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  1. I know, but it just wouldn't work with my OCD.
  2. The comma key on my Mac keyboard is officially dead. I need another one. 😭
  3. I want to get a Japanese system...honestly...because they look cool to me. Especially the model 1. I don't plan on having a big US collection. On the other hand I'm going to build a collection that is cool to have...and not having to worry about breaking the case every time I open it, or even move it. I'll save money, in theory, by having a Japanese collection with some US titles loose but in a collective case from getting box art on certain sites and putting the games in a regular DVD case.
  4. Wow, I just looked on Ebay. I didn't realize how cheap Cheap the games really are. The Sega Saturn is definitely is on my list. Still not sure if I should get a Japanese system. I'm considering it though.
  5. Thanks for the thoughtful post. So much to think about. I don't mind dropping $50 here and there. I just can't do it all the time. I think the biggest ticket item right now is getting the system. I'm thinking about getting a Japanese Saturn. How would that work?
  6. You know, I think I'll go for a Saturn. I'll probably get a model 1 with the extra light on the front. I'll get a action replay card of some sort and bag me some great import fighters and shmups. ...all with a budget in mind.
  7. Thank you. I'm so glad that I'm out of it. Something kept telling me to back out. I'm glad I did. Unfortunately my collection took a major hit...like all of it. I've recovered for the most part but the collection is starting new again. I think I'm going to stick with Sega for a while. I just want to stay in the 8-32bit range. No Dreamcast stuff yet. I'm kind of wanting the games to be complete. The system is okay, for the time being, without the box. The Genesis controller is great. Very responsive. The only thing I noticed is that there's a really tight connection when you plug in the controller in the port. That's all. I really want to buy those 32x games and kind of make a big instant collection. I really want to, but something is holding me back.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I've had an offer for the following 32x games: Cosmic carnage sealed $35 Doom CIB $20 Metal Head CIB $30 Shadow squadron sealed $50 Star wars CIB $15 Virtua fighter CIB $30 Virtua racing no manual $10 Are these really worth the price?
  9. I just got a 6 button Genesis arcade pad made by retro-bit. ...this is the bomb!
  10. Check out what I got today! Now this is quality! The construction is imesuarable. For about $14, nothing beats it!
  11. Yes! The Power Base Mini is an excellent option and it's not too expensive! Whoo! 😆
  12. Thanks for all the replies. I would really like to collect for the Sega Saturn. The Master System is okay I guess. I would probably just get a Sega Master System for collection purposes only. I might play the system from time to time. So I will probably in the market for a decent one that is reasonably priced.
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