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  1. As a long time reader of this thread and the IGG comments, observations are: Years late Past latest shipment date No update on when to expect shipment No exclusive games announced No OS shown that actually runs anything but tiles Windows 10 shown running - not even licensed, only "evaluation" mode Parts for 500 units (and never said they are assembled units) when pre orders are greater than 10,000 Deleting real questions on IGG asking for status updates Not deleting personal attacks on IGG THEY HAVE NOTHING NEAR READY
  2. I would not be surprised if "developers" = OS programmers and not game programmers. In other words they are were being sent to folks to develop the software to make it turn on so that you can then have a chance to play a game.
  3. Very nice!! Probably cost as good amount to make. Enjoy it!!
  4. Thinking more about city, I don't think I flashed anything. It was the VBXE that need flashing as it came set up for XE computers. Revision C was just a change to DVI output. On mine I had set jumpers to get it to output a picture. Simius install instructions were:
  5. Only game I do not have: Bounty Bob Strike Back.
  6. I've installed a Sophia several years ago. I have a number of firmware files. I don't remember which file I used on it. I'm attaching everything I received from Simius. It might be something as simple as jumper settings. Sophia_all files.zip
  7. I have original prints of those 3 books. They are for the Atari 8 bit computers. Many years ago taught myself assembly and make a couple of games which were in Antic magazine
  8. FYI - I did this technique on a really beat up Atari 5200 metal strip. It actually created all new brush marks in the metal strip. Mine did not come out as shiny as the original strip was. Also, I could still make out the old scratches and dents but they were masked by new horizontal lines. To me, it was debatable whether it looked any better. However, it it did not look like the original strip. I am usually very good at this stuff, but I may not be as skilled as Bratwurst.
  9. My order confirmation email back on 8/19/19 says pre-order position #344. Today RetroHQ says order #583. No idea what is up. At least I have eproms / boards to make up to 60 carts.
  10. As somebody with an active pre-order, thank you. Appreciate you allowing others to build. Be well.
  11. Sorry. Couldn't see the switch in the picture. Still think this is a power mod.
  12. To me it looks like someone did a power and video mod. The channel selector switch looks like it is missing which means the RF modulator was removed. If video is composite (and not channel 3 / 4) then definitely both mods were done
  13. What comes to my mind looking at the pictures of Woz with the unit, controller and hat is: paid product placement to try to establish legitimacy.
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