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  1. I suppose you've already seen the boxed Dragon Balls on eBay? The cheapest one currently is up to $133 with nearly 3 days to go.
  2. As for double width multicolour mode, the VIC-20 has it too. The gospel is that the VIC-I chip was developed in the late 70's to be sold to arcade game manufacturers but Commodore never found a buyer so they repurposed the chip for an own home computer. Exactly how late 70's is hard to tell, and at least Commodore had ongoing plans for a 40 column version of the VIC-I chip before even the VIC-20 was released, but for technical and economical reasons they never released a such model, instead working on the new VIC-II. For that reason, it is also hard to tell if the very early prototype versions of the VIC-I had the same properties the final chip got. We know as much as the A8 was released to customers in late 1979, hardware prototypes ready already sometime during 1978 IIRC. The VIC-I chip was briefed at CES in January 1980, with a computer built around it in June and the VIC-1001 released in Japan in Sep/Oct 1980. In the time frame between e.g. Nov 1979 and Jan 1980, likely Commodore could not have had time to add features from Atari and if they did, why not add hardware sprites which also existed on the TI-99/4 from Sept 1979 and eventually on the Intellivision based on a GI design that had been floating around for a few years. Probably there is another, earlier example of multicolour but I can't point to which one. Neither the TMS VDP nor the GI STIC have those double width pixels, and I'm not sure if e.g. the Apple II has them as well.
  3. Isn't that because they're in a garage, possibly otherwise used for car work? Or maybe they all had tacos for lunch so they need big fans to circulate the air.
  4. I just saw a listing for yet another introductionary course in Scratch for kids age 10-15. I think it replaces our BASIC from 35 years ago as how to get started. Those who get hooked will move onto other languages and environments like e.g. Python.
  5. Aha, now I understand from where Thegoldenband got that new 2600 game in the weekly tracker. This time it wasn't a new homebrew, but an unreleased oldbrew.
  6. Several of the top e-sports players keep mentioning how important some physical exercise is to endure those long tournaments. At first it might seem chill, sitting in a chair playing computer games for hours but when there is a lot of money at stake, your sponsors expect you to be competitive. That said, we have this TV show where former sports champions meet eachother and compete in various events to determine which is the allround best. The other year a former CounterStrike player was invited to the show after several years of lobbying. Despite a background of being an icehockey player in his youth and continuously working out during his gaming career, he was placed in the bottom of every event except for one where almost all the other participants were disqualified so he remained the only one with a score. He was eliminated from the TV show quite early on.
  7. Does it mean there will be bigger peas, which require some special action to eat? Something of a dot gobbler maze game with puzzle elements?
  8. Another type of games (perhaps "other") would be remakes/demakes of modern games, mainly the smartphone and mobile variety. I know this goes on for many retro systems, probably Colecovision included. It doesn't really fit with the option of converting old PC games.
  9. Developers who don't fancy going through all those steps to write floppy disks or sell disk images, not wanting to handle payment solutions and customers. Also supposedly there is a bit of a marketing factor here, at least if one publisher has many titles available customers will come there to look for more. As an entirely indie dev, you will have to get through the noise to find your customers or even users of free stuff. Sure, posting threads here on AA will target a big fraction of potential users. However if the projected sales are few and you don't need the extra $5 you could make over time, you would lock up your own games by giving them exclusive rights to sell them. I know Psytronik used to work like this in the beginning, but they have changed their policy nowadays so the games (or at least basic versions thereof) can be offered for free download at the same time they sell physical copies.
  10. Atari 8-bit: Captain Sticky's Gold - 10 min. Dan Strikes Back - 6 min. Firefleet - 7 min. Hyperblast! - 8 min. Jet Boot Jack - 8 min. The theme for this round of the A8 HSC is the publisher English Software, all games taken from one of their compilations.
  11. Some entry scores on a Sunday evening: Captain Sticky's Gold - 890 pts (level 2) Dan Strikes Back - 2060 pts (stage 2) Firefleet - 7920 pts Hyperblast! - 1380 pts (level 2) Jet Boot Jack - 1800 pts
  12. Since you barely can see which titles are included, that box art would look better without the games, perhaps without the guy and the computer as well. To me it screams we have a bunch of old games that already have been copied to death, now we're trying to sell them one last time using a hint of sex appeal as it will lure at least a few teenage boys.
  13. Haha! Santa Claus "doing the helicopter" but fortunately with his Santa hat... this could become an unique, epic game and not only a faithful H.E.R.O. clone.
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