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  1. I have no clue for sure but sometimes devices do not like certain file formats and you may have to format a card as fat32 instead of ntfs for example but it may be something totally unrelated I don't even have a flashback 9.
  2. That would be the next thing I would try. I'm assuming you already tried both joysticks in the left port to verify it wasn't issue with the actual joystick so I would check 4050 next.
  3. I believe that many people mostly stream now days but also many people still have a bluray player for the occasion that they see a movie at the store cheap they want to buy or perhaps get some movies for christmas or what not so it still makes sense to have a bluray player for most people. I would rather have the bluray player in my Xbox for that than to have to have another box on my shelf to play movies when I can do it all from just one box, and I rarely ever use the disk drive but for just that occasion it is nice to be there but I mostly stream and download the games easier than popping a disk in everytime to play a different game. I wouldn't buy a console without the optical drive.
  4. I just found another article that says Skybound games is going to finish the final season so that is good hopefully episode 3 will be released soon. https://www.theverge.com/2018/11/15/18096481/telltale-games-closure-general-assignment-liquidation
  5. Anyone hear about Telltale closing its doors? I had purchased the full last season of The Walking Dead for Xbox One and had played the first two episodes of that season. The scheduled release according to the in game menu for the 3rd episode was November 6th and I check on the 7th and it still said Coming Soon. So I kept checking every so often and still not available, so I finally decided to look up what was going on and found an article that said they were closing doors, laying off employees and that it was unlikely that the last two episodes would be finished, but they were trying to get another company to hire their employees to finish it out. This is very upsetting seeing as I paid for the entire season and really wanted to see how it played out. The article said they were nearly finished with the 3rd episode as well. I really hope it and 4th episode gets picked up and finished by another company this is just unbelievable.
  6. I would check solder joints really good for any that appear cracked and need to be reflowed.
  7. One last thing before I get ready for bed I would look really close at the solder joints at the regulator make sure no cold joints that could also cause the issue
  8. I would first check the input voltage while trying to power up the screen if it still stays consistent then I would keep it change the regulator since that would be the one dropping voltage with screen attached pointing to weak regulator. I meant to add though that a shorting regulator can cause the input voltage to drop as well so possible both input and output would drop when are powering screen up and also that it would be fine for a minor drop on the input side as more current is being pulled
  9. The reason I asked was because the display is pulling your supply down(not that the problem is the display) pointing to a weak supply such as a failing adapter or failing regulator. If you already checked the amperage of your adapter and it meets or exceeds the OEM that should be fine but doesn't mean it couldn't be having issues anyhow. If you still have the old voltage regulator lying around I'd swap it back just to test could be possible you got a bad one. PS, was the same person who burned the connection for composite you mentioned the one that installed the regulator. Possible too they had heat on it to long which could have ruined it.
  10. Are you using OEM power adapter?
  11. is this how you are connecting? http://8bitplus.co.uk/wp-content/gallery/sega-nomad/Nomad-power-solder.jpg
  12. How is the Nomad being powered, by batteries or does it have a power adapter hooked up?
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