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  1. I might... how much do you think you want for it? Is it not really a game? I assumed it was something like Othello or whatever...
  2. Hi, were you talking to me about the repro BSG? I have the repro. It's top quality, case, sticker, everything is absolutely perfect on it, and it plays spectacularly. I got it off Etsy about a year ago. I'm on a long-distance trip for work, and I won't be home for 2 months, so I can't take a picture and show it. But if I remember correctly, it was identical in every way except it literally said "Reproduction" or something to that effect, in very small letters on the face in the lower-right. But I don't have the box or manual or any of that. I have every other game except Gorf and now that I think about it... Lights Out or Black Light or whatever it was.
  3. More interested in this part! What was his reasoning for getting rid of his Jaguar collection? I have *every* Jaguar game except an original GORF, and BSG. Everything else I bought new... but I just couldn't bring myself to spend that much for BSG so I bought the $35 dollar immaculate reproduction on Etsy. But I've thought about selling my entire collection from time to time... but then I play it and tell myself no. I keep buying all the new releases too... Anyway, interested what the reasoning was.
  4. Hah! I was just about to post the same thing.
  5. Very nice... classy car. That had the Mustang 5.0 EFI motor in it... Your grandfather would be proud.
  6. Heh... OBE. You sound like a Government employee.
  7. Nice... is that an 89? My grandfather had one just like it. I have a 2002 Crown Victoria LX that I inherited from my grandfather in 2004. I just sits in the garage, has just under 50k miles on it.
  8. Is this something I can buy now?
  9. Please add me to the waiting list, this looks amazing!
  10. Ok... I'll try in a few minutes with a proxy.
  11. Any chance I can pay via PayPal with CC? I can do that with Carl's site. Your site requires me to log in. But, my account is blocked because I'm... well... in a 3rd world country for 6 months and it immediately thought I was a malicious login attempt. I can't exactly call them and fix it. Anything you can do to allow guest payments?
  12. Oh... I see.. lol. Oh well... PayPal is not working for me... and since the site doesn't accept CC without PayPal... I'll have to wait 5 months if it's still available.
  13. Mother... f... Did I miss this? I thought there was a list? I know I've posted in here a few times. Can someone tell me how to order this? Or do I need to read through 114 pages? Thanks. Would super appreciate it if someone was awesome enough to PM me.
  14. ... you might actually be right. Some of the games I played as a kid, seemed so awesome when it was the only game I had. But when you play them as an adult... ... uhh...
  15. Sorry, I made three separate threads rather than put them all in one... don't hate me. As for the retro-land stuff... I think it's because we're all from a different time... seriously. Most of us here are all in our 30s and 40s. I'm 41, and honestly... I just don't even know where to go where all this stuff is going on that we're talking about. 4Chan? I guess... I just thought it was where all the Kek stuff went on. I didn't know people talked about games there. I only learned about Twitch because someone sent me a meme, and I was really bored one day on YouTube and ran across it... and I was like, why are these people just randomly giving money to this Asian girl in panties and panda ears while she's playing some first person shooter? Does giving this girl money make these people feel like they're going to get laid? I mean, the girl was like... "Oh, thanks guys... " "... oh, wonderful... thank you..." ??? But as far as the high-end video game stuff. I think we were all like that at one point, but again... it was a different time. When I was in high school, my friends and I would all spend money on our computers. We had 486s, but we'd all try to get the greatest DX2 or DX4 whatever... or the fastest VESA Local Bus graphics card... or whatever cool Sound Card. 32 megs of ram... OMG... hahah... we'd compare, brag... etc. But again... most of our interactions were face to face... kids today lack that. Reminds me of this time I went to the My Little Pony (Rainbow Rocks) movie at the movie theater... WITH MY DAUGHTER. I also invited my buddy, who has a daughter that is the same age (and they play together). I wore a Derpy shirt because my wife managed a Hot Topic at the time (... I know, don't ask). When we got there, I met my buddy at the front with his daughter. I had to run back and get something from the car, leaving my daughter with my friend and his daughter. As I was walking back... this kid... maybe 14? Asked me... "Excuse me... are you... (so and so)." I was like, no... sorry. The kid told me he thought I might be the man he was supposed to meet that he had met online... Uuuuhhh... WTF? When we went to the theater... I shit you not... they were all teenage boys, and some older men... with a couple of teenage girls. The only only "little girls" that were there (the audience the movie was intended for) was my daughter and my friend's daughter. I think I even posted about it here... weird. I just don't know WTF is going on with some kids today. The internet is a fantastic thing... but for people who have never known a life without it, it can be emotionally and mentally debilitating.
  16. My problem is that, I keep buying shit I already have. As soon as computer games started coming out on CD-ROM, and when many of my favorite games (growing up) started getting re-released on CD-ROM... like Starflight 2 (for example, on CD)... I bought them all. At some point, I threw out all the boxes. All the Ultima, Wing Commander, you name it... tossed all the boxes. I kept all the CD-ROMs and DVDs and put them into a Case-Logic sleeve case. Maybe ~250 of them. Then I discovered Good Old Games. I've got 196 games on GoG. Granted, most of them I bought for anywhere from $0.95 cents to under $5 dollars... but still, 75% of those games are games that I already own on CD. Kind of a waste, and kind of obsessive. "One Day..." I'll find the time to play these games, but as of right now... I don't.
  17. I honestly can't really appreciate what you're saying because I've never really been on 4Chan, and refuse to really spend any time on Reddit. Occasionally friends send me links, but I don't have an account and whatever. I get down on Twitter with politics, but largely I don't do social media. When I was younger... there were BBSes, and then early on IRC, and of course... AOL Instant Messenger, lol. When I was younger though, we generally didn't talk shit like people do now. If I talked shit to someone, there's a good chance that, since it was on a BBS, they lived near me, and on the rare occasion that I would go to a "GT" as we called them (haha), I might run into them. So this just wasn't something people really did. When I was in high school in the mid 90s, the kids who played Magic the Gathering were the outcasts who spent all their time under the stairs in between classes... but those kids were still more normal than people are today because they still interacted with people face to face. Honestly, I was probably a bigger nerd than any of them, because I don't think any of those kids even had internet access or knew what a BBS was. But today, people just don't understand how to communicate face to face... and it retards their emotional growth and social skills, which only exacerbates their problems. Plus, you get a bunch of weirdos together, and they're just going to end up being more weird... radicals radicalize each other. When I was really young, we would throw acorns at the girls in the neighborhood and tell them they couldn't come into our tree fort. That's because we had weird feelings that we didn't understand, and we were dumb kids that did dumb stuff because we didn't know what to do with those feelings. These kids, nerds, and people who do the things you're talking about... they do this because they hate that which they can't have. I'd guarantee that not a single one of those kids who's attacking those girls is in any normal relationship... if ever. But at the same time, if someone is going around attacking video games because the girls in the games have big boobs...well, what do you expect? You're going to get shit on by people because it's not girls buying these games, it's nerd boys. Whatever, I find this whole thing interesting, but as much as I'd love to jump into the shit and be part of the mess, I just don't hang out in those circles. AtariAge and hacker conferences are pretty much my go-to for my nerd herding.
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