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  1. Heh. I filled in an online survey about Christmas the other day, and one of the specific questions was at what point do you think it is OK to hear Mariah Carey on the radio?
  2. You could do the egg trick. Boil and egg and start playing the game. Remove the pan when you've finished the game. If the egg is runny, you were fast. If it is gel inside the shell, you took your time.
  3. Got it! We're up to 10 participants already, but as always I'll wait until later into Tuesday evening before posting the stats just in case someone arrives late - including possible newcomers.
  4. Also remember the word animation. Sure, you can redefine GRAM on vertical blank and all that jazz, but if you're lazy and would want a few frames of animation already into memory and let the sprites change which card to display, having 8 sprites that each take 2 GRAM x perhaps 4 independent animation frames each suddenly makes it 8 x 2 x 4 = 64... and we've used up the entire area. Perhaps that is an extreme worst case scenario though, as often some of the sprites would have the same patterns, just move around independently. For that matter even with regular 8x8 sprites, in my example those would use 32 GRAM unless one redefines it in time for new frames.
  5. A few days ago I came across this recent video, going through some of the shortest C64 games assuming you know exactly what to do and can handle the controls perfectly. A few of those exist in extended "arcade" versions, created in recent years which not only improves visuals and handling but also lengthens the game considerably. Spoiler for those who want instant results:
  6. I haven't seen a R16 poll yet, or perhaps that will be a pre-selected thematic one or catch up for previous rounds?
  7. It would seem that if you join the A8 HSC, over time you will get to play several of those hidden gems. Counting since 2017, we've played the following, and probably even more if we go back in time: Abracadabra! - August 2019 Action Quest - November 2019 Alley Cat - August 2018 Captain Sticky's Gold - October 2019 Dan Strikes Back - October 2019 Extirpator, The - January 2019 Flak - June 2017 Getaway! - March 2017 Hazard Run - June 2021 Hover Bovver - June 2021 Kult - September 2018 Pogo Joe - August 2017 Spare Change - April 2017 Spelunker - May 2017 Threshold - September 2018 Whistler's Brother - July 2021 Of course sometimes we play the better known games too, but we're having a lot of variation over the seasons. A few games like Preppie and Preppie II have been into a couple polls but lost out. We considered Crush, Crumble & Chomp but it seems rather complex with 15-20 pages of manual to digest. Of course Caverns of Mars 1 has been played before. Trailblazer is on my go-to list but hasn't made it yet.
  8. I thought that tacos was an Atari thing, and Intellivision people were more into bacon?
  9. It would be 1 hardware sprite, but with 8x16 resolution it uses 2 GRAM cards. Each sprite can be magnified/expanded X wise times 2 or Y wise times 4 (or 8 if you count the finest resolution to be 1 instead of 0.5). Yes, exactly. What I was trying to convey above is that if you have 2 hardware sprites on top of eachother, one might be 8x8 with twice the Y magnification of the other, for a rough single colour layer and then a second 8x16 sprite for a finer detail. Software sprites is another school but could be used if you want even more colours at the expense of slightly more limited movement over other background items. I made a simple example of using two sprites on top of each other. The lower one is 8x8 and magnified vertically X4 while the top one is 8x16 and magnified X2, i.e. same pixel height as background graphics. Of course nothing prevents both sprites to be 8x16 if you need finer resolution also on the background one, it only costs 1 more GRAM. cars.bas
  10. Blue had food in round 2, but perhaps it was traded for crystite by round 7. I can't recall about red which was in second place by the end of round 6, but probably that is what happened.
  11. @CapitanClassic and @Rybags might be interested in the game I played above, there was one round where seemingly no event happened. There sure were food to destroy, mules to crazify, crystite to steal etc so while according to the spec something ought to happen every time, once in a blue moon the effect is that nothing changes.
  12. PC Windows 7: Mahjong Titans - 103 min. I also played a fair amount of Minesweeper plus the usual solitaire games that I forget to keep track how many minutes I spend.
  13. Atari 8-bit: M.U.L.E. - 65 min. I didn't fancy another go at the plethora of HSC games so I steered back to an old friend and did so-so in the single game.
  14. Since I didn't fancy any more burgers, I determined it was M.U.L.E. time. One noteworthy event was in round 8 when the blue computer played traded in 90++ units of crystite at $64 each, without even being close to financial trouble. At first I thought he knew something that the rest of us didn't. In the following round, the price increased to $136 without any pirates in sight so the blue player essentially lost $6500 by selling prematurely and dropped two positions in the overall standings, just like I did. Carlsson (Green Humanoid in 2nd place) - 30269 pts Colony Total - 115769 pts Rd Land Auction Event Smit Crys Food Ener Order ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 608RC 608BC 608VC Pirate Ship 43 -- 15 10 BC RC VC GH 2 548NS Pest Attack BC 57 136 15 12 RC BC VC GH 3 -- Fire in Store 36 60 24 25 BC VC RC GH 4 266NS Sunspot Activity 57 144 15 10 BC RC VC GH 5 857RC Meteorite Strike 50 132 30 10 BC RC VC GH 6 1481BC Planetquake 57 84 69 33 BC RC GH VC 7 -- Nothing! 50 64 69 76 BC GH RC VC 8 -- Crazy Mule GH 105 64 56 76 BC GH RC VC 9 1421NS Sunspot Activity 57 136 70 71 RC VC BC GH 10 -- Pest Attack RC 50 108 69 36 RC BC VC GH 11 -- Fire in Store 50 92 91 60 RC BC VC GH 12 -- Transport Ship 50 48 190 218 RC GH BC VC
  15. Absolutely, me too. But if one wants to make real Amiga music, the program should handle instruments based on longer samples as well as PSG/FM based. Of course I'm assuming that the music would come to use in some production, not just composed and played back for the sake of it. In the later case it is terrifyingly easy to go for chip music-esque solutions instead of something that would work on the original hardware.
  16. For that matter, about 90-95% of Amiga music is sample based, not generated as synthetic waveforms. Modern alternatives to Fast Tracker would be OpenMPT or MilkyTracker. For more FM/PSG like stuff like the arcade systems you mention, DefleMask as suggested above probably is a good choice. Personally I've tried to understand what is head and tails in Arkos Tracker 2 and Vortex Tracker, but those tend to relate more to earlier systems which you are lesser interested in.
  17. In the past 15 years, I've hosted a number of gaming competitions. The C64 ones were International Karate, Micro Hexagon (either battle or high score), Hat Trick, Olympic Skier (high score) and the two events Speed Skating + Ski Jump from Winter Games. Yes, there is a strong sports theme both among your and my games, but usually it is the sport games that are suitable for competition. Really consider looking into Micro Hexagon unless you're afraid of seismic exposure. Also if you have a 40 column PET available, you could try e.g. Car Race ][ by Satoru Iwata which I find is one of the better and more challenging PET games for a high score competition.
  18. I just read this on Facebook posted by Retro Games Ltd:
  19. Absolutely. Each sprite is individually controlled if it is hires or multicolour, and independent on graphics mode. You can use sprites on top of various text screens (hires, multicolour, extended background colour) or bitmapped screens (hires, multicolour). The reason for the 160x200 resolution was to cram in up to 4 colours per 8x8 block which in practice gets a 4x8 resolution with double width pixels. People using other systems that didn't support multicolour at all usually made fun of the C64's blocky graphics but at the same time would regret the much more colour restricted modes on their own machine, usually only supporting one background and one foreground per character, just like the Intellivision for that matter.
  20. Off-topic, but I understand that Ferrari brought out the 8 wheel one as a publicity stunt during off-season to confuse journalists, but never really used it for racing. The above screenshot is from a video game, which I noticed once I watched the video and studied details of the surroundings to figure it was computer generated rather than actual footage. Tyrrell's 6 wheel ones were used in racing though, possibly Ferrari wanted to make a point in how stupid it was by building a 8 wheel one. But yeah, back to Caleb's design it is good to know about the 8x16 sprites and various magnification options. If he has sprites to spend but is ever short of GRAM, he could use a 8x8 one that is magnified in both directions for the rough background, and a 8x16 one that is magnified in one direction for the outline of (vertically) finer resolution. Many C64 games utilized these kind of tricks, putting a 12x21 multi-colour sprite in the back and a 24x21 single colour one for the finer details.
  21. Yeah, I suppose it is semantics if you start counting from 1 or 0.5 and whether you relate the size of your MOB pixels to the size of your BACKTAB pixels. To be honest I can't name any other system that has this property, that sprites would support finer resolution than the background graphics. I know that in the 1970's, various racing events in e.g. F1 experimented with bigger sized rear wheels, sometimes even cars with 6 wheels instead of 4 etc. I suppose the graphics in this case are inspired from that. Otherwise the front and rear wheels ought to be the same size. Edit: Well, in drag racing bigger rear wheels may still be the norm but they usually don't want to jump around with those cars. Also I had forgotten about the 8 wheel racing cars!
  22. That is an 8x16 sprite (2 GRAM cards) that is expanded in X direction so each pixel is twice as wide, probably expanded Y direction to 1 so each pixel is as tall as the background graphics are. Remember that MOBs can have X expansion of 1 or 2, and Y expansion of 0.5 (meaning pixels are half as tall as background), 1, 2 or 4, plus that the MOB can be defined as 8x8 or 8x16 actual pixels.
  23. I wonder why banks and credit card companies implement various forms of two stage security confirmation, when apparently it is completely optional for the payment provider to use it. That means for a lot of online payments you still only need credit card number, expiry date, CVV code and name on card.

    For a long time, I thought that sites in "developing countries" were exempt from the more advanced security, but it appears that even companies in the Western, industrial world can get away with it.

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    2. carlsson


      Yes, I have experienced that too, that for small amounts you can just swipe the card. I don't know how easy it is to manufacture fake credit cards if you have the card number, so you could utilize the same feature. Otherwise you'd at least need to rob someone to be able to get the card. When shopping online it is so easy that numbers get leaked that additional security features supposedly were added to counter it but if those security features are optional, it doesn't protect you much.

    3. AMSDOS


      I got done for $80 AU a couple of weeks ago on a website which claimed it had a movie which I hadn't seen since the 80s and all I had to do was Register and provide credit card detail for which I wouldn't be charged for. In the past I came across a few sites like that, but wouldn't register, but this time I was stupid enough to do it (fortunately it's only on a card I put small amounts of money on to use on duh 'net), but I still wrote back to say I had no use for this service and wish to have my $80 AU back and of course I never heard back and have to watch this stupid card now in case further transactions are removed.


      So beware of fake sites which Google claims they have a selection of Videos, the main trap with them seems to be when you want to watch that given movie, to which they same to register (it's FREE!) and then ask for Credit Card details (you won't be charged!). :(

    4. AMSDOS


      I hate the Contact line for my Credit Card because it almost seems like you get transferred to a call centre in India, China and get someone who speaks bad english over a bad line. Once I tried contacting them about something, but it was hopeless and gave up what the problem was.


      Following on from my previous post if further transactions occur, I'll need to contact on a certain number within 48hrs I think of the transaction to dispute the withdrawl from my account.

  24. Bongo kind of reminds me of Snokie in the way it scrolls in one screen at a time. I think the question we should ask ourselves is which games roughly resembling Super Mario Bros were already out by 1984 and reasonably well known so Shigeru Miyamoto could copy and refine it? The idea here is that Miyamoto on his own would not be able to come up with a game like SMB, he must've had some inspiration from previous work to copy and build upon. Say what you want about Moon Patrol, Jungle Hunt or Smurf, but neither of those games strongly resemble Super Mario Bros even if some of those have scrolling. We already mentioned Pac-Land as a major inspiration for Super Mario Bros, and perhaps that is the answer to the question - Miyamoto copied Pac-Land and made it his own. On the home computer and console side, the selection may have been less, but then again he didn't really need a plethora of games to get inspired by if there was one good enough to clone and enhance.
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