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  1. Possibly the retro game that takes the shortest amount of time to complete if you do it all correct, but longest time to complete while struggling to learn exactly how it should be done.
  2. Actually Snokie is just a single level. If you do everything exactly correct, you'll finish the game in about 70 seconds, based on playthrough videos on YouTube.
  3. Here's the summary for Week 29, running from July 15 - 21. We logged 4935 minutes of eligible play, playing 41 games on a total of 20 systems. Top 10: 1. Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (PlayStation) - 792 min. 2. Dead of the Brain (NEC PC-9801) - 560 min. 3. Street Fighter Alpha - Warriors' Dreams (Arcade) - 497 min. 4. Kaboom! (Atari 2600) - 450 min. 5. Tetris (NES/Famicom) - 335 min. 6. Mega Bomberman (Genesis) - 247 min. 7. Metal Head (Sega 32X) - 222 min. 8. Bomb Squad (Intellivision) - 210 min. 9. Akumajou Dracula (Castlevania Chronicles) (Sharp X68000) - 200 min. 10. Dragon Quest V (SNES) - 197 min. Pre-NES top 10: 1. Kaboom! (Atari 2600) - 450 min. 2. Bomb Squad (Intellivision) - 210 min. 3. Burgertime (Mattel Aquarius) - 78 min. 4. Pac-Man Collection (Atari 7800) - 64 min. 5. Solar Fox (Atari 2600) - 56 min. 6. Moon Patrol (Atari 5200) - 45 min. 7. Breakout (Atari 2600) - 37 min. 8. Tetris (Alexsey Pajitnov 1984) (PDP-11) - 30 min. 9. Eggomania (Atari 2600) - 22 min. 10. Age of Heroes (C64) - 21 min. Top 10 systems: 1. PlayStation (842) 2. Arcade (681) 3. Atari 2600 (615) 4. NEC PC-9801 (560) 5. Genesis (367) 6. NES/Famicom (355) 7. Sharp X68000 (255) 8. SNES (242) 9. Sega 32X (222) 10. Intellivision (210) Blood and death is leading the main list this week, with relatively few pre-NES games on it. This is also reflected in the systems list. No new entries to the 1000 Minute Club, though I noticed that Tetris for the NES now have obtained the "big random" number 4711 minutes of play time.
  4. Week 29 Top games 1. Dragon Quest Builders 2 (Switch) - 1347 min. 2. My Time at Portia (Xbox One) - 1151 min. 3. Batman: Arkham Knight (Xbox One) - 1048 min. 4. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (Xbox One) - 602 min. 5. NHL 19 (Xbox One) - 590 min. 6. Rayman Legends (Xbox 360) - 396 min. 7. To the Moon (PC) - 272 min. 8. Dust: An Elysian Tail (Switch) - 225 min. 9. Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap (GBA) - 184 min. 10. What Remains of Edith Finch (Xbox One) - 136 min. Top systems 1. Xbox One - 3705 min. 2. Switch - 1802 min. 3. Xbox 360 - 396 min. 4. Global Eagle In-Flight Entertainment System - 370 min. 5. PC - 272 min. 6. GBA - 184 min. 7. Android Phone - 2 min. Total 6731 minutes and 20 different games on 7 different systems. In a strong Xbox One week (55% of the total minutes), there still is a Switch game that takes the individual title in form of Dragon Quest Builders 2. Though it doesn't make the list of top games, we have yet another in-flight system which due to we don't know exactly which OS it runs, is listed separately.
  5. I was slightly surprised that the page didn't contain a link to the shop. It took a few educated clicks to get away from the reminder to a place where I'd be able to order it. I'm sure others are interested, but even at $299 for the bare board it is too rich for my blood (and I don't have the time to invest in playing with it anyhow).
  6. The MSX has a full screen editor. I'm not sure how similar the BASIC dialects are. Even if they're all derivates of Microsoft, extensions for sound and graphics tend to be unique for each computer. The commands may have the same names but different syntax.
  7. How about you only buy things through eBay, and then sell things through other channels? Besides the ones you mention, the only one that comes to my mind would be something like Yahoo! Auctions Japan if you're into Japanese items, but then comes the language barrier and that you usually need a middle man to ship stuff out of Japan anyway. Sure, you can keep visiting your local flea markets for rest of your life in hope to find really unusual video games but as you already figured out, the likelyhood that you'll find what you're hoping for is getting slimmer every day. Facebook groups might be useful but then again there are so many on the marketplace and many are semi-local anyway so it doesn't exactly compare to eBay.
  8. If only I could blame insanely busy real life... more like procrastinating and being super lazy. But hey! I got at least some retro gaming on this Sunday afternoon. Atari 8-bit: Frogger II - 11 min. Yes, that is the current HSC round. Hopefully I can cram in a little more minutes next week, though I already notice I'm far behind the leaders so just as usual, I'll be battling for perhaps 5-6th place out of ~8 participants.
  9. I find I'm spending more time watching YouTube than playing retro games at the moment, but I had a placeholder attempt. Frogger II - 16789 pts, just cleared level 2 and then lost my last frog at the start of level 3
  10. You can plug in a cartridge to get some more speed out of it. Not sure how much cheaper it would be than installing JiffyDOS but far easier. TFC3 or any of the Action/Retro Replay cartridges tend to give you a decent bump up.
  11. Btw, I've been happily using uIEC/SD for about 10 years now. Rarely or never I got into trouble with programs implementing their own fastloaders but then again I am aware about its limitations and choose my usage based on what it can do, instead of nagging online about what it can't do. Not until recently I was aware there are large online libraries of original D64/G64 dumps, besides the cracked, often single filed versions.
  12. For that matter, you used to be able to buy very cheap C64 cartridge shells from Poland but I'm not sure if those are available any longer. Which volumes are you considering? Are you planning to self-publish cartridge software and in that case have you considered how much profit you'll make from doing it all by yourself instead of teaming up with an existing publisher?
  13. So is the SDrive-MAX a 100% solution for the Atari 8-bits? In the lower price range for the Commodore you have the SD2IEC and uIEC/SD type devices but as you know those have certain limitations if you have come across a library of original floppy disk images or scene demos. I suppose the UK1541 might be an middle of the road solution but I don't know if it still is in production. But yes, the Pi1541 is intended for people who already have a suitable spare RPi to connect it to. I agree that if you factor in all costs, it isn't quite as cheap as it first may look.
  14. Remember that many (a majority?) of the original Intellivision games were based around the built-in EXEC ROM, which is a BIOS if you like with various nifty functions to call. It allowed the game ROMs to be smaller in size, but in return the EXEC had a duty cycle of about 20 Hz IIRC, which is very slow and limited the appearance of the games. Modern games tend to bypass the EXEC, implement their own routines for everything which makes the games larger in size (but as Kai Magazine mentioned, storage nowadays is much cheaper) but then can run at maximum speed.
  15. I kind of liked the "i game", quirky and everything. What do you envision here, something along the lines of Snoopy/Smurfs, Hunchback, Super Mario Bros, other type of scrolling game?
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