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  1. Deciding whether to get an Mac mini or not.

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    2. BydoEmpire


      I've ordered a couple Macs over the years from B&H Photo & Hobby (?), they have pretty good deals some times

    3. BydoEmpire
    4. guitarmas


      Thank you.

  2. Price added! If there are any problems with the price that you find please and kindly correct me via PM and not publicly. Thanks! 🙂
  3. I just got a Performa 6400. I'm looking to buy a ADB keyboard and mouse. Thanks! Found!
  4. Confused? ...yes Feelings hurt? ...nope Angry ...lol nope Thread pooped on ... yes 💩 Indignant ...not really Advice taken and back to the thread...yay! 👍✌️
  5. It's not you and it's not that we're touchy. It's just easy to go off topic sometimes.
  6. I've been bitten by the Apple bug.

    1. JeremiahK


      You won't be satisfied until every piece of technology you own is an Apple product, or at least, they won't be compatible with anything else anyway.

  7. Nintendo Wii ( box / inserts / advertisements / Wii Sports / Sensor bar / 1 controller / 1 nunchuck / Power supply / composite a.v cord / instruction manual / advertising and misc. Metroid Other M (game / case / instructions / advertisement) New Super Mario Bros. Wii (game / case) 1 extra controller with Nunchuck / 2 Steering Wheels / 2 sleeves with Wii Motion Plus adapters HDMI Cable $130 for the lot Open to offers. Sega Sega Genesis (console / controller / a/v cable / power supply) Sega Genesis 6 Button Arcade Pad (Retro-bit) Pound HDMI HD cable (freebie...see picture below) Sonic the Hedgehog (cart / manual / case) Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (cart / manual / case) Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (cart / manual / case) Sonic Spinball (cart / manual / case) Mortal Kombat (cart / manual / case) Mortal Kombat II (cart / manual / case) NBA Jam T.E. (cart / manual / case / insert) Risk (cart / manual / case) World Series Baseball (cart / case) Bulls vs. Blazers (cart / case) International Tour Tennis (cart / case) Virtua Figher 2 (cart) Street Fighter 2 Special Championship Edition (cart) X-men (cart) NBA Jam T.E. (cart) Game Genie (cart) $120 for the lot Open to offers Sega 32x (console / power supply / a/v composite stereo cable / patch cable / box / instructions / brackets / cardboard inserts / outer box) Sega Virtua Racing Deluxe (cart / box / insert / manual) Moto Cross (cart / box / insert / manual) $215 for the lot Open to offers. Sega CD (console / power supply / instructions / extension / metal brace / poster / Sewer Shark / instructions / 2 screws / cardboard inserts / foam padding / outer box) ...video available down below for the Sega CD in action $225 Individually priced now. A Sega Genesis is pictured with the 32x and CD. It isn't included. The Sega Genesis is in its own lot. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me. If anyone has any offers or suggestions, please PM me. You won't offend me with a low ball offer. If there are any errors that you find that are needed to be corrected please and kindly correct me via PM and not publicly. Thanks!
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