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  1. My apologies I was using RS232 in meaning 'DE9.' So can I used a generic DB25 to DE9 pin converter?
  2. Hello All, I am writing on the forum for the first time in over 10 years! Glad to see everything is chugging right along. I was gifted an 1040STe with a first gen SC1224 color monitor. At this point I don't have any software but did verify the floppy drive is working with an old audit disc from the factory where the computer lived it's life. Now I only need some 700kb SD floppies!! By now you may be wondering what the title is in reference to: https://www.atarimagazines.com/startv4n6/laserdisc.html Are you a LaserDisc owner (or thinking of becoming one) who would like to take advantage of the interactive capabilities offered by "Level 3" CAV LaserDiscs? Now, with the assistance of an ST, a device called the Serial Interface Adapter for non-RS232 LaserDisc players (SIA-IIIR) and the LaserDisc Remote Control program on your START disk, you can easily learn how to develop controller and indexing programs for your favorite interactive LaserDiscs. Add a new capability to your ST: control a Pioneer LaserDisc player from your keyboard! With Michael Riley's (dare we say it?) pioneering program and a serial-interface adapter, you can access a wide range of interactive videodiscs--or use the basics learned here to create your own Space Ace game. The LaserDisc Remote Control was written in GFA BASIC 2.0 and requires a color monitor, a compatible LaserDisc player and an interface. Does anyone have any experience with the above? I have a CLD-1010 which is mentioned in the article as a device controllable by the ST computer. The reason I am seeking assistance in this regard is the 1040STe does not have a RS232 'serial' port, thus methodology was developed to utilize the modem serial ports and a specialty cable that converts to 3.5mm jacks. I wonder if anyone has seen one of these cables or if it can be found/created again? If I am not able to locate/create a cable then my next course of action will be to replace my ST (for this application) as well as my laserdisc player. As I understand it, my MegaSTE and ST2 have a RS232 'serial' port and I can purchase an inexpensive industrial laserdisc player which also includes RS232 'serial' ports.
  3. Two Pac-Man Table Top Units, One Working, One I rob for parts. And a Tekken Console I picked up for free at the local mall, sadly no game inside.
  4. If you like 3D shooters, on rails etc. it´s definitely worth it. Great game. PD Zwei is better and PD Saga is an epic RPG, but any Panzer Dragoon for the Saturn is way above most of the other releases. It's a great game. If you think 13 dollars is the right amount for a great game, then have at it.
  5. I was wondering the same thing. My xbox live gamertag is Gambr1nus.
  6. I think I have already said this. I got my xbox in January from someone who took care of it, and they bought it at launch. Nothing is wrong with my xbox, and I have only had it freeze one time, I had sat some clothes on top of it, and didn't realize it. Well i went to play GoW online, and it froze when I went to host a room, it said that it could not read the disc, but I knew the disc was good because it was brand new. I removed the clothes and found the system to be hot as hell. I turned it off for about 15 mins put the power supply at the same level of the system about 6 inches from its left side if laying big side down, and it has always done fine for me.
  7. I respect your opinion and all...but I've read and reread this sentence like 4 times and I still can't decipher it. You can't escape what problem when? I do know what you mean about being marked...I think, like if I take something that isn't mine and someone sees me, the whole world knows about it right away. That is kind of unrealistic, but then again, that's why you have to weigh the consequences and not just steal blindly. You know if you're seen doing something naughty the whole world gonna find out! Sorry, I am incoherent. I was trying to say that it reminded me of World of Warcraft in the regards of gameplay and such, and that it looked a great deal better than World of Warcraft. I was trying to say that it was however crummier than World of Warcraft in the sense that on WoW if you caused a problem and got away from it, the nature of the game would more or less correct the fault. That is not the case in oblivion, you can't get away from your faults, if you mess something up, it stays messed up until you either fix it or start over. Another thing I don't really like about the game is the control setup, it reminds me too much of Myst. I don't really like the map system, however the auto travel was nice if you wanted to play lazy. I never really found a point in eating, and sleeping didn't really serve a purpose, except to lvl up. I guess if I am going to play a RPG, then I would like it to be a MMORPG so's that I am not constantly bored with the game play of oblivion, or the lack of adventure by way of parties.
  8. I don't really like Oblivion. It reminded me of a prettier, yet crummy WoW, where you couldn't escape one problem that you caused long before that. Like how when you kill a Centurian, you are marked, even though there was no one else around to see it.
  9. I've had mine since launch in America, and mine has done fine. It usually gets about 1-3 hours of play a day.
  10. There is a whole long story or description about what is and isn't compatible with various models of the 7800 in the 7800 section. I think I can about quote it, but It mostly has to do with a handful of carts, and the super charger that don't work, and it all has to do with early models with the exp port, and the later ones that didn't, although the port never served any purpose.
  11. I think scale modelling is about dead as is model rocketry. I recently picked up some nice models of the German ME-109 fighter plane and the Japanese Zero fighter plane for $0.99 each. They were made by Revell and were originally priced around $10. I figure kids are tired of sniffing the toxic glues needied to assemble these and would rather play Wii. I never was into model building, but building model rockets was a hobby of mine for many years, in fact I still get an annual catalog from Estes to this day. I prolly built about 35 over the years, and I even had a model of the Space Shuttle so named the Challenger in honor that actually blew up on take off. I have it on tape. But yeah I always thought model building was kind of lame, because rockets soared into the sky. And as for science kits, microscopes, chemistry sets and the like, they just dont make them like they used to. They are cheap and plastic now, I played with toy sets from the 70s, or my Dad's from the 50s and 60s, and they were made of heavy metal that stood the ware and tear of child, and I still have them today. --James
  12. I plan on keeping my XBOX 360 for modern games, my Heavy Sixer, and 7800 for classic games, and perhaps my NES for a early transitional period system. I have already sold my Colecovision, Intellivision, C64, and Odyssey I & II. I have second thought about getting rid of my Saturn because it is a good system in my eyes, as well as the Genesis, and Dreamcast. Please put your truthful input in because I have several of these systems I need to clear out because space is more valuable than things to fill space. Thanks, James
  13. I just realized that this post is over a year long and active all the way. Good job to everyone involved, Quality Work Indeed.
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