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  1. Nah, it absolutely was not. The carts buried were random stock and most recovered weren't E.T. The sea of millions of E.T.'s is a myth as it stands. But hey let no one discourage you from raising the $$$ to spread out and investigate some more. I personally won't hold my breath, but I do believe in you.
  2. I'd say it's at least pretty close. " Atari did not make too many E.T.'s" It's obviously true because they produced more carts after the initial run. " instead were customer returns" This one is iffy. It's very possible some of the carts were returns, they were basically just games taking up space in a warehouse, who's to say some weren't returned product? "but not the insanity that the legend held?" The sea of millions of E.T. carts, a game so bad everyone returned their copy and it killed off the video game industry? Yep, that was pretty insane, or maybe just dumb.
  3. I always thought Epyx was such an awesome producers of games. I'm not a huge sports fan, but always loved the Olympic games they would release (Summer games, Winter games, etc..) and don't get me started on the Apshi games. I'm surprised they arent still around.
  4. Ha!! There is no doubt, the games being made by enthusiasts today are simply amazing!! I can't imagine that some of the recent games, had they been released back in the day would have made millions of dollars!
  5. Nice. I always liked Turmoil. Good simple fun.
  6. Ugh what awful news. Nukey will be missed for sure.
  7. I recalling seeing this game years ago and thinking it was amazing looking. The Dreamcast was always a favorite system of mine, and stuff like this is why.
  8. I beat the first game (again) and I guess I forgot how cheesy the ending was. Still a great experience. I started a new game of ME2. Wow the graphics seem way more advanced in the second game. I didn't remember that from back in the day. The first games, remastered graphics, didn't really blow me away, but the opening of ME2 sure did. Looking forward to continuing the adventure. That said... After playing the first game, I found myself missing some of the features of Andromeda. I know that game wasn't very well received, and I did pick it up a couple years after the launch, so maybe a lot of the initial issues were ironed out, but I really thought it was a solid entry in the series.
  9. AH very cool. I figure I might have missed it. Not a huge deal. I'm really enjoying my latest play through of the game. It's been almost 15 years after all. I remember the load times used to be awful in the game, now, they take a few seconds!
  10. Just got an Xbox series X today and had the Mass Effect trilogy waiting for it when I got it home. So far so good. I've played about 15 minutes. Can you not customize your character in this latest version? Maybe I missed it, or maybe it comes later? One thing that strikes me about the latest system is it's pretty much exactly the same as the Xbox One, from the dashboard anyways. I plugged in my external drive and quick as pie 100s of games to play, but it was like I was looking at my Xbox One. I know it's supposed to load faster and have better graphics, but it was pretty jarring, to go from the One yesterday and the Series X today, and it pretty much looks and functions exactly the same so far.
  11. Love this album. Back in the day, like 25+ years ago, prior to them re-releasing the album on CD (which is remastered and not the same BTW) I used to dupe a copy of the album on to cassette tape and sell it with my Atari auctions on eBay. More than once I'd get hit up by people on the side just wanting a copy of the album. To this day I'm convinced neither Buckner nor Garcia ever actually played the game Frogger before writing the song Froggy's Lament. "Pluck your magic twanger, Froggy" ??? What the hell was that all about? I've played that game many times and I've never plucked anything!! 😉😁
  12. "Any PS5 owners here yet? Not near as many as there should be.
  13. I received my box at the end of November. It's been a long wait, I think I'll open it tonight on Christmas Eve.
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