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  1. Ok, I've got to ask... I saw your avatar picture... I know this picture from somewhere, but for the life of me, I cannot remember. Was it from an 80s computer game, or something like that? Where is this from?
  2. Hey guys, I bought this game a while ago and I've been unable to play it. It seems that no matter what I do, the game seems to be fixated on turning left. Like, the game rotations in the beginning when you select the types of games to mash together... it just continues to spin. When I go to edit the settings, it immediately starts to make the volume go down to the left unless I forcibly turn it back up. When I take my hands off the controller, the volume goes down again. It does this with both style of controllers. I can't seem to play it any other way. All the other games work perfectly on the VCS... I'm using either the joystick, or the control pad (both OEM Atari controllers). Anyone else having this problem? I've reset a few times, and shut down entirely too... no change... The last time I had this problem... it was when my parents brought home the Atari 5200 for Christmas... hahah...
  3. I'm pretty much done with everything that I was selling. I have a few things left, but I think I'm going to put everything I have together that's left, and ship it all off to NVM. In the end, I'm still keeping like 1/3rd of my Jaguar games, and a Jaguar, and a pro controller. I kept the ones I know and love to play... I'll make a post with the totals, but it ended up coming out to around $16k... which is pretty nice.
  4. Thanks everyone. I'll post the prices for everything I sold. In total, I ended up making about $16,000. In the end, I still kept about 1/3rd of my Atari Jaguar collection, and I still have two Atari Jaguars. Most of all the other stuff I don't want, or didn't sell... I'm going to donate to the National Videogame Museum... for whatever that will be worth to him. Really cool place if you haven't seen it.
  5. It’s so funny that so many people get upset when someone posts a new “vs” thread... especially when so many of you join in on the discussion anyway. Why do so many people get upset? We all see the search button... does it really matter that someone is posting a new thread? Does Albert care? I don’t know. I can’t imagine it takes up more than 10k of hard drive space. It’s not like there is such a massive amount of posts like this that it knocks down otherwise super important Atari Jaguar threads. Live and let live Millennials. Stop trying to control everyone’s speech. Edit: lol... couldn’t tell this was an old thread on my phone, haha.
  6. Yeah, that was me... the $990. I'm happy with it. I paid $108 from Go Atari back in 1998? So... I did ok... haha... I still have a few things left for sale... might put a few more things up, but for the time being... what's left is left. Thanks!
  7. Hi! The G.Skill I got is just like the one you posted above, but they were 2x 8gb sticks. I don’t really buy that kind of stuff from Amazon. I recommend going to NewEgg, that’s where I got it from. CAS latency I can’t really explain, but the one thing you don’t want in a computer is latency. The lower the CAS, the better. Good is 21, really good is 18, but you can also get 16... but it just didn’t make sense to pay that much more. Yes on the bios. It’s still faster with the new RAM... by far. But I can no longer configure the BiOS to properly set for those speeds. When ordering the SSD, also order for speed... there are different throughputs. sorry... responding on a phone.
  8. How did you do this? Is this through dosbox, or through something in the AtariStore?
  9. I haven’t had any issues with 4K. No skipping, perfectly smooth. I have 16 gigs of ram in my VCS.
  10. I really want this to come out so I can buy it! lol...
  11. Just wanted to add, I spent a lot of time playing this game, and it gets better the more you play it. I just got the new advanced controller... and it's an adjustment... but seems to work a little bit better. Game is absolutely a lot of fun... totally worth getting it. It's also spectacular on 4K.
  12. Just got my two wireless controllers! They shipped them fast! Really happy!!!
  13. Installed the faster / larger ram (16 gigs) this afternoon. Although I can no longer get into the BIOS to change the speeds, the Atari VCS definitely runs faster with the 16 gigs of ram instead of just with the 8 gigs. I'm definitely happier with the more ram... but would love to now actually take advantage of the faster CAS speeds... lol. Definitely worth the upgrade though. I'm also using it in 4k now, and no slow down, skipping or anything. I didn't see much of that anyway with the 8 gigs, but it did happen a few times. I was playing GunStar or whatever it's called... and it would occasionally pause for a second. Now, it's perfect.
  14. 82-T/A

    Big Screen

    Wow, this reminds me so much of the PC / Sound demos that different people would create back in the early to mid 1990s. I can't remember the names of them... but they were made to show-off the ability of VGA and the Sound Blaster. They were usually 320x200 and using the OPL2/3 chip on the Sound Blaster... hehe...
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