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  1. E.T. and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Seriously I loved these games back in the day. The games would have benefited greatly by better graphics. I dunno though. Any game on the 5200 sucks ass unless you have something other than the stock controllers to play the game with!
  2. I remember downloading and playing Half Life years ago. The game was pretty much finished from what I recall. Would have been decent on the Dreamcast at that time, I really enjoyed it on the 360 though. Dual analog sticks for the win!
  3. I've beat Shadowman more than once. Super impressive game to me. Omikron I've never beat, I played it for hours and hours and eventually got stuck. Even after getting stuck I wandered around for more hours trying to move on but never could. I think I recall finding out later that you have to DIE in the game to progress. That's why it's sub titled "Nomad soul" I've gone back and revisited these games on the Dreamcast and on Steam but the controls just didnt jive with me anymore. Got too spoiled by modern controllers I guess.
  4. I can't decide which game is better. These two are definitely in my top 5 Dreamcast games. Anyone else love these games?
  5. moycon


    My butt itches.
  6. I'd like to propose a "Sammich Forum" Not sure if it should be in Classic or Modern. I mean everyone back in the day ate sammiches, and people still do so....
  7. Wasn't Toe Jam and Earl a Sega Genesis Exclusive back in the day? Is this like an updated port of that game or something new altogether?
  8. That's the best part! Hoping my recipient enjoyed their bundle. The second year in the row I was kept wondering.
  9. In addition to a huge package of mixed nuts, I got a bunch of #1 issues of comics (Not pictured) Some cool Star Wars and D&D figures and a super nice complete copy of Mountain King! I had a boxed Mountain King, but it was in terrible condition. The front of the box was ripped across. I love my mint copy! Used to have this game as a kid and always loved it!
  10. Same, Hopefully they received them, never know these days. I've had eBay items shown delivered and then the people say they never received the package. In one case I had to refund them, in another a week later a neighbor brings it to them.
  11. So this just came in the mail!! Must.....be...strong....
  12. They are worth next to nothing and are just taking up precious space in your house now. Please send them to me so you can be free from clutter. Thanks.
  13. Ugh I might have to edit my list and include a Mass Effect and a Deus Ex game. Decisions, decisions.
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