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  1. What about timing? Is Jan/Feb good? Or should I wait until...JUST BEFORE APRIL and the theme could be "Fooling around with Lynx" 😅
  2. Yes I did mean @sage 😅 Don't respond after having an IPA! 🍻
  3. After talking a bit with @Fadest about his Tropsy release, I've decided to add an April Fools' hint under the release date. Here's my game's (Turkey Puncher 3) info page... https://atarigamer.com/lynx/game/TurkeyPuncher3HyperPunchingAprilFools2019/373540146 It might be a give-away to some people but it feels right to have this hint.
  4. @karri we all know you said you won't participate this year either, but you did See you in the next compo! 🥰 I had a request to put a short compo on this year, but I think that I don't want to have too much on at the end of the year with SV on, maybe if I put on a mini-jam in January, it will be a 2 week maximum thing, and it will have an emphasis on mini. Thoughts?
  5. Hehe maybe you need to give your new games more racy names
  6. The 'Featured' menu item now lists the 'Events' link, which is where you will find programming competition event listings, among other things that I'll be adding as 'events'. The game info page now shows the play count for a game and if it's part of a ranked event, it shows the place that the entry scored in at. The game play page also shows the event and scoring place and play count (under the ratings, not shown in this screenshot).
  7. Hello! I've had a number of people requesting various updates to the Atari Gamer website (atarigamer.com) so I thought that I'd start a thread about it. If you have any updates or notice any bugs or weird behaviour please post about it here and I'll see what I can do to address it. Thanks!
  8. So, now, who is ready for the next one? 😅
  9. Thanks, the shading is just an artefact of the photo 😅
  10. The results are in - https://atarigamer.com/lynx/event/Lynx2020ProgrammingCompetition/5744555538251776 As I mentioned previously, the number of votes per game will not be used to adjust the score. There was between 15 and 18 votes per game so that's quite close enough for good results. It was quite a close one, but well done everybody!
  11. Thanks for the feedback! I do plan to add more challenging elements to the game, including finding that elusive ammo that is missing at the beginning (a runner/shooter style for some levels/bosses maybe). I love the sliding idea too. I'll see how I go on time with making updates, the 'final' version is likely to be a physical release, but we'll see on that. I've been working with an artist on changes already, the new title screen has had a do-over and looks amazing, so I'm quite excited to do more on this game.
  12. I've added it to the database - https://atarigamer.com/lynx/game/LynxBlastDemo2020/667090527 You would not believe how long it took to get a screenshot of the explosion! 🥵 It's a nice game, I like it, if you can add a single player mode it will be so great!
  13. Started to put together the play count functionality, will see about finishing it off tonight/tomorrow. It will be displayed as "# plays" under the rating. It will have a 24 hour delay as I said. I'll add the same thing to the game information page.
  14. Igor

    Atari Gamer articles

    We don't often have guest articles, but when we do, they're about Atari Lynx! Overview on the Upcoming Atari Lynx Collection 2 Cartridge for Evercade
  15. Is this a "2020" version of https://atarigamer.com/lynx/game/LynxBlastDynalynx/442068735 ?
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