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  1. Because it takes time to collate all results - from the judges, from the poll, from social media. It was a huge task getting all the numbers finalised and a cut off had to be made somewhere. 😎
  2. Thank you! I've added that to the article now. Appreciate it!
  3. Yeah I noticed! Still haven't had the time to perfect it (we are in the middle of moving house). I have printed a couple of copies for various people to test out though. Feedback so far is good.
  4. Igor

    VRBasic for Lynx

    Awesome, probably what I was after! Will check it out when I get time.
  5. I think the awareness of the Lynx is spreading now, at least judging by the prices on eBay! 😎
  6. Igor

    Atari Gamer articles

    We're revisiting the McWill LCD mod and seeing just how much power it draws... Article here: https://atarigamer.com/articles/power-draw-inefficiencies-measured-for-the-atari-lynx-mcwill-mod
  7. If you're talking about the file that Karri shared, it would be 2.5 as per his original design I think. I need to get my act together and post my variant. After getting translucent PLA I noticed where I can improve the design so I've been hesitant to post the version I use now. Also I'd want to post it with full design specs, etc, and that will take some time to draw up.
  8. Ah ABS, I really should try that! I use 2.5mm for my shells, the 2.6 was only experimental to see if I could get rid of those defects on the rear.
  9. Igor

    VRBasic for Lynx

    I would also suggest ditching TGI. In fact @SainT and I will be working on an alternative to it for use with the new Lynx SD cart, with just the bare minimum sprite functionality - that's all you really want/need on the Lynx anyway (who wants to draw lines or circles anyway). Idea of a basic seems cool, but don't forget us Mac users too!
  10. Brian and I are hopeful. It was posted 2 days ago and arrived in customs today. Australia Post said that it will be 4 days door-to-door, including the customs time. It was sent express, which is about 3x more expensive than the standard shipping. I hope they are right about the times. Will see! Thanks for your offer though! The winners are now known, but the announcement video is not yet recorded - that video will be played on the big screen at the Mark/Space booth anyway.
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