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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys, I think the later part of the year works for most people. I'll start getting more of the dev wiki prepared for it.
  2. Fair comments. I did some more reading and seems that using the Star Wars 'scroll' is completely legal.
  3. I know that I said it won't take long together, that was assuming I was working on site code 😅 I'm working on it again now though. There have been some other changes to the website, including a side menu that should hopefully make navigation easier. For the beta test utility, I am thinking that it will require you to submit a LNX ROM (so that the header info can be displayed), as well as have an area for you to add a description/README. You can then also choose a duration of the beta test (1-7 days). Once you submit, you will be issued with a URL to share your ROM's play page. There won't be an option to update any info or ROM once submitted, but the entire submission will be deleted once the time expires. These pages will not be listed publicly either so you will need to know the URL in order to play-test it.
  4. @Nop90 any comments on when this game jam should be held?
  5. Great work @Nop90, you always amaze me with what you can do on the Lynx! I think the dead body removal animation can be faster, when I tried the demo that part of it frustrated me a little, it's a great animation but just needs to have a speed increase. With regard to the Star Wars text, you might run into copyright issues there with Disney. I was never a huge fan of that text fading into the stars animation, it's just too hard to read, but on the Lynx the resolution is too small to make it very effective. Just my thoughts on it.
  6. Very cool! I put the video on YouTube so it's easier to watch...
  7. LynXotica tickles my fancy! What about timing, any more comments on that? This is more for the devs of course. Maybe if I don't do it in December but end of November it will decouple it from being a "Christmas Event"? I could call it "Lynx: Rebirth 2k21" and have it kick of 25th of November (my son's birthday 😅)
  8. Nice to see (somewhat) older games getting some love!
  9. Thanks for a fun demo/game! I've posted a short news story about it - https://atarigamer.com/news/1bnanqcgnpc Can't wait to see more! Can I suggest that the Retroguru downloads are named with their correct versions i.e. instead of v.latest have v.0.5.
  10. Not sure I'll call it LynXmas again, but that does have a ring to it I suppose...any other ideas for the name? Noted about SV, it is very close in time, maybe 2 different events is something to consider? One competitive and one for fun?
  11. Hello! After running 3 different game jams/coding competitions, I've learned quite a fair bit about running these types of events. I think the most fun jam was the LynXmas one, it had a great community feeling and people shared screenshots and info about their games. The discussion on the official thread was also very welcoming and warm. I'd like to continue putting these game jams on as an annual event and I'd like to lock in a time of the year for them. Here's my current thinking...December 1 - December 15 seems like a time frame that worked for everyone. In terms of theme, I will be going with one every time and it will be something different every time. I will also continue putting them on itch.io as that provides a good platform for submissions, payments, voting, etc. So I'm opening up this discussion for any other suggestions, ideas, requests, etc...
  12. Me too, will this be a public release at some point?
  13. Thank you! I would be happy with just some scans to archive and document on AtariGamer.com 😎
  14. Yep, send me a message and we can arrange something. I have a bunch that are ready to be shipped (grey colour).
  15. If you make any more maps, just message me directly and I'll put them up. Have you seen my Gates of Zendocon universe map? https://atarigamer.com/articles/gates-of-zendocon-universe-map
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