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  1. If it does not lock in, could be a cartridge shell problem rather than pct one. Can you post pics of the cart including the bottom of it
  2. is it one of these found here https://www.atarimax.com?
  3. Easy to find faults with it now. BITD this was a great system Analog joystick. Start / pause / reset on the controller! Spot on arcade ports and some unique titles! (space Dungeon anyone) No more playing Intellivision after getting the 5200.
  4. Bought 5200 in 1982 It was an upgrade from an Intellivision. I loved that system BITD and had a good game collection. While I now have an RGB modded 4 port with an upscaler, I only use it once in a while. I collected carts for it back before flash carts existed. I have all the original carts exceprt for Bounty Bob Strikes Back (which BITD I bought for the 130XE instead). i have all manuals and most boxes (including both for BBSB). Have Sean Kelly's original multcart along with the different Atarimax carts released over the years.
  5. @SmoothCriminalAaron I went through the manuals I have. My 1982 4 port came with an Owner’s Manual and Registration Card. It did not have a separate Switch Box manual. The Owner’s Manual contained switch box connection instructions The manual in the middle of your picture has the same cover as the one with with my BITD purchase I have later Owner’s Manuals from 1983 and 1986. Both removed the section on the switch box. A separate Switch Box connection manual was included. Content wise they are identical. However 1983 (Revision A) is printed in color. 1986 (Revision C) is printed only on black and white. Registration card below is not from my BITD purchase. It was acquired with a later 4 port I bought.
  6. I have complete set I'll search for them when back from a trip. I remember: 4 port manual, switch box manual and registration card i'll post picshen i pull them out.
  7. You can disable secure boot in the bios. It took me a while but after selecting disable you don't press Enter, but rather a different key. I don't remember which one but i says which one at the bottom of the screen
  8. As neo_rg stated, no box. I bought an original and it had cart / manual schrinkwrapper in white box inset. Cart was heavy like it contain programmable EPROMs rather than regular masked ROMs.
  9. Yes Battlesphere Gold works on the GD. Attached is a mrq I created ir it. Battle Sphere Gold.mrq
  10. When upgrading the VCS I accidently damaged the connectors on both the wifi module and antennas. That started a journey on finding working replacement parts. TL:DR - Atari OS only recognized a Realtek TRL8822CE module. Intel modules were not recognized. Ebay link to wifi card that worked: https://www.ebay.com/itm/265398021192 Amazon link to antennas that work: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07K68NHVH/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 If Amazon link does not work, item is "Pair of 53cm/20.86in Mhf4 IPEX4 2.4/5g WiFi NGFF M.2 Antennas use for AC 7260 7265 8260 Ngff Card"
  11. Analog control was used on a lot more than 3 games. Off the top of my head: Super Breakout, Missile Command, Gorf, Star Wars Arcade, Pole Position, Galaxian, Kaboom, Centipede, H.E.R.O., River Raid, Star Raiders, Rescue on Fractulus. I'm sure there are more. I have an digital stick and so many games I want to play need analog. Very true about the non-centering sticks. They are bad.
  12. In the description is states it is for a PC: " PC Joystick Splitter" I cannot imagine that working with a 5200
  13. What could have saved the Jaguar? Nothing. BITD I was huge into video games. Bought a TG16 and then the $400 CD add on. Had a Genesis and was day 1 buyer of the CD add on. Bought the Jaguar and Trevor McFur first time I saw it in a store. Played for a few days. Debated long and hard about returning it all but ended up not doing it My BITD memory was the Jaguar had better than Genesis graphics but a lot of the games were just not much fun to play. Even BITD had the impression Atari did not have money to make or release games. Their big hits were incredibly hard to get. Wolfenstein 3D was barely available in the large Philadelphia metropolitan area. One store had 5 or 6 copies. Same with Tempest 2000. One EB in the area got just a handful of copies. it was clear almost immediately Atari was not able to compete. Even when CD units were closed out I did not feel it was worth spending $25 for one.
  14. BITD got hooked on Daytona USA at Dave & Busters. Blown away by the game. Couple weeks later at Electronics Boutique they had Sega Saturns and Daytona USA. This was the unannounced surprise release. On the spot bought the Saturn, Daytona USA and joystick for $600. I was married for only a couple of weeks at the time. Purchase was not well received as were saving for our 1st house. It was my last new current gen console until Xbox 360. Still well worth it!
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