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  1. Multicart arrive today safely in Texas. Thank you for creating this and making them available. It will be enjoyed.
  2. While you talk about it being a console. Atari actually stated in their latest Medium post that the Atari VCS is a "fully functional mini-pc." Good luck on competing in that market. $400 + $130 for windows home 10 + $60 for a small SSD of HD + $30 for cheap keyboard / mouse and then installing /setting up. Why would anyone prefer that over a prebuilt nuc, cheap laptop or desktop?
  3. Atari will license anything, even if it offers the same things as the VCS at a fraction of the cost. Microcenter is selling Atari Pi Kit Bundle for $80 which includes: USB Gamepad 32GB MicroSD card with game download utility containing 100+ licensed Atari Game Power supply HDMI cable Custom DYI Raspberry PI Atari case Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Starter Guide This is in stock and available now. Great way to play fully licensed Atari classics for much less than the VCS. Custom case too, just like the VCS. Only 320 less than the VCS bundle! If you already have everything, $17 buys you just the Atari Custom Pi Case
  4. I had the same problem recently. I posted on the Shumps forum. Feedback was that inexpensive RF to HDMI converters introduce significant lag. So I ended up purchasing a RetroTink 2x pro (new) and Sony TU-1041U tuner on Ebay ($40 shipped) and they work great together to output RF to HDMI. The RetroTink by itself will convert Composite to HDMI. I'm very happy with that solution. If the 5200 is the only system you need to run through RF, I'd recommend the Sophia RGB board if you have an RGB scaler (such as OSSC or Framemeister XRGB mini). That's the best quality picture you can get from your 5200.
  5. This link takes you to an Aliexpress page selling the MTVBox. Scroll down and it identifies what all the connectors are. https://www.aliexpress.com/i/32952477453.html In post #9 doubledown posted the link to the coax to Belling Lee connector you need to get: https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Coaxial-PAL-NTSC-Connector-Adapter-Male-Belling-Lee-to-Female-US-F-Coax/122270197809?hash=item1c77df2831:g:Jh8AAOSwuAVWyLem&redirect=mobile
  6. Its more than 3 way and a bit pricey but I recommend gscartsw available here: http://www.gretrostuff.com/store/. I have one and works great with Jaguar and other systems with rgb output (including modded systems). A 170 page thread on his switches found on Shumps forum here: https://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=50851 Otherwise, there are 5 position Bainbridge scart switches which you might still be able to find on EBay.
  7. GDEMU works great. Can be a bit tricky to set up the SD cards exactly as you want. USB-GDROM also works great and to me is easier to set up the SD card. Have both. Both work great. My preference is the USB-GDROM for ease of organizing and setting up the SD card.
  8. Game is exactly the same. Overlays are the same. Box, manual and cart label differ
  9. If you gave an RGB setup, I would recommend the Sophia video mod. Best quality picture of the different mods.
  10. If I'm not too late, I'd also appreciate it vi could buy one. PM sent.
  11. If it was true, you would expect Atari to confirm that on their IGG page to their backers.
  12. If it was really shipping in October, Atari would just directly say that. Their silence does not provide any support to the accuracy of the article. This is a pattern I've seen over and over on the IGG comments. Posters will make claims about the VCS / games / status. Atari is silent to those claims and does not respond to them. Posters then run with them as fact. Very clever by Atari as a way to make it seem like things are happening. Clearly nothings happening or Atari would confirm some of them or say something definitive. Also what BS Atari is giving about their prior statements on shipping dates. "Weeks, not months". Their explanation as to why that did not happen: we believed it when we said it. By that logic say anything you want. When its shown to be not true, oh well we thought it was true when we said it. Try that with your spouse when you say you'll do something and then don't. But honey I meant it and it was it true when I said I would, even though I didn't do it.
  13. @Albert - I originally sent in a request on the store contact form? Am I even on a list to get one? Thank you
  14. I enjoyed it back in the easy. It all comes down to whether you enjoy this type of game.
  15. Received 3 yesterday. Thank you
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