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  1. Bounty Bob Strikes Back. No other justification needed to get the AtariMax SD cart. 😊
  2. I'm not sure there is anything wrong with your 5200. You have a lot of conversions daisy chained together which can introduce artifacts. I've always had some minor ghosts, lines when using RF, even BITD. Your picture is RF converted to composite converted to VGA. That's a lot of manipulation and you are starting out with RF which is suboptimal. I'm curious as to what others using RF think.
  3. My Jag connects by RGB to Frameister Mini then HDMI to flat panel. After the Jag is turned on, it takes the Framemeister several seconds to start to output a picture. My understanding is the delay is due to locking in the signal. Usually the start up animation is either done and it shows the GD home screen or the start up animation is just ending. Maybe others are using this or other moden tv adapters and are seeing something similar.
  4. To me, it's a just frustrating to play. And yes, it works on the GD.
  5. I agree. I've read the backstory and just don't get why anything with those games are taboo. For games that are still being sold, I understand it. They are wrong to share.
  6. BSG works fine with the JagGD. BS does not
  7. Not trying to be a downer. But quite frankly, none. I’m happy with the 5200 catalogue.
  8. Just ordered again, this time through eBay. items arrived quickly with no problem. EDIT My eBay order was through B&C (and not Brad). My error. Still recommend buying from Brad. Have ordered multiple times and never had a problem.
  9. Workflow I've used to convert ccd to cdi: 1) Not necessarily needed, but I don't like installing / uninstalling programs on main pc: Create Windows 7 32 bit Virtual Machine 2) Use Daemon Tools Lite to create virtual disk and mount ccd image 3) Use Discjuggler 6 to convert virtual cd to cdi file Now you can take the cdi file and run it through cd2jcd. On the 3 ccd games I had they all ended up working fine on the Game Drive Another advantage of having a Win 7 32 bit vm, is the old Atari program romsplit is 32 bit only. If you rip any of your cartridges, romsplit very quickly creates a working rom file. You can use dosbox on a 64 bit machine, but romsplit runs really really slow in it. ********** EDIT On game Soulstar boots fine passing verification (Atari screen with rotating cube). It goes to the Atari presents screen and freezes there. Not sure , but it could be microsd card related. I have 2 different Class 10 cards (U1) and there are games that run on one but not the other. I have a Class 10 (V30) card coming in soon and will see if that faster card makes a difference.
  10. I have an old copy of DiscJuggler 6. I burned my original disks (including Dragon's Lair) it produced cdi files which SainT tool converted to jcd which run fine on the Game Drive.
  11. Same here. CCD just exit without error and no file being created.
  12. Ok. But it can be copied onto an actual two chip cart and runs fine with no problems. This game is not actively being sold. Just let me if you ever want to look at it and I'll forward files to you. ** Edit i have the game so I’m not really concerned whether it will run of the GD. Just was letting you know about what I’m seeing on the GD.
  13. @SainT I have a game which works fine on cartridge but fails to run in Jag GD. It seems to load normally with the Atari Jaguar and rotating cube. But instead of starting it goes to the red verification failure screen (though it seemingly passed verification). Yet the physical cart works fine. It's not a homebrew, conversion nor anything sold by anyone today. I have the cart. But I don't think I should post about it here. I'd like to DM but cannot send you a message. Please message me if you want to discuss. Thank you.
  14. They probably have bad headers. I have both and changed the headers (0 - 01FF0) to Tursi's fastboot header. Both of the attached work fine. Doom 2 AC98 - ejagfescv - fastboot header.ROM Doom 2 AC2011 - fastboot header.jag
  15. One of the roms was bad. I've changed the headers on both to Tursi's fast boot header and they both work. Attached are those. Doom 2 AC98 - ejagfescv - fastboot header.ROM Doom 2 AC2011 - fastboot header.jag
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