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  1. If you are just wanting to read the comics themselves, and don't care if they are originals, all were collected in a digest sized book a couple years ago. https://www.amazon.com/Atari-Classics-Swordquest-Roy-Thomas-ebook/dp/B07369W58N
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  3. Glad some of you were able to get the C.E. at a great price!! I'm a sucker for them.
  4. Maybe that's why the C.E. was selling so cheap. The originals C.E. is crazy expensive these days, there must not have been as much demand for the sequels C.E. Or maybe they just didn't manufacture as many. My Ni No Kuni 2 C.E. says 274/25000 I'll be checking it out soon. I guess I shouldn't get my hopes up too high though.
  5. I grabbed the huge Collectors Edition directly off the Bandai site a few weeks ago. Originally $199 I couldn't pass it up at $50. Haven't had the chance to get into it yet, but enjoyed the first one very much!
  6. I will say this, I seem to have issue playing the videos I've purchased after the fact that I've gone off-line with the 360. Even though I transfer the licence, and download the videos. I still get errors saying something is missing when I go to try and play them. Not sure what is up with that.
  7. I've done this process about a dozen times. Initially it was because I had multiple 360s and they kept breaking and I get sent new ones, later my MO was to transfer my licence to an older 360 and download the games to it, and then take it off line forever (My old 360s with no built in WiFi) and then transfer the licence again to another 360. The process is always the same and I agree it's a big pain in the ass a decade + after the fact! My download history is HUGE!!!
  8. That I do not know, but yeah it's working still for games you bought back in the day only. I use it from time to time still as I have around 12 games or so downloaded.
  9. Ooops here is the page... http://www.cyberroach.com/cyromag/ten/cge2k2p.htm
  10. Hmmmm I thought it was supposed to be a platform game? Check out this old page about CGE 2k. They mention the game and it looks like show a picture of it. Kind of reminds me of Fast Eddie.
  11. So it sounds like 18 years after the fact a winner of this game got his copy? Saw it posted on the Atari Age FB page, that someone won this at the CGE2k1 and finally received his copy, and included a picture!! I remember when they were selling a book with a game years ago, and had considered purchasing, but never did. Guess it was for the best since it never really happened. Interesting to see that someone actually got a copy of the game all this time later. Sorry if this was brought up in another thread, I did a search and this is the latest thread that popped up.
  12. So awesome. I dunno why but if an Atari 2600 game is based on a movie it's just 1000% cooler in my book. Glad you got this confirmed! Now I have to check out the film.
  13. Lots of great suggestions here guys. I've peeped a few of these and some of these channel look right up my ally. I know what I'll be doing the next few days, non-stop downloading!
  14. Temps are ramping up here in Georgia and before long I'll be heading to our cabin in the North GA mountains to escape the ridiculous heat and humidity. Our cabin doesn't have internet so what I did last year was download a bunch of videos off YouTube to watch while I'm up there (Pretty much every week) This may have been asked before, but I'm sure opinion change, and there are always new channels popping up. Basically just looking for other AA members favorite classic gaming channels. I also download other YT videos like bad movie reviews and board game reviews but classic gaming are my favorite. I'll list a few of mine, most of which I've watched and rewatched their content! Metal Jesus: https://www.youtube.com/user/MetalJesusRocks I love MJ's videos, lots of various topics, top 10, hidden gems, game reviews and lots of cool friends who help out (some of which are easy on the eyes) This channel is great in that you never know what to expect. Could be showing off stuff found in the wild, could be a contest to see who can buy the coolest cheap game, could be cooking a pizza with a waffle iron! He's been an AA member for years and is a great contributor to the community. Tome of Infinity (Formally Classic Game Room) https://www.youtube.com/user/InecomCompany/featured This guy always reminded me of Lowell on the old TV show Wings. He hasn't really made any new content for awhile, but his archive is HUGE and includes such a variety of interesting classic systems that most people ignore. Super fun channel and he has a dry sense of humor that makes me giggle. breakpack: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8fOqfB30FwvMDBsFcz9OOw Another cool AA member, he lives here in GA, and we've hung out on more than one occasion. Distance keeps us from doing that much these days, but I see him often on YouTube. One of my fav Metal Jesus episode was when he reviews a few plug & plays. breakpack takes that a step further and reviews lots and lots of plug & plays. Again, this is interesting stuff as I've seen a lot of P&Ps over the years, but often had no clue what games were on there. Now I know and have a few myself. Those are my main go to channels these days, looking for some new ones since I spent all last summer going through their archived shows. Thanks! Remember your opinion counts.
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