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  1. I think that will be up to the developer and AtariAge to work out. The physical release will probably be different to the competition version anyway. The versions published on Atari Gamer and via Mark/Space will be the final submitted competition ROMs.
  2. Nice Fadest, now I can flash the cart you sent to me with the updated version! 😻
  3. I've had it listed for a while on my game database. The game info page is here: https://atarigamer.com/lynx/game/Alien/127667786 The ROM can be played online too.
  4. Hey everyone! We've finalised the sponsor and prize lists now. Lets make this one bigger and better than last year's competition!
  5. Hehe yeah I hope the voting system will not be tricked on itch.io. Also it is possible to show who has joined but I've disabled that option. I think this way it will be more competitive, when you don't know who you are against. And yes, no French traditions this time around 😅
  6. Awesome idea Karri! Judging this year is completely up to the public, I wasn't happy with how judging was done last year so changing it a bit. I also hope that some of the incomplete games will get finished and resubmitted too. Nop90 - won't expect any less than 2 games from you! 😅 I've got a couple of exciting sponsors coming on board too, will have an announcement once confirmed 😻
  7. You thought you were safe from viruses with an Atari Lynx but you were wrong. We found a new virus that is spreading via homebrew cartridges that contain EEPROMs. Be careful! More information in the article here - https://atarigamer.com/articles/virus-found-to-infect-homebrew-atari-lynx-cartridges-containing-eeproms We've also managed to record a video of what the virus does to your Lynx...
  8. Nop90 I'm sure you of all people will come up with a cool idea! I like the sound of that Fadest! Side note - I've been very quiet on the forums lately getting this competition organised and working on website changes. I've still got more changes to the site planned, but I'll try to check in more often now that the competition has been announced.
  9. Welcome to the Lynx 2020 Programming Competition! Atari Gamer and RetroHQ are putting on another competition this year with the theme of "Future", retro future that is! It's being run via itch.io this time around, the official competition page can be found here. The itch.io page can be found here and that's where you can register and submit your games. Of course there are prizes again and it will run for a longer period vs last year. Lets get coding!
  10. Very cool! Love what you do with music Karri
  11. Igor

    Atari Gamer articles

    Thanks so much! I've updated the site and added this new page - https://atarigamer.com/pages/atari-lynx-ii-console-box---warbirds---deluxe-pack-with-batman-returns---p-n-pa4111
  12. I ordered a second one directly from Michal, as well as a calendar, so hopefully at least those arrive!
  13. Awesome! I'm still waiting for my shirt to arrive, unfortunately it looks like it got lost in the mail, it's been "in transit" for the last 2 months.
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