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  1. Yeah, a system with constantly updated hardware within the same label is tricky. The same can be said for e.g. Windows 95/98 and the 1 GHz barrier. I suppose in the long run it doesn't affect either stats a lot, but I take that as MVS/AES games have most of the hardware on each cartridge, and the console or base system simply coordinates I/O rather than having a set of CPU, graphics and sound chips to address? The arcade games in the classic tracker are Dragon Blaze (unknown date in 2000), Star Wars: Racer Arcade (video recording showcased at ATEI in January 2000, released in Japan in May) and possibly Vector's Revenge (2007, but made to look like an older game). Dragon Blaze currently has 85 min, Racer Arcade has 4 min and Vector's Revenge 5 min compared to Metal Slug 3 which with this week's numbers is up to 151 min. Neither really make a dent in the overall or arcade specific stats.
  2. I agree about that. Unfortunately most classic systems have too few controller options to make it perfect justice: the game lets you move in all eight directions, rotate either clockwise or counter clockwise and push to fire bullets at the same time (IIRC pulling doesn't add any function?). I suppose a system with three or more action buttons might compensate for the rotation feature, if you are able to reach all control features at the same time.
  3. Yeah, the arcade cut-off is a little confusing to be honest. By the rules, all home systems are counted for hardware released before January 1, 2000 except for arcade games where games released before December 31, 2000 may go into the classic tracker. As you know, I have tried to document approximate release years for all featured arcade games and there are like 2 or 3 in the classic tracker which were released in 2000. If anything, I'd rather move those entries into this tracker to make the cut-off the same both for home consoles & computers and for arcade games - there is little point thinking that arcade games were slower to reach the market than home systems were which would explain an extra year overlap.
  4. Yup, the later version was disk based and published on C64, Apple II and IBM PC from what I can tell. It contains all four of the arcade levels, compared to the 16K cartridge versions for various systems that only tend to contain levels 1+4 (except Colecovision which has three of them). The SG-1000 version also only has two levels, and the second one even less matches either of the arcade levels...
  5. How could I forget Congo Bongo on the SG-1000 vs Congo Bongo on everything else? In particular as the arcade was by Sega.
  6. So where does this image come from - a magazine? Do you know which one, in case there are more clues? I suppose the Kong character has nothing to do with it?
  7. I believe that is yet another Bonifacio game that received the Norman treatment over at Cosmi. Essentially Paul Norman must've thought that Robert Bonifacio had some good ideas or at least titles for video games, but the execution was weak so he redid most of the graphics etc when they anyway ported those for other systems.
  8. Atari 8-bit: Atari Invaders - 8 min. Gorf - 18 min. Since I had not played any games for the entire week until late Sunday afternoon, I don't find myself playing any more for rest of the evening so I'll post these detection limit entries now. Yes, that is the latest A8 HSC round by the way.
  9. I took liberty of my moderator properties and pinned this one for you.
  10. Hm, yes. A NTSC C64 probably can load a PET program to its original address and save it to another device. A PAL C64 definitely is too slow for that.
  11. That is pretty much what happens over here, at least at smaller companies that indeed shut down completely for a month or so, much because they know that neither their customers nor their suppliers will be in service anyway. Of course the bigger companies are in operation and may be more willing to let employees use vacation days whenever it is suitable, but for the smaller ones it would be a waste of time to remain in business with 1-2 employees twinning their thumbs for three weeks until some work pops up, and then go on vacation once business is in high season again.
  12. I'm no mechanic but I wonder if the tape will move smooth enough with that in place or if it is too elastic, causing an uneven movement and thus load errors?
  13. Plums, garlic, blueberries, strawberries and coffee.

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      By the way, I realized my status update almost fits to the melody of "My favorite things".


      I just need to figure out what rhymes with coffee. Some sites suggest Khadaffi.. perhaps my interpretation of how to pronounce coffee is wrong.

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      I worry about you carlsson,  hehhaaa ...Now all of those are happy things...The word you're looking for is TOFFEE.

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      Coffee = Lorry ? 

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