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  1. Hi! The G.Skill I got is just like the one you posted above, but they were 2x 8gb sticks. I don’t really buy that kind of stuff from Amazon. I recommend going to NewEgg, that’s where I got it from. CAS latency I can’t really explain, but the one thing you don’t want in a computer is latency. The lower the CAS, the better. Good is 21, really good is 18, but you can also get 16... but it just didn’t make sense to pay that much more. Yes on the bios. It’s still faster with the new RAM... by far. But I can no longer configure the BiOS to properly set for those speeds. When ordering the SSD, also order for speed... there are different throughputs. sorry... responding on a phone.
  2. How did you do this? Is this through dosbox, or through something in the AtariStore?
  3. I haven’t had any issues with 4K. No skipping, perfectly smooth. I have 16 gigs of ram in my VCS.
  4. Just wanted to add, I spent a lot of time playing this game, and it gets better the more you play it. I just got the new advanced controller... and it's an adjustment... but seems to work a little bit better. Game is absolutely a lot of fun... totally worth getting it. It's also spectacular on 4K.
  5. Just got my two wireless controllers! They shipped them fast! Really happy!!!
  6. Installed the faster / larger ram (16 gigs) this afternoon. Although I can no longer get into the BIOS to change the speeds, the Atari VCS definitely runs faster with the 16 gigs of ram instead of just with the 8 gigs. I'm definitely happier with the more ram... but would love to now actually take advantage of the faster CAS speeds... lol. Definitely worth the upgrade though. I'm also using it in 4k now, and no slow down, skipping or anything. I didn't see much of that anyway with the 8 gigs, but it did happen a few times. I was playing GunStar or whatever it's called... and it would occasionally pause for a second. Now, it's perfect.
  7. 82-T/A

    Big Screen

    Wow, this reminds me so much of the PC / Sound demos that different people would create back in the early to mid 1990s. I can't remember the names of them... but they were made to show-off the ability of VGA and the Sound Blaster. They were usually 320x200 and using the OPL2/3 chip on the Sound Blaster... hehe...
  8. Just being honest with you... there is no way I'm providing all of that information to a foreign government just so you can sell some stuff overseas.
  9. Shipped more out today. Almost everything closing out this week... I have a few items that didn't sell that I'll relist, but still some big items. Thanks!
  10. Nothing is ever as cool as playing on original hardware for the nostalgia. But have you thought about buying one of the newer Apple II emulator machines and loading pretty much everything onto an SSD? Like the Apple 2 Retro-Pi?
  11. Hi, I did! I ended up keeping it. When I told my daughter and wife (off-hand) because they were wondering why I started shipping so many boxes out, my daughter got upset with me that I was selling my Jaguar games. My wife asked me if this was something I really wanted to do? Granted, I hadn't played it in forever... it just sat in the guest bedroom in a cabinet. But my daughter really /really/ liked Piko's Custodian game. So I ran a bunch of the games past her that she thought she'd want to keep, and Flappy McFur was one of them... so I'm keeping that one. All in all, I have actually 30 games that I've not put up for sale. But I had close to 150+ games... basically all of them, so I'm almost through selling the rest of them. I will probably still sell a bunch of these 30 that I have also... but it won't be immediate. Haha!!! That is awesome!!! You've got to remember that people have changing priorities. For a lot of people, the idea of "having stuff" is itself a ball and chain. I have a friend who's very successful, a VP of a major company, and he basically lives out of a suitcase. I mean that metaphorically. He can fit everything he owns into a single small van... and other than his mountain bike and a few other things, he wouldn't hesitate to just leave it all to good will and pack a suitcase to move onto his next adventure. Obviously, you can't really do that responsibly when you have a family... but there's something to be said for simplicity in life. I have certainly gotten a lot of enjoyment out of the Atari Jaguar (and I still will since I decided to keep some of the games). But for me personally it was a matter of looking at it from my priorities: 1 - How often do I play this stuff? 2 - Why have I obligated myself to buy every single game that comes out? What will this mean for me, and why should I keep doing it? 3 - When I DO actually play the Jaguar, what games do I actually play? 4 - What is the value of these things that I basically never play, and where could that capital be better allocated? So... in the end, I kind of decided that I didn't need to be stuck in that routine. I also feel much better about it since I kept all the games I ACTUALLY play, and will still have them. While all the other games that I did enjoy... but just don't really play all that often, or have already beaten and don't particularly care anymore... that's not going to go towards helping my daughter pursue her careers. At the time being it's sitting in a money market account, because if you haven't noticed... the stock market has been tanking every day... lol... so I'll put it in when I feel like things have returned to normal (maybe late spring). Yeah, I still have my old Atari 2600. I will NEVER sell my old Atari 2600. That is a piece of me, hahah. But yes, I was talking about the Atari VCS. I bought on the Kickstarter year ago, and have been really happy with it. Looking forward to more games on there. There are a bunch of games on the Jaguar that I would LOVE to see on the VCS. I plan to reach out to Orion and ask him if he wouldn't mind putting Philia and Elansar on the VCS. They are both games that are perfectly suited for the VCS, and would probably not take up very much time. For what it's worth, I /was/ a computer programmer years ago. That was primarily what I did from say... 1999 until about 2014. so, ~15 years. The last few places that I've worked, I've just been management. Which has its ups and downs. You can get a lot more done when you're guiding / directing developers to do the very thing that you would have otherwise done yourself... but at the same time, I also very much miss developing. I used to program in pretty much everything... from old languages like MUMPS, Pascal, C, Delphi, to somewhat newer languages like C++, VB, to more modern languages like C#/VB.net, Coldfusion, and scripting languages like PHP / Pearl / Python... Yeah, I have to say... eBay's arrangement with USPS really makes things work well. The USPS Flat Rate "Small Box" is exactly the size of the Atari Jaguar games, and they are sturdy enough to really protect the boxes from getting crushed or damaged. I also bought a Lenovo Legion last year, and the packing material was that thin foam padding... which I have like a mile of, so it's just all worked perfectly. USPS (when there aren't freak blizzards in the South), can usually get those games delivered in 2-3 days.
  12. Today's batch of games were just shipped! Thank you! All auctions end by Sunday, most have bids, but there are a few really low prices for a couple of them... thank you!
  13. After I noticed that the BIN price went away and that it had been outbid, I have two people trying to get me to retract their bids... which of course, I have no control over. Lol... I'm the idiot here for bringing it up.
  14. I'll post them by Sunday, when the last few items have sold. There are a couple of games that ended up getting relisted, but it's only because I am attached to them and don't want to sell them for less than what I think they're worth. I love seeing the Syndicate games in good condition... that was one game I had where the box was rather trashed, along with Brutal Sports and I think Troy Aikman. I always really liked that game, but it just didn't play well on the Atari Jaguar. It's really a game that needs a mouse.. IMHO. But I'll put up the prices at the end of the week. Right now, the Jaguar CD is blowing me away. I paid $108 from Go Atari in 1998... right now, it's been bid up to $859... which is totally beyond me because I literally had a Buy It Now price of $749, so I don't understand why someone would continue to bid above the Buy It Now price. This happened to a couple of games, where people outbid the buy it now price... I don't know if they didn't see it, or what happened, but I'm not going to stop them.
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