choplifter," ... and then a few like Summer / Winter games I think, and a few others if I remember correctly. Seemed like the 7800 was well suited for games like that.
  5. This thread is awesome... pretty cool / hilarious to see this. What could have been... Japan culture had a lot of cool video game concepts, which in many respects made the NES so popular. Would have loved to see more of that on the Jaguar back in the day.
  6. Is this still available? I'd like to buy one if so... please let me know. I loved this game but sold it before I moved to help pay for my down-payment for the new house.
  7. I think Atari rushed into making updates / changes without fully testing. I strongly believe in their product, and will 100% support them (and buy all the things)... but they'll definitely want to get a proper "lab" set up that has all versions of their product in various states so they can test their updates / changes. Even an "off the shelf" system that came from the supporters kick-starter that someone left in their closet and never opened. What happens when they go and plug it in? But, still... really happy with my VCS. Some of the new games I bought yesterday are fantastic... and I spent some time playing MashUp yesterday, and it was awesome too...
  8. If I had to guess, they made a significant change on the server-side, specifically in how it deals with transactions and user accounts, and now a lot of people are having issues. Have you tried checking for updates?
  9. Happy to report that my problem has been resolved. Atari never contacted me, but not too concerned since it's all working. When I plugged in my Atari VCS this morning (11/27) it immediately booted up and started applying updates. It did a system update, then a BIOS update (reset a couple of times for that), and then another system update. When it came back up, I was able to use what I thought was my pin, and it worked perfectly fine. The menus have been a little sluggish as I feel like it's still downloading updates, but all my games came back, and all the games were working perfectly (no delay in speed, and moving quick / fast). I bought several games, and I also had several updates on existing games I owned as well. One of the things I noticed, every e-mail that I get for a game that I purchased, the e-mail contained some level of cryptographic hash for the payment key, or maybe it's just a GUID or something like that... Here's an example of one of my e-mails with the data snipped out... Payment Key key-WMV<SNIP>QbM $0.00 USD Qty: 1 $0.00 USD Something Ate My Alien 01 $16.99 USD Qty: 1 $16.99 USD Thought that was kind of interesting, I hadn't remembered seeing that before. Anyway, I'm a LOT happier with the system now, and glad that I'm able to access the games. I'll be buying some more tonight when I get some time...
  10. Support never e-mailed me back. I haven't tried in a couple of days, but I will attempt to do so tomorrow night. I understand they're staff limited, so I'm not really upset with it. I knew what I was buying, and I want them to succeed, but I do hope they fix this. Because I basically no longer have an account... ??? with Atari, I am not going to be able to participate in the Black Friday deals that they just advertised... of which I would have basically bought everything.
  11. Yeah, and just to be clear, this post isn't to bash Atari or anything, I just needed emotional support... hahah. I'm a huge fan of Atari. I'll post whatever they say on here and how it gets resolved. Thanks man, I appreciate it. Thanks Just Claws... I've been thinking about buying a second one for my guest room, so totally not a problem... I just am concerned because I also cannot log into the Atari VCS website either. It doesn't recognize any of my e-mail addresses, so I'm flipping out.
  12. I had my VCS unplugged for about ~2 months... just been really busy. I tried plugging it in today, and it wouldn't accept my PIN. What's worse... it doesn't appear as though ANY of my e-mail addresses work with the Atari VCS system. I had purchased dozens of games... pretty much had bought every Atari VCS game that was available as of 2 months ago... and I can't log in, and can't reset my pin. I get this error message. I already e-mailed Atari VCS, and I know they'll make it right... but I really hope I haven't lost everything... the Atari VCS has to be a system that I can unplug for an extended period of time and not have it kill it. But that said, it sounds like they deleted my account somehow?
  13. It's been a fantastic system. I don't really play games all that much, but when I do... it's pretty much only the Atari VCS. It's the only system that I have actually hooked up to my TV in the family room.
  14. Hahah... hey man, I'm not taking sides. I would have grabbed a shovel, but I saw how long it took for them to get some of those Atari 2600 games out, and I already have E.T. Can I just say right here, right now... I really miss the 80s. I mean, I really do. In the mid 1980s... I had no responsibilities. I was just a kid. I had a tree house, an Atari 2600, I played soccer and went to Pizza Hut after every game with the team. I had Legos, Gi Joes, a Saturn-V rocket model, and the new Space Shuttle was all the rage. My 8088 KayPro was so awesome, and I spent HOURS AND HOURS playing "Starflight." There were some super cool cars back then... my parents drove only Volvos, but this was all the rage at the time: Shit sucks now... it totally does. Hahaha... I have a mortgage, responsibilities... and I'm getting older. Hahah, it sucks!!!
  15. I have to say, I am fascinated by the "psychology" of this. There are some really strong emotions on both sides of this discussion, and I think it's kind of interesting. I by no means am diminishing how this topic is cool or suggesting that someone's opinions don't matter... but I get such a kick out of seeing people take sides so strongly. There are a bunch of examples of this in other message boards. For example... I have a Pontiac Fiero. There's an ongoing discussion on which is a better upgrade: - Crane H272 Cam w/ 1.52:1 roller rockers - Crane H260 Cam w/ 1.60:1 roller rockers If you ask me, they are effectively exactly the same, the ratio comes out the same, but there's slightly less guide wear using the H272 and 1.52:1 rockers. And another one... on the retirement board (now that I'm in my 40s, and retirement is only 2 decades away)... people have almost come to blows... outright shouting and insults, as they argue about whether it's better to take Social Security payments at... whatever it is, 59? or wait until you're 65 (or something). People get SERIOUSLY worked up over this. Anyway, carry on... but I am very interested to know why either way, this is so important... I love the story, and love Atari... and visited Alamagordo, but decided against going to the landfill becuase it's not like I was going to start digging, and my wife was like.. let's go to the zoo instead... haha...
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