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  1. Call me old fashioned, but on Facebook I prefer to only be friends with (a) people I know in real life or (b) people I have previously interacted online with in any significant amount. People in category © who may share interests with me or know one of my friends are not that meaningful for me to befriend.

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    2. carlsson


      This week I've had 4 friend requests from what appears to be real people, of which I know none and one of them even plays Facebook with a made-up name (which normally is not allowed).

    3. retrorandy


      I have a real love/hate relationship with Facebook. It's hard to believe I've been on it for 10 years. Saw an interview where a guy was talking about giving it a break for 6 months and that seems appealing to me. Lately with the smartphone app it always feels more like an addiction to me.

    4. ledzep


      Agreed. I'm not even on Facebook (or Twitter or Instagram) just to avoid that crap. I have my friends' phone numbers and email addresses, I don't want to have that "Why didn't you friend me, are we not friends?" conversation. Once you get past like the 20-50 real friends and close relatives you know, the rest are just people who will probably take something you say the wrong way because they don't actually know you well. It also avoids stupid politics and religion...

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