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  1. We don't have plans for the bulk packs to be stocked as the price for those is very close to our purchase price from BennVenn already, in fact after shipping, the addition of the mounting bracket and time spent testing each kit we'd be making an overall loss. I suggest for bulk purchases to go to contact BennVenn directly.
  2. BennVenn's store doesn't have stock of these and the plan going forward is that Lynx only orders will be handled via Atari Gamer. This is a way to free up time so Ben can concentrate on product enhancements and development instead of having to pack orders. We're also working with an EU distributor to cater for the EU market Also it's $10USD cheaper 🤑
  3. Hi All, We're now working with BennVenn to be a distributor of their LCD Mod Kits (and other Lynx goodies once they are available again). These can be purchased from our shop for their RRP - https://atarigamer.com/shop We also provide pre-cut wire sets, replacement fitting brackets, cartridge display stands, and other fun Lynx items. Come check it out - current stock is the last batch of LCD kits from BennVenn so it won't last long (these are not available from BennVenn's shop now). Keep on Lynxing! -Atari Gamer
  4. That's cool, I've put it in my Atari Gamer game database - https://atarigamer.com/lynx/game/FlowerPower/751221399 A couple of questions: which CC65 are you using? the GitHub version or Karri's version? for the dots scene, are you drawing these with a random location at x,y or is there some formula? curious as to what causes that pattern to emerge Didn't think I'd see a CC65/TGI demo so this is great work!
  5. https://atarigamer.com/lynx/game/TournamentCyberball2072/1667194341 I suppose that could be robot oil 😅
  6. More is better I agree also. Interested in the Deluxe box too!
  7. I never noticed the blood trickle down the front of the chest on the cover art until I saw your image for this HandyCast Mark!
  8. Hello, quick update - the Lynx Pi 'HAT' and 3D printed cartridges can now be purchased from the Atari Gamer Online Shop. Thanks for your interest!
  9. Check the official repository for the code - https://github.com/RetroHQ/LynxGDLib It's in C but there's not all that much code really so you should be able to translate it or use the compiled .s files from CC65
  10. AtariGamer to the rescue...will see how this works out once it's printed!
  11. Very cool to hear about this happening finally, looking forward to getting your games!
  12. Hello all! It's been quite a long time about updates on the release of the physical cart but now I've got some news! While I was hoping that @Albert would have his Lynx production under way by now, that's not moved forward yet so I've decided to order a batch of Lynx PCBs and release these carts on my own. Same conditions apply as before and every person who submitted an entry will receive a couple of these. The plan is to have PCBa submitted in July, with PCBs arriving by August, with stickers arriving around the same time. I might need to reach out to some of you about your ROMs, but expect something in your mailbox in the next few months! Also this year's compo will be announced soon. I did want to do something around the Olympics, but I think that presents too many legal challenges and I think it would be better to have some more light hearted and funny games instead of sports titles.
  13. Thanks! You're right about the time-loop, but it's across levels - from the bonus level you go back to NERB, then follow the levels to ZEBA, then TRYX and then the bonus level again. I'll update the map with SNAX to be shown as the dragon level, thanks for that!
  14. There is no list but ElCheapoSD only supports real LNX files, the ROM could be a LYX or an O type ROM, that would most likely be your issue. Handy is a lot more lenient as it can detect LNX vs LYX vs O ROMs, so can Retro HQ's Lynx GD.
  15. Yep beat the game 2 nights ago, in the process of writing a game review for AtariGamer.com now. Looking forward to the Game+ mode but will give it a little rest before I get into that. Some of the parts were not very straight forward I thought, but overall it was excellent.
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