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  1. ...Relaxing with my new friend CBD...

    1. save2600


      I hear it's all the rage! I tried some CBD gummies the other day and all they did was make me feel more irritable than I usually do.  lol

    2. dj_convoy


      I tried some balm (doing the edibles is a little too close to REEFER MADNESS for me) for my chronic (no pun intended) back pain, and I haven't really noticed it helping. I dunno.

    3. CPUWIZ


      Comparing CBP to reefer madness, is ignorant at best.

  2. Why isn't OS X 10.7 available for download? What's up with this? I'm not paying for a link on Ebay. I need a legit copy...help?

    1. Albert


      I don't see it on their downloads page. To be fair, Apple didn't start distributing OS X electronically until version 10.8.  Also, it wasn't until OS X 10.9 that Apple started giving it away for free.  And OS X 10.7 is seven years old at this point.  So I'm not surprised Apple doesn't have a digital version to download.  Apple still sells it on their site for $19.99: https://www.apple.com/shop/product/D6106Z/A/os-x-lion

    2. guitarmas


      Oh okay. I didn't know that.

      Thanks Albert.

  3. Just got a 1TB ssd for less than $65. They put the wrong price on it and honored it.

  4. Wow! I didn't realize how much sound cards are going for now a days.
  5. Hey guys. I've got this PC up for an interest check. It doesn't have a discret video card. But it does have the following: CPU: Intel 4790k Motherboard: Asus Maximus VI Gene Storage: 500gb Samsung SSD Cooling: Corsair H100i liquid cooling system RAM: Gskill Ripjaw series 2x4 8gb Case: Cooler Master N200 Display: Hewlett Packard 23" LCD monitor Wifi: ASUS AC 53 NANO DB USB WIFI adapter Sound: Logitech z53 speaker system w/subwoofer Power Supply: Thermaltake Smart 750TX Logitech webcam OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit I'm trying to save up for a Macbook Pro PM me with any suggestions, offers, and even questions
  6. I didn't think about that. I suppose that a good set of ropey Monster component cables will do considerably well. The Pound cable is suppose to draw power from the Xbox, but in my case, it doesn't. I just use a USB cord and connect it to my TV.
  7. I actually have both. I've been living with component for some time, but this HDMI adapter is really something else (good of course)
  8. Just a heads up! I just purchased this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pound-Technology-HD-Link-Cable-for-Original-Xbox-System/153347956181 I can't describe the difference it makes when comparing it to a component setup. These are cheaper than other vendors that I've seen online. Hope this helps!
  9. The bottom half of the Xbox is clear and looks great. The thing that bothers me is that the plastic it's made out of isn't as dense as the top portion of the Xbox. I might pull this out of the marketplace unless someone is willing to take that chance. I'm at a loss here. Help?
  10. I've been working on it since August of last year. I've spent an embarrassing amount to the point that I quit counting. This was really a money pit for me. I feel that I've done all the mods that are available. I was wrong. There's a wifi mod, a temp guage mod and who can forget the CPU upgrade with the memeory upgrade. Thanks for the compliment! I think it's pretty too.
  11. Thanks! I honestly have no use for it anymore whatsoever. I think this is probably fit for a small distinct crowd.
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