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  1. See @therealbountybob, even if your old games are not listed at the usual places, we'll hunt them down. Now hope for Millipede to win and we have a possible bonus game, all four in a row beginning on the same two letters.
  2. Check who once programmed that game, and you'll figure out why I brought it up. On second note, I saw that neither Atarimania nor Fandal has a dump of the game... 😛
  3. Wouldn't it be possible to put a cookie on the computer, and if a such valid user cookie exists, the bot filter would not be required?
  4. Miner 2049er Missile Command Millipede Are we looking at three games in a row beginning with Mi? Perhaps for a bonus game, we can have fun with Mite? So far only one slightly dissatisfied player.
  5. I just brought up this topic elsewhere, and it was pointed out that the CEO change from John Sculley to Michael Spindler in 1993 might have been when Apple changed their policy on ordering spare parts for non-customers, though possibly existing customers still could get spare parts for a few years longer into 1996.
  6. I just read a quote from UK Royal Mail and other delivery companies that right now, with new forms of lockdowns in order, their situation already is "worse than Christmas". I wonder what that will mean one month from now, and can't stress enough that we should really stick to the recommended shipping dates to ensure that Secret Santa participants get their packages somewhat in time. (Ok, I already know that Amazon non-Prime shipping can take weeks and months even in low season but that is another story)
  7. I find that Missile Command is historically interesting as it indirectly paved the way for Ms. Pac-Man. If I recall the history correctly, GCC had developed mod boards for the arcade version of MC which they were brought to court for, but settled outside of court. Part of the deal was public but the one about they were not allowed to do it again was secret. Thus they had this Crazy Otto mod for Pac-Man and told Bally Midway they legally could sell it (which was a white lie due to the non-disclosed parts of the MC agreement), or partner with them which lead to converting Crazy Otto into Ms. Pac-Man (and making Namco upset because they were working on their own, official update to Pac-Man).
  8. Since the 1541 etc doesn't require the index hole, it is perfectly possible to create "flippies" but perhaps Xonox thought that was too cheap and instead included two disks. Some claim that rotating a disk backwards (which is what happens when you flip it) may cause dust particles once collected by the felt on the inside of the envelope to come loose and risk scratching the surface. However many of us filled both sides of our floppy disks with programs without really encountering this so perhaps it is exaggerated. Then again I didn't check how large each game is. A C64 disk holds 166K of data per side, compared to cartridges that normally are 16K each except for the C64GS era cartridges that were 64-256K each. If the Xonox games are in the 16K range, they would easily be able to store 4-5 of their games on a single disk side with some kind of menu system.
  9. Week 42 Top games 1. NHL 20 (Xbox One) - 1062 min. 2. Call of Duty Modern Warfare (Xbox One) - 941 min. (#2) 3. Tales of Destiny Director's Cut (PS2) - 838 min. (#5) 4. Doom II: BTSX Episode 2 (Switch) - 740 min. (#4) 5. Beat Saber (Oculus Quest) - 674 min. (#1) 6. Shapez.io (Browser based) - 349 min. 7. RimWorld (PC) - 236 min. 8. Star Wars Squadrons (PC) - 97 min. 9. Microsoft Solitaire Collection (iOS) - 66 min. 10. Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (The Telltale Series) (Xbox One) - 42 min. Top systems 1. Xbox One - 2105 min. (#1) 2. PS2 - 838 min. (#6) 3. Switch - 778 min. (#5) 4. Oculus Quest - 674 min. (#2) 5. PC - 367 min. (#4) 6. Browser based - 349 min. 7. iOS - 66 min. (#8) 8. Android Phone - 40 min. (#9) 9. Gamecube - 23 min. 10. DS - 11 min. Total 5251 minutes and 17 different games on 10 different systems. This week apparently it was hockey night, with both NHL 20 and NHL 19 logged on the Xbox One of which the former takes the title, just over two hours ahead of Call of Duty Modern Warfare. This also makes the Xbox One the most played system, well ahead of the PS2, Switch and Oculus Quest next in line.
  10. Here's the summary for Week 42, running from October 12 - 18. We logged 2721 minutes of eligible play, playing 60 games on a total of 12 systems. Top 10: 1. JagDoom 32X (Sega 32X) - 449 min. 2. Solar Fox (Atari 2600) - 407 min. (#3) 3. Kaboom! (Atari 2600) - 244 min. 4. Wonder Boy in Monster World (Genesis) - 235 min. 5. PGA Tour Golf III (Genesis) - 220 min. 6. Space Griffon VF-9 (PlayStation) - 132 min. (#7) 7. DOOM (Sega 32X) - 113 min. 7. Jr. Pac-Man (Atari 2600) - 113 min. (#1) 9. Fatal Fury Special [Garou Densetsu Special] (Neo Geo AES/MVS) - 101 min. 10. Pac-Man Collection (Atari 7800) - 87 min. Pre-NES top 10: 1. Solar Fox (Atari 2600) - 407 min. (PN#2) 2. Kaboom! (Atari 2600) - 244 min. (PN#6) 3. Jr. Pac-Man (Atari 2600) - 113 min. (PN#1) 4. Pac-Man Collection (Atari 7800) - 87 min. (PN#8) 5. Tac-Scan (Atari 2600) - 76 min. 6. Jr. Pac-Man (Arcade) - 71 min. (PN#4) 7. Circus Atari (Atari 2600) - 49 min. 8. Encounter at L-5 (Atari 2600) - 32 min. 9. Eggomania (Atari 2600) - 27 min. 10. Amidar (Atari 2600) - 22 min. Top 10 systems: 1. Atari 2600 (1131) (#1) 2. Sega 32X (562) 3. Genesis (535) (#9) 4. Neo Geo AES/MVS (146) 5. PlayStation (132) (#7) 6. Atari 7800 (87) 7. Arcade (71) (#6) 8. NES/Famicom (22) (#2) 9. Atari 8-bit (13) 10. N64 (10) Happy birthday to the tracker! As noted, it all began one gloomy Sunday in October 2008 when @cvga decided to start logging how much his 9 year old daughter played Seawolf, and from that it has grown into a multi-million business fun for everyone and 2,235,314 minutes (that is 1552.3 days or 4.25 years) of tracked gameplay over 9517 different games for every possible and sometimes impossible console, computer, handheld and others designed before the year 2000. This week is won by JagDoom 32X a little over 40 minutes ahead of a few people playing Solar Fox, with the evergreen Kaboom! in a nice third place. The later two also lead the pre-NES list, and highly suitable, the Atari 2600 becomes the most played system, exactly like it all began 12 years ago. We have one more game celebrating this week, as Wonder Boy in Monster World (Genesis) becomes member #420 in the 1000 Minute Club with a total of 1030 minutes.
  11. Were you offered blue pills that will make your TI-99/4A last longer?
  12. I never considered there would be an account in the first place, but now I'm following just in case something is posted there that isn't echoed on Facebook or here in the forum.
  13. ^^ I suppose you didn't go there for tanning and swimming? The forecast says about 13-16 C and rain every day for the next week.
  14. Those sketches turning into real pictures reminds me of the Take On Me (A-Ha) video.
  15. Today is "question everything Monday".

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      I haven't been able to let this one go, have came up with a few more amusing ones, but, you win.

    3. carlsson


      Apparently Nathan was correct, it is Question Tuesday as well. Things that have been OK for six months now are questioned, but I'm happy to be able to blame it on someone else who no longer is involved.

    4. ∞ Vince ∞

      ∞ Vince ∞

      Ah that old stand-by! The code is broken. It was the guy who left.


      I also enjoy 'Patching / botching it and fingers crossed'

      'It was a bug, but now it's a feature'

      and 'a system update did it!'

  16. Atari 8-bit: Miner 2049er - 7 min. Missile Command - 6 min. Both games from different rounds of the HSC. The most recent one (Missile Command) is a short round, only one week. At least I got a score on the scoreboard so I get participation points.
  17. Did anyone say they suck on this game? Well, it is almost my first time playing it and I'm not sure how much I like it so time will tell if I play it again in the next week. Missile Command - 7465 pts
  18. Sure, you can combine the two so CONST INV1 to INV4 would define the combination of GRAM, foreground and background for the invaders, then use those both in a long row of DATA statements intended to use with SCREEN to plot all at the same time, as well as using in a shorter array of DATA statements like I showed to use to index through for each line if you prefer to plot those manually, or just need to replenish a row of invaders after the last one was shot down. Sure, a regular Space Invaders game doesn't work in that way but some other games like Clowns/Circus which is more like a Breakout style game replenish the balloons on a row when all are shot down and in that respect the invaders and balloons have a little in common.
  19. I never thought about it, but that probably was an extra sticker. See also the VIC registry for known variants.
  20. Well, my vote on Aquatron was already counted once so it'd be a two-way tie between Hi-Jack and Missile Command.
  21. Well, the Atari 800 would be 10 times better than a TRS-80, right? Also you're forgetting that Atari's 16-bit line indeed had numbers to it, the 520 and 1040 ST/STF/STM/STFM/STE. It would mean that an Atari 520ST was 4% better than an Amiga 500.
  22. Well, that sort of thinking applies to people like us, but for a mass market product sold in volumes by online retailers and various warehouses, they certainly need to supply the machine ready to play with at least 15-20 games preinstalled. Otherwise it will be very hard to sell more than perhaps a few thousand units (estimated based on price and how many retrogamers really care about the Amiga enough to go through the hoops of downloading mostly abandonware/pirated games and put those on a memory card or USB stick). Ideally, the majority of software publishers still holding enough rights to republish games commercially, will see the benefits and release some of the most popular games for a reasonable fee. For instance, I haven't checked the Antsteam service lately but I seem to recall their supply was quite similar to the C64DTV & THEC64 selection regarding titles and publishers. I understand that arcade and other conversions may have complicated licenses so not even the original publishers 30 years ago would have the full rights to republish their games. That is why I didn't mention e.g. Bubble Bobble (Firebird).
  23. Yes, you still need DEFINE to create the custom graphics. The DATA statements would only contain constants, or pointers if you wish to call them, containing the combination of which GRAM, which background and foreground colours each type of invader has.
  24. These publishers are represented both on THEC64 and also made Amiga games: Electric Dreams (7), Epyx (21), Firebird (18), Rainbird (19), Gremlin Graphics (54), Gremlin Interactive (8), Hewson (19), Image Works (32), Llamasoft (2), Martech (5), Mikro-Gen (1) Out of the top 100 (all ranked 8.33 or better), it would in theory enable the following games: 13. Speedball II 27. Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 62. Super Cars II 68. Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge 71. Mega Io Mania 76. Elite (doubtful) 90. Starglider 2 Perhaps there are more companies like Sensible Software, Bitmap Brothers, Team 17 or 21st Century Entertainment that would be available.
  25. I agree that the games selection will be very interesting. Expect a great amount of UK games. I don't know what that translates to on the Amiga, but checking which publishers were on the train for THEC64 would give you a few hints. I did a similar comparison regarding the Atari ST quite a while ago. Many people might go a bit "meh" if it is just adequate emulation and a bunch of half decent games.
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