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  1. I see that MVO R0, $20 happens in _int_vector which is part of intybasic_epilogue.asm. If you make your custom epilogue, it might work? _int_vector: PROC MVI var_VIDEO_ENABLE, R1 CMPI #1,R1 BNE @@no_display MVO R0, $20 ; Activates display @@no_display: BEGIN given that you have defined a variable video_enable in your code. I briefly tested it with a music player which keeps playing the music, but I don't know how well it works in a real life application and you'd need to replace the standard epilogue with this custom one, unless there is a better way to inject code into it.
  2. I saw that Mike Hanson's page is archived: https://web.archive.org/web/20050913205336/http://www.mrdo.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/index.htm but it got no additional info. I found another abandonware type site which listed it was Win9x which in principle should make it classic.
  3. Atari 8-bit: Goonies, The - 20 min. Tapper - 8 min. New HSC round, so I put down a little gaming on Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately I'm not able to get past the first screen on The Goonies, and haven't really been looking up videos how to do it. For Tapper, we're playing for level/round instead of score and I'm doing a little better on that one though I must admit I prefer the C64 version both in terms of graphics and sound, perhaps even gameplay.
  4. Aha, with more context the question made more sense. Yes, too bad you didn't include a PSU with the computer you sold and even worse if the buyer took a chance plugging in just about anything they had around.
  5. Did someone try to improve Snooki?
  6. The Goonies - 1800 pts, did not clear the first level but maximized the score on all lives Tapper - Reached round 9, cleared 1 bonus round, score 46425 pts
  7. Did you catch that John York happened to be a pseudonym for Rob Hubbard as well? Apparently he wasn't overly proud to contribute music to a strip poker game so he opted to be credited under false name, but after analysis of the player routine it was determined it gotta be his music.
  8. Yeah. Like I wrote above, I'm sure a real graphic artist would be able to use up to 60 GRAM symbols per stage, spread out on a 20x7 display to get even better pics. Though pretty much nobody would pay attention if she had moved her arm or tilted her head a little between stages, I kind of like the concept of the girl laying perfectly still in the same position but clothes magically disappearing, instead of moving into a new position for each stage. It also allows for some optimization, to only redefine the portions that change to save a little ROM. In real life though it would be quite a challenge even for the best of photographers to reposition the model into the exact same pose after removing one piece of clothing, which might be why newer implementations using high resolution photos tend to shift the model around for each stage. Since I'm more of a musician than graphic artist or retro programmer really, perhaps I should give it a go to arrange something like The Stripper (as used in Samantha Fox Strip Poker). Or I could ask the famous pseudonym "John York".
  9. From what I understand, the STIC can only be accessed at vertical blank. Also you have 64 GRAM characters which can be redefined, though max 16 per vertical blank. I'm not entirely sure if IntyBASIC is fast enough to redefine those 16 on every frame but even then that is only a fraction of the image which would flicker a lot. Of course if you reduce the size of the actual picture - the most recent example uses 20 columns x 7 rows (out of a maximum 12 rows) - to an even smaller size like in the very first attempt I did, you can get more detail within those 64 GRAM characters. If you arrange them as 10x6 you get a full bitmap, though it will only cover 1/4 of the entire screen, plus the remaining 4 characters for the cards: hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades. The Intellivision and Atari 2600 are pretty much diametrically different in how they're designed and how they work.
  10. Yes, once you're out of customers you can close the bar. Imagine if that was real life, bar owners rushing customers to drink up and leave so I can close for the evening.
  11. How large percentage of the 360 and PS3 games, between thumb and the index finger, can be played offline so those can be enjoyed for decades after the online servers have shut down, which most probably they will if they already haven't? The mere thought of systems that to most part relies on the Internet in order to play the games, both in terms of downloading updates from what was on the original disc, and playing on a server against other people, makes me think few of those ever will be considered classic/retro/vintage/whatever in the same sense as 1990's and earlier systems where networking at best was a luxury addition, not a basic component of the game.
  12. That is why I posted in this mockups thread instead of opening a proper WIP thread. Same goes for the Jammin' mockup I posted earlier too. Feel free if you want to make a proper strip poker game for the Intellivision, mountains or not. Perhaps it turns out she wears a very padded bra in the end.
  13. You could try the second lady, or the Artworx ones which though use even fewer colours so it takes some work separating foreground from background. Back in 2013, newcoleco released a ColecoVision game reusing MSX graphics but as we know, the 9918A has far better bitmapped possibilities than the STIC has (not to mention higher resolution). But yeah, this is the source code so far:strip-poker.bas
  14. What is a good word that describes being both disappointed and not at all surprised at the same time?

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    2. ∞ Vince ∞

      ∞ Vince ∞

      Sorry, no short answer to this.


      I don't think there is one word that captures that particular feeling, exactly, not in English anyway.


      There are lots of 'missing' words in English. Like the word that means deriving pleasure from other people's pleasure. There are plenty of words for people who derive pleasure from the pain of others, but not the pleasure.


      Disheartened and Despondent are good words to sum up that impotent feeling of disappointment at something going wrong, you had hoped would succeed, but could not do anything about. They've also got the whiff of inevitability to them. Dispirited has the implication of previously having hope in a situation only for it to turn sour.


      Resigned might be a good fit.


      Tends to mean that you accept that something wasn't to be. Resigned to failure, say. You knew it was coming and you were resigned to it. Saw it coming but still felt the sadness of its demise / destruction.


      Edit: Big font was not intentional. I copied a word to get the spelling right and it copied the formatting! Fixed.

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      Thanks all!  :D

    4. ∞ Vince ∞
  15. You can recurse up to 40 levels on an (expanded) ZX-81? That's cool, compared to only 23 levels on e.g. the VIC-20, due to the stack space is used up. I suppose it is true also for newer computers that eventually you'll run out of stack space or other form of nesting when you recurse like that, which is why algoritms preferrably are rewritten to avoid recursion.
  16. Does one post something like that out of lazyness, being clueless or just for trolling purposes? Asking for a friend.
  17. Oh yes, what about 3rd party publishers once recognized by the original manufacturer? I am not thinking about pirates, but like when Capcom re-issued a limited edition of DuckTales for the NES in 2013. I suppose to some degree they got an OK from Nintendo to do this, which would mean the last "official" NES game was only 7 years ago.
  18. Thanks. For the moment I have enough projects to go further with so this primarily was toying with whether one can fit a "bitmapped" image of sorts into a game, which of course has been done before but perhaps not this exact type of content. The day it goes real, I'm sure an even better graphician can come up with nice pics. For those who didn't pay attention, I converted these from the somewhat obscure Data Stream (NSFW but also NZ) game.
  19. Perhaps Doctor Ports will have a successor in Professor Converts? (is "ports" based on the verb to port, on the noun a port etc?)
  20. Regarding Lemmings, I can't imagine playing it without a mouse. Using the disc to move the pointer would be interesting, in particular if it simulates accelerated movement of an analog device like a mouse or trackball. But I could be wrong, and it is fully playable with a regular digital joystick type controller.
  21. I haven't checked out the A8 version of The Goonies yet (too much other stuff going on) but I see that the C64 disk version of The Goonies contains Cyndi Lauper's song in no less than 3 versions. Doesn't the A8 version cover it as well somewhere?
  22. Would it be enough if they licensed the use of the name? I mean with all the crazy penny squeezing tactics current day Atari SA are employing, they might just as well license the brand name to a publisher of aftermarket games (those most people would call homebrew, but at a higher level of recognition). From the outside it would look like Atari just released brand new 2600 cartridges, even sold through a few retro gaming vendors. I don't know if a such move would make us think less of the 2600 as a classic system. But yeah, your criteria perhaps only apply to continuous games publishing on the previous to current generation, and once the manufacturer has ceased issuing games, your first clause is checked and can't be unchecked if they changed their mind two years later.
  23. Not entirely on-topic, but there is a whole "sport" in trying to run newer Windows operating systems on older hardware. For instance Windows 7 officially requires a 1 GHz CPU (post-2000) but it reported by many people to run on e.g. an AMD K6-2 @ 500 MHz. Some even managed to install it on a Pentium II @ 233-266 MHz, though lower than that not even the most hardcore hackers seem to be able to go. Even if you manage to do that, your old Pentium II will not become any better and just barely will be able to run newer software anyway. I imagine you could install a newer web browser on your very old computer by doing this, if you insist to use it for Internet. Strictly speaking, I think hardware and the release year is what should count. It brings up other topics: Are systems like the CollectorVision Phoenix a retro or modern system? Same goes for other newer creations adhering to older restrictions. It is quite obvious that e.g. the Intellivision Amico is a modern system once it is released, same goes for the Ataribox VCS if it ever sees the light of the day but some of the other projects are purposely retro restricted, without necessarily being retro systems.
  24. Computers tend to be counted in bits just like consoles do and in both cases there are examples of early and late specimens within each generation. Some think the age of modern computers started when MHz went into triple digits, i.e. Pentium 100/133 and upwards. Others push the limit further and draw the line at 1 GHz. Last month I happened to look up the available CPUs around Y2K: February 1999: 450-500 MHz Pentium III June 1999: 500-700 MHz AMD Athlon (K7) November 1999: 550-1000 MHz AMD Athlon (K75) December 1999: 750-800 MHz Pentium III November 2000: 1.4 GHz Pentium 4 (so modern) Thus the cutoff date at 1999/2000 and the cutoff at 1 GHz play along quite nicely, both for consoles and computers. But again, it depends on how old you are. If you were born in the early 2000's, in your perspective most Pentium 4, Athlon 64 etc systems will seem outdated and retro by now, despite you fairly well can run at least XP, Vista and possibly 7 on them (same goes for Linux/BSD of course).
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