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  1. In no particular order.... Borderlands 3 (I'd pick 2 but I've played through that game multiple times on multiple platforms already) Oblivion Skyrim Dead Island Fallout 4 Bioshock Burnout Paradise Witcher 3 Final Fantasy (Any of the newer one, I actually haven't played a FF game through since X!!) Cyberpunk (yeah it's not out yet, but I want it!!!)
  2. Wow what an old thread. The crazy thing is, I was just thinking about this game a few days ago. It's been years since I've played it, but I had a hankering to pop it in. No clue why it was never released anywhere else. Seems like it could have worked with the PS Move or the Kinect. We're moving soon and a lot of my stuff is packed up right now, but once we're fully moved I think I'm going to design my new gaming space with plenty of room for exploring motion control games more, and also the PSVR. I always felt cramped trying these types of games at my current house. MadWorld will definitely be at the top of my list, it's been many years since I've even had a Wii hooked up.
  3. My package is ready to go but I'll be waiting until sometime early December to send it off. That said, curious how many people are planning on waiting till Christmas to open the AASS goodies, as opposed to just tearing into everything like a wild dog the second it hits your mailbox. I think last year I mostly waited until Christmas day and plan on doing the same again this year.
  4. moycon

    Vectrex Parts

    Wow blast from the past! I still own that Vectrex and wound up making my own replacement out of a wood dowel of all things, but I'll for sure check out some of the newer options!
  5. I look forward to AASS every year! I even wrote a little jingle that we traditionally sing around the yule log. Sung to the tune of London Bridge is Falling Down.... "AASS comes but once a year, now it's here, now it's here! AASS comes but once a year...Silver Shamrock." *bows*
  6. Very cool! That is one sharp looking Atari cart!
  7. My friend got this game back in the day and we stayed up later than I ever remember staying up, up to that point. (Like 1am!) Looking back it is crazy repetitive and I'll admit we never really knew what we were actually doing other than trying to get the page/panel numbers to appear. We had so much fun that night because we were sure we were going to "beat" the game, but afterwards I never dedicate much time to it. It would be cool to have a more structured adventure with actual goals.
  8. moycon

    Borderlands 3

    Oh man, I dunno maybe it's just the PS4 version, but the glitches we've encounter just suck. I was playing with 2 others, and they dueled, after which one of them would float in the air!! We were on Sanctuary at the time, so the roof prevented him from going up too far, we fast traveled to a city area thinking that would clear it, but nope. He could walk around VERY slowly, but when he would jump, he literally would float up and up and up into the map til we could see him!! He could ground pound and come back down to earth, again moving VERY slowly, but as soon as he'd jump...up up and away! I've also had quest where I needed to collect 5 things, but only 4 ever showed up forcing me to quit and go back back into the game, and I've also experienced NPC getting caught in a dialog loop where they just keep repeating the same clip over and over and over regardless what quest I switch to. Not to mention just over all lagging sometimes. even when playing solo. Just bad stuff that is really disappointing because as you pointed out, it seem so unusual since the Borderlands in the past have been pretty solid titles.
  9. moycon

    Borderlands 3

    I've played it up to around level 12 using Mose the gunner, and played a bit using Fl4k the Beastmaster (I think to level 4) My honest opinion is this game is broke. Too many glitches for my tastes. Sad really, but I think that's gaming 101 for bug budget titles these day. Seriously considering returning this before I even finish it. I might buy it again a couple years from now when they release an "ALL IN DELUXE" version with all DLC and extras unlocked with the glitches hopefully fixed for $19.99.
  10. Don't mind me, just sitting here waiting for my copy of Borderlands 3 to be delivered.`

  11. This is a fun little game. Pretty wild that it started out as a TRS-80 Color Computer game. I played it once so far and scored 34 which wasn't great, but I also had no clue what I was doing or what was safe to touch. I played again and scored 53 and got to the Bat Boss, but died. , I was able to collect a few items like bananas and something that looked like maybe a flash light? Not sure, i wasn't able to figure out how to use the items or maybe they just activate? One thing that confused me was at the end it didn't show that I had collected either of the items. Both I could identify but said = 0 so maybe it was because I never used them? Like I said I had 53 Avocados and those showed up. Over all a very fun game. Thanks!
  12. The seller must have pulled the item. it was a picture perfect label on a loose Birthday Mania that the guy said he had laying around in a box and the guy was only asking $1,000,000.
  13. Sweet now I don't have to drop $1,000,000 to play this game!! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1386181048217436/
  14. Ooooh that is pretty cool. I always like the concept of an interactive story and hope they make new games as well. Their titles were always based on established IPs, but I wouldn't mind original stories. Also holiday themed games like stories based around Halloween or Christmas could be interesting if done right.
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