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    #2 is optional but it'd add points. And the rest sounds about right. Collect all 3 pieces, find a call zone, and then find a landing zone. The call zone icon looked like an oval with 2 lines making an X over the oval.
  2. Genki

    2600 game ideas

    quote: Originally posted by moycon: Ive said it before. Archon. Has anyone played that game and is it do-able on the 2600?? If you can handle a cheating 2600. 2600 system did cheat with regular Chess game but it is probably possible.
  3. The problem might be withthe Stella chip. The pin 12 and 13 is the sound putput and is also fed through a 1K pull up resistor to 5v DC. Check the resistance between pin 12/13 and pin 20 (5v DC) and if you get about 1K the resistor is OK. Beyond that I'd blame the RF modulator.
  4. ACK! *GASP* *cough* ET on the top ten?? Quick, someone call the funny farm!!! j/k
  5. Solaris would have to be up there. I also liked Adventure, Dark Chambers, Yars Revenge, Pitfall 2, and Ram It.
  6. I think those green case may actually be the light blue Color Dream games. I have a few that has turned to a shade of green after prolonged exposure to sun. All were former rental carts.
  7. Hey there *is* a pattern to this insane ET auction. The 20th anniversary is coming up. Many new ET stuff and games are coming back. This makes some people feel a bit nogastalia and they start grabbing older collectable stuff no matter the price. This plus the upcoming Christmas time might make a good time to finally unload that pile of ET dups that no one wanted to take for free before.
  8. quote: Originally posted by twit: AFAIK, all 2600 Jr's in the US were shipped with that style of joystick. It's definitely not a 7800 controller -- it is a VCS controller, and is commonly refered to as a "Proline" series joystick. I don't think "all" jr's came with those. I do remember getting one new back about the same time as I got the NES with Legend of Zelda (about Christmas '87) and the pack in controller is a standard issue joystick. Maybe Jrs were packed in differently at one time, like the changes in manual design and quality over time?
  9. quote: Originally posted by briguy: Guess what!! Gameline IS AOL!! Gameline (or whatever it was called)was merged into another company which soon after changed its name to Aol.. Is there a Quantum Link somewhere? A C64 online service did exists back then and if my ruswty old memory served, they became Q-Link before opening op the service to include more than just C64 and became AOL.
  10. Well... sound and graphic wise, it sure beats Atari 2600. but I don't know about the gameplay wise. I just sat in the past 3 hours to play and not only did I get far, I finished the game on an emulator. The control seems a bit sluggish and when you ride bikes, the left/right control are very touchy yet the bike doesn't fall over if you do a hard 180 while peddling full speed. The only connection with any classic game is at level 10 when you have to get the mothership down, it's almost like playing Jupiter Lander. You got to land in the right spot in certain time and if you go down too fast or are moving sideway, you have to redo again. Don't know about those blue flames as I can't recall seeing and flames from the movie version. When it was finished, I got a simple 'The End?' Nothing fancy at all. Maybe I'll hang around the dump and wait for a load of 5 million ET cart joins it's 20 years old ancestor. Oh yeah, prepare to get cramp while peddling on the actual GBA.
  11. Beware... the joypad is the standard controller for the 7800, not the NES like joypad.
  12. Sure didn't take long but ET ROM for GBA is already available. And I took a peek into the Toys R Us ad paper for Dec. 2 to 8 (next week) there's one whole page just for ET figurines and toys. They are supposed to be Toys R Us exclusive.
  13. Well... if you have ever played the 7800 version of Dark Chambers, you would notice a lot of similiarity with Gauntlet. From what I heard, Gauntlet was actually based on Dark Chamber.
  14. For $45, I would at least expect that mini 2600 to work. Could you sneak in a digital camera and grab a few shots?
  15. Genki

    5200 vs. 7800

    quote: Originally posted by Cafeman: 5200. Lots of sentimental value with it, and I still play it. Nothing compares to Star Raiders, Berzerk, Rescue From Fractalus, River Raid, Centipede, Missile Command (with the trak-ball of course) and many other games on the good old 5200. You forgot another worthy game: the only other game to use 2 controlers for one player. The one and only Space Dungeon!
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