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  1. Just messed up my previous status...


    My new toy. Just picked it up today.


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    2. doctorclu


      Yeh High Sierra is good for security updates through November.   Current computer I'm using has Sierra on it (and I have others).   Getting information on a Performa to get new files?   Hmmm...   immediately I would take the hard drive out and use a IDE to USB adaptor to load the drive up with files from another computer.  But that would have to be another Mac ... which you have with the iMac! 


      Long term for that type 2 slot in the 6400 there were apparently USB and Firewire cards which would run fine under System 9.   I found a "6400 Zone" of all things! 





    3. guitarmas


      Thanks! I'll give that a shot. Are there reputable sites to get games like Wolf3d?



    4. doctorclu


      To get Wolf3D?   Not that I'm aware of.   Last site was more a way to get a card to get USB working on the 6400.   No, would like to get Wolf 3D working again myself.   I had a disc of Mac games once, but they were for 68030/68040 Macs.   Might work on PowerPC 603 Macs. 


      As for where on the internet, not sure off hand.

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