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  1. I have a gdemu's Sega Saturn Rhea ODE. The device works great but organizing game lists is not that easy. I've played with Rmenu rather extensively and you can really do some really interesting game organizing. I do not like alphabetical lists of games. I like to organize by genre. such as: action adventure fighters . 2d . 3d [etc] With everdrives and the dreamcast usb-gdrom it is easy to do as it allows folders and nested folders. I found with Rmenu you can organize similarly without using folders. Rmenu displays lists that are 24 lines long. You can thus create 24 line "pages" to organize games. Rmenu "L" and "R" button presses advance the display to the next 24 line "page." You can thus create lists of games with genres lists on specific "pages" In creating the file structure, I created folders that contained games. Where I wanted "blank" spots I just put a text file in the folder. In editing the Rmenu folder, I found you could not have a blank ("") name for a game. If you did, it would not properly create the list and selecting games would not work. However, you could put a dot (".") as a game name and it would create the list fine and game selection worked ok. By doing this you can create a very readable list of games. You just have to organize in 24 line "pages." With the 128GB card, I ended up with 407 folders containing about 200 games. I've attached the rmenu.ini file so you can see how I used genre names, dots and cues to go to next page to organize it by24 line "pages." I've also attached my working "index to sd card" which is much more readable. Just to give a feel for how the organization can work, below are a couple of 24 lines "pages" of the Rmenu display I use. 01 = RMENU 02 = . 03 = . 04 = . 05 = ******* ACTION ******* 06 = . 07 = . 08 = BURNING RANGERS 09 = GRIDRUNNER 10 = GUNGRIFFON - THE EURASIAN CONFLICT 11 = MASS DESTRUCTION 12 = MECHWARRIOR 2 13 = MR BONES (DISC 1) 14 = MR BONES (DISC 2) 15 = SHINOBI LEGIONS 16 = SKELETON WARRIORS 17 = SONIC 3D BLAST 18 = SOVIET STRIKE 19 = TOMB RAIDER 20 = VIRTUAL-ON 21 = . 22 = . 23 = . 24 = (MORE ON NEXT PAGE) 265 = ******* SHUMPS ******* 266 = . 267 = . 268 = ******* A LIST ******* 269 = . 270 = . 271 = BATSUGUN 272 = BATTLE GAREGGA 273 = DARIUS GAIDEN 274 = DARIUS 2 275 = DODONPACHI 276 = GUNBIRD 277 = LAYER SECTION 278 = LAYER SECTION 2 279 = PANZER DRAGOON 280 = PANZER DRAGOON ZWEI 281 = RADIANT SILVER GUN 282 = SALAMANDER DELUXE PACK 283 = SOUKYU GURENTAI 284 = THUNDER FORCE GOLD PACK 1 285 = THUNDER FORCE GOLD PACK 2 286 = THUNDER FORCE V 287 = . 288 = (MORE ON NEXT PAGE) index to sd card.txt Rmenu.ini for 128gb a-list.txt
  2. It didn't help that Crescent Galaxy was one of the 3 release titles.
  3. Yes, it works. You can use chips bigger than the files you are burning. I've burned 2mb games onto two 2mb chips. The burner I use starts the burn at address 0 and goes up from there. You just do not want to do the opposite. Burning 4mb games onto two 1mb chips results in a not working game. *** EDIT Sorry, I did not comprehend what you were asking. I'm not sure if those 4mb chips are pin compatible with the 1mb and 2mb chips. Zerosquare does know and helped you. Looks like you burned successfully by filling the entire chip. *** END EDIT
  4. Having paid for two kids through college, I can tell you to ignore the cost you see on the college web sites. Each college acceptance letter contained a financial grant award which ends up lowering the listed cost. For example, my son was accepted into Northwestern. Yearly cost was 65K. Acceptance letter gave 23K in grants making net cost 42K. We found for both kids, the "net" amount that it would cost was about the same regardless of the listed costs. The most important thing is to make sure you have completed the FASFA. While it's a financial aid form, schools won't give grants without a completed FASFA. Don't be shocked by the schools listed cost.
  5. Then all I can suggest is reaching out to Retro Gaming Cables and see if they can custom make one. They are in the UK and I've had no problem ordering and delivering to the US https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk
  6. Retro Access made a custom 5200 to Framemeister cable for me. I don't see it listed on their website, so you will probably have to contact them out it. They also make a limited number of cables at a time so you may have to wait a bit to get it. https://retro-access.com
  7. @Austin - I watched the whole video over several days. Well done!! You must have put so many hours into that game! You seemed to fade away towards the end, but that's understandable after a couple of hours playing.
  8. Received 15 cart shells. They are really well done. Better than I expected. Very detailed. Looks like they came from original molds. Thank you
  9. Without the boxes and manuals you are not going to get $8 each. TBH I would not want want them if they were free plus cost of shipping
  10. ASCII Mission stick. JP only release. https://segaretro.org/ASCII_Mission_Stick
  11. Got a 4 port new. Super Breakout was pack in. Think got Galaxian and Space Invaders next. Hard to remember order of bought video games 38 years ago.
  12. I believe the trackball is a standard billiards / pool cue ball. You can get a new cue ball or try to whiten it as per some Google searches: https://supremebilliards.com/why-do-pool-balls-turn-yellow-and-how-to-clean-them/ https://10sorts.com/faq/how-to-clean-a-yellow-cue-ball/
  13. Keep these links for a reference for any other systems you may have http://www.firebrandx.com/triads.html https://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=64006
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