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  1. Aren't there external HDMI to composite video degraders?
  2. Last year in the Atari 8-bit HSC we played Weihnachtsspiel which is a little bizarre and not necessarily good game, but fit the seasonal theme.
  3. Good call, I didn't pay attention to that. I don't have an immediate answer if it happened before, but usually there are at least two systems on that list.
  4. I have something similar to this in the basement (can't recall exact model number but same style).
  5. Properly trained, I'm sure children from around 10 years old could contribute quite a bit to repair jobs since they tend to have smaller hands with more dexterity to reach into small places. Sometimes perhaps even better sight than squinting 40+ old farts. I know a guy who works professionally with all sorts of electronics repair. He started with retro computers but recently has moved into farming and other heavy equipment since there is less competition and bigger money to make. He seems to slowly introduce his children into his work.
  6. It would seem more children are involved: https://www.ebay.com/itm/303640256456 https://www.ebay.com/itm/303654909452
  7. So, Amazon launched a localized version today and the entire Sweden is laughing at their automated translations and all mistakes on the site. It seems like a small hole in the wall business that just went online.

    1. DZ-Jay


      It's typical.  Automatic Spanish translations -- and even automatic close-caption of movie dialog -- is laughably bad on Amazon.



  8. Perhaps someone can compare the one on Fandal's site and the one on Atarionline to see if/how they differ after decrunching or if there just are some parameters in the XEX set differently that makes the difference.
  9. If it was a picture from a Chinese sweatshop, we would claim child labor and not support it.
  10. In my case it would seem that I have to shift to my NTSC 800, play through emulation or simply skip this round if we're limited to one particular file version.
  11. Happy birthday, Bill Gates! 65 years old, finally you can retire!

    1. DZ-Jay


      -- "65 years ought to be enough for anybody."

    2. ∞ Vince ∞

      ∞ Vince ∞

      Yes! But, has he put enough away to retire on ?

  12. Millipede - 156127 pts (using the 1984 version I mentioned above)
  13. Ok, I found an XEX here that boots on my computer. The CAR and BIN versions don't, but I didn't expect to be able to load those from SIO2SD anyway. http://atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?ct=search&query=millipede&t=katalog
  14. Yeah. I'm happy I went into this hobby reasonably early (2006-09) before the market went crazy. Now I consider which of my systems I'd rather have the money they're worth today than the actual hardware.
  15. Hm. I downloaded the recommended XEX from Fandal's site, but when I try to boot it from my SIO2SD on my (sometimes problematic) PAL 130XE, all I get is a black screen. That happens both with and without holding down the Option key. Neither pressing Start, Select, Option, Space, Return or fire button makes any difference. I shall look for alternative 1984 versions, though I'm wary if there are differences. Edit: The ones supplied on CD-ROM with my SIO2SD are V1.XEX, V1.ATR, V2.XEX, V2.ATR and V3.ATR. All those say copyright 1983 so I suppose those are not the right versions. The Millipede_1984.ROM on Atarimania ends in a black screen just like the Fandal XEX.
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