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  1. Tonight I had an urge I never felt before. I wanted to play "modern" video games (i.e. on a console made after year 2000) and ended up playing more than 2.5 hours of original Xbox. Ok, so not that modern to you but some 10-15 years newer than what I usually play.

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    2. DrVenkman


      I don’t define my gaming like that as much as a lot of folks. In any given week, I’ll play a few hours of A8, 5200, 7800 or 2600 titles throughout the week, and then usually - time permitting - at least a few hours of a modern game on weekends. I finally finished THE OUTER WORLDS last weekend, which is a really wonderfully-done semi-open world RPG/shooter. Last night a spent a few hours on ASTRONEER, a procedurally-generated survival/exploration game with a delightful art style and a great senses of discovery and wonder. And then today I’ll spend a few hours building 5200 analog thumbstick controllers. It’s all “gaming” to me.

    3. Zeptari1


      ASTRONEER is great game, no guns or violence to speak of really. Great for all!

      It scratched that No Man's Sky itch while waiting for a Xbox release.

    4. carlsson


      @Flojomojo and others, you can see the results here and even contribute yourselves if you want to.



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