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  1. Are these going to be free to download? Or for purchase? Thank you for the conversions.
  2. Not in any special order: Miner 2049 Hero Space Dungeon Robotron 2084 Berzerk
  3. Also get an AtariMax SD cart so you can play every released game, proto, demo.
  4. While I respect and admire the boxed cart releases of the conversions, I have no interest to have them as collectables. For other systems I've gladly paid $10 - $20 for a ROM version of a game I want to play. I would do the same for the Jaguar if ROMs of those releases were available. I really enjoyed when CJ was freely giving away the ST conversions. Made a number of them into carts for myself (never sold any). Too bad folks had to ruin that by selling them.
  5. Make sure the Wico controllers work. They use analog pots which can wear out. I have not been able to source replacement pots.
  6. Its an old Sean Kelly made multicart. Got mine many years ago. Remember mailing a check to Sean and then weeks later the cart showed up. This was before the AtariMax carts. It was a great way BITD to be able to play protos and all but one of the released games.
  7. That is the normal way rf cable is connected on 4 port units. (Don't know about the red wire crossbow mentioned above)
  8. Very nice. Have you made one? Any pictures?
  9. Don't forget that SainT has posted he is successfully running CD games from the SD cart
  10. Not normal. Those look like scratches
  11. Picture to see if its normal or not
  12. I have an older of the Sophia. The jumpers are connecting the circuit so it is "on." Without the jumpers it does not work. It's my understanding the new boards do not have jumpers. Instead the board is just laid out so those two points are always "on." I also think there is a Sophia version that outputs to DVI instead of RGB.
  13. Pulled the 5200 out of storage. Turns out I did tap the audio. The connector line runs to one leg of a 0.1 uf ceramic capacitor which is to a leg of a resister (no label). Photos are attached to show connection. This is a 4 port model and I also did the power mod to eliminate the need to use a switchbox. I like to drill as little holes as possible into the cases. Connectors were placed in the removable cover over the expansion port.
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