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  1. Just messed up my previous status...


    My new toy. Just picked it up today.


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    2. guitarmas


      I simply love it. The big thing about is how well it's constructed. It screams "Quality!"

      I picked up a Performa 6400/180. I've got a small apartment. I'm trying to figure out which one goes where. I don't plan on neglecting any of them for another. They all seem respectful in their own right.


      PCs? Sure...I guess


      Mac ...absolutely!

    3. doctorclu


      Performa 6400 I would use for the earlier than OS X games that came out for the Mac.


      The iMac I would use for Final Cut and things like that, and more modern Mac things naturally.   Handles up to Sierra or High Sierra right?   Both fairly current.

    4. guitarmas


      Yeah! I've gotta get me a copy of Wolfenstein 3D for the Performa. How hard would it be to download games on the Imac then transfer them to the Performa?


      It's running High Sierra and that's perfectly fine with me 😄

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