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  1. All you'd need to do is copy the new BOOT.bin and it should be good to go 😎
  2. Hello! In light of Facebook blocking Australian news content (yes Atari Gamer is based in Australia) I've decided to setup discord for both Atari Gamer and The Atari Lynx Dev Wiki. You can join us over with this invite link - https://discord.gg/SnDrdJTkUk Also don't forget that Atari Age has a discord server too! Details here -
  3. All depends on when @Albert will have his carts ready...
  4. Plan was to have something last week, but with a newborn baby it's a little difficult to predict when I will have time to work on it...just keep an eye out for my updates on Atari Gamer
  5. This is really cool! Maybe later in the year I will put on an LCD game jam Added to the game database - https://atarigamer.com/lynx/game/FinalMelee/181962297 I really like how you flash up the screen with all sprites visible...also you would not believe how hard it was to screenshot it!
  6. That's a good suggestion @Nop90! I think this can be done without having to create an entry in the game database, instead asking the developer to submit a README file that will be displayed. The ROM will then playable on the same page (without the Lynx background image maybe) and the comments section will be there for feedback. Time limited can be made optional. This should not take long to put together, thanks for the suggestion!
  7. I'm happy to add a section on Atari Gamer for this, just like I did for the 'Homebrew Highlights' that were done in collaboration with Jmac - https://atarigamer.com/pages/homebrew-highlights @jgkspsx there are lots of reviews here - https://atarigamer.com/lynx/game-reviews 😅 also happy to publish a review on Atari Gamer for anyone who wants to submit one!
  8. @Fadest now you have to add a secret ending where all the characters perform a little dance while holding the letters YNXA above them!
  9. You're welcome! I do like where this series is going so I'll keep an eye on it. Please do let me know when you have a new video out as I don't always manage to catch all of what is happening. Regarding downloads of ROMs, this has been addressed already, I think you must have downloaded them before I made this change... Each of the games has a ROM status indicator next to it now, whether it's not available, downloadable or only playable in the web browser. There's also a legend at the bottom of the page. AG is deff a labour of love! I've also recently launched a Lynx Dev Wiki (atarilynxdev.net) if you would like to mention it on your next video.
  10. Posted a news item - https://atarigamer.com/news/1jwveziudxc Also about Atomic - my understanding is you're trying to make molecules out of atoms there, that first level you're making water (H2O H-O-H). It's a nice idea for a game, shame it isn't completed.
  11. Hey @unoclay! Thanks for the shout out on your video there! Just having a watch of it now so I'll write my comments as I go... Quality of the RetroHQ image can be improved, it's quite blurry for me, if you need something high-res I'm sure that @SainT will be able to provide it since you're essentially giving him free advertising 😅 It's amusing how you put your logo in various places, I like that! (you only did it in your first video though, please keep doing it in your other videos) For screenshots of websites (like mine) please blur out or cover up ads, it might interfere with Google and YouTube policies, but also giving out perpetual ads is not really fair Awesome to see you're using the ratings system on my site! I know you said you didn't look into history of games but it would add value to call out games that are getting or already have got a physical cart release e.g. @Fadest had A Bug's Lynx released by @Songbird recently (as A Bug's Trip), don't expect you to know all this info but I'd be happy to contribute with what I know (probably best to message me on Twitter @theatarigamer) Allein in German means Alone in English, it's in the game description on my website Your review style is brutal - I like it At first I was not sure if it was worthwhile reviewing tech demos but after watching all 3 videos I am glad you're spending time showing those off, and it's nice that you mention 8bit-Unity too The magic image rom - that name is used in the ROM because that's in French I believe Also a small correction - ROMs like 8bit-Goblins are tech demos whereas Bastion and Bad Apple are demoscene demos (we don't want to upset all the sceners here). If you look in the game info pages it tells you what kind of 'game' it is, again I'm happy to clarify if you message me Question for you - is there anything you'd like to see improved on the Atari Gamer website? Looking at the rating page in your video I am thinking that the colour theme needs tweaking... If you notice anything that's not right in the game listings please let me know, always looking to improve the database! Overall great job! I was only planning to watch one video and watched all 3 in a row, very nice to see this. I'm going to add a news post about shortly too, hopefully that will get you more views and will encourage you to create more videos like it 😻 I think the only other thing I'd improve is putting in a little bit more research into these to give a bit of a background story (where applicable).
  12. I agree with Alex, the 3rd background looks more like noise so I'd can that one. Also about the name, keep YNXA, it's nice and short and stands out! Not a fan of the new proposed name. Great to see the game being expanded so much!
  13. My version of the menu will address this
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