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  1. Has anyone realized that this thread is over 10 years old now? I put this video together and put it on you tube. It's the videos I made back in 2005 that goes with the broken links in the beginning of this thread. Back in the days of uploading at 28k and everyone worried it was an April fools joke???
  2. Great job Marty! Would be interested in seeing the other pictures he is talking about that he took. Also great job on writing Atari: Business is Fun. I will probably be reading it again soon.
  3. Couldn't find a clean image to use but pulled this Fireworld off a cart. Will look for a better quality image when i have more time.
  4. 3 more I thought looked cool. Rescue is a 5200 game but oh well.
  5. Again, there is a story in this months issue of Retro video game magazine written by Marty Goldburg called Buried Truth. Very insightful. Also a great magazine. http://shopreadretro.com/products/retro-videogame-magazine-issue-6?source_app=embed&referer=http://readretro.com/?s=buried+truth
  6. Moonsweeper, Dragonfire, ET, and hot babe from Atari Force
  7. Ok one more, these is fun to make. Not Atari but I think a good one. I had trouble with the top getting cropped out though. Soooo. How much does licensing for old images from Atari cost now days? I believe these would sell.
  8. Millipede turned out great. Good idea.
  9. I saw an Adventure dragon on a mouse pad on some website and thought that Atari had some great box art. I made a few up using Shutterfly and MS paint. Also one as a nod to the landfill thread : ^ ) What other games do you think would look good?
  10. Just kidding. I've followed the dig and documentary like everyone else. It's great it finally happened. This may be discussed already, but I haven't read everything recently here. There is a great story in this issue of Retro that has the facts from the guy that arranged the burial that worked for Atari.
  11. Have I missed anything exciting in the past year and an half?
  12. If anyone is interested, I put 4 videos up on Photobucket. They have been in the I have proof landfill thread before but I think all those links have been broken for a while. Two are of the interview with a city employee talking about the Atari dumping and what he remembers as a kid back then. It's broken into two parts for my uploading back in the day with a 28.8k modem. Another is Edward showing on a map where the landfill is. The last video is me driving to the landfill. Enjoy my redneck accent! http://s679.photobucket.com/user/Spudboy2/library/atari?sort=4&page=1
  13. There is a road between the Papa Johns and the Checkers auto parts, that goes back behind the businesses to the right, follow road left at the gas tanks (propane I think?) to the entrance to the old dump. Where in the old dump is the question. I need to go back and look at the videos I posted. Don't know if they are still on here from years ago. I have a dvd with the videos somewhere around here.
  14. Once in a while I would look to see where this thread was or maybe check out the marketplace, but thats about it. Busy with life and all I guess. I've been listening to podcasts like Retro Gaming Roundup and the 2600 Game by Game to help get my Atari fix. It's good to be back though, especially with the latest news on the landfill. It should be interesting to see if they go through with it and can find the right location. I need to reread the thread again myself if I have a day or two. I do not remember, did anyone ever reach M. Mcquiddy's parents in Roswell? I remember that I or someone was going to write (Arthur?) her father and see if maybe he had any of her photos or heard about the burial. He being a reporter himself he may remember something. I guess it may be pointless now, but photos of before the concrete may be someplace.
  15. The Men in Black did pay a visit to me, next thing I know it's June 2013.
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