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  1. Fantastic! My test cart is the same, I keep flashing the same thign over and over on different boards as I build them. In fact I don't even flash a real ROM to it, it's just a 512k file full of random bytes
  2. Hi everyone! Some of you have already joined the Atari Lynx Programmer Club, I'd like to invite anyone else who is interested in Lynx coding to join too. It may be a little redundant with this forum, but the advantage is we can create our own sub-forums in the club on focused topics. I've already added sub-forums for CC65, ASM, Graphics, Music/Sound. I don't want to control the exact content in the club forums so anyone can request to be a leader. Lets make it into the best Lynx programming community out there! 🕹
  3. Here's a 7-segment number font I've made to use with CC65. It's not the most memory efficient, I might update it to be better later on. It can draw numbers from 0-65535 in any direction. Source code is here: https://github.com/ikromin/atarilynx/tree/master/demo/7segmentfont There's also an article that goes into a little more details here: https://atarigamer.com/articles/making-a-7-segment-number-font-to-use-with-cc65-for-atari-lynx-games
  4. When I was making my game, Eggsavier's Cackleberry Rescue, I needed a 7-segment number font, this is how I went about making it. Article here - https://atarigamer.com/articles/making-a-7-segment-number-font-to-use-with-cc65-for-atari-lynx-games
  5. Cool, I'll check it out, might start a separate topic on it later.
  6. That's a great suggestion Karri! Are you also using TGI in your masterpiece? One of the things I've found is that I use very few TGI features, so keeping the full TGI around is wasteful. Maybe a minimal TGI implementation is a good idea to have?
  7. The competition is running, if you're interested in participating, go to the official website to check the rules and to get details on how to participate.
  8. Just remember that Karri's template uses the earlier version of CC65 and that has very different defines for things like joystick keys. That's probably what you're seeing in those warnings. Glad you have it working!
  9. Atari Lynx turns 30 this year and we here at Atari Gamer are set on making this a birthday to remember. As part of the celebration we've created the best Lynx games voting page and are now introducing the Atari Lynx 30th Birthday Programming Competition! 🎉   [attachment=638247:lynxprogcomp19.png]   For competition details, rules, prizes, registration and other information please see this page - https://atarigamer.com/pages/atari-lynx-30th-birthday-programming-competition   The competition is officially happening so get your registrations in!  
  10. I've been working on an updated design of Karri's programmer board and discussed making more of these with him, he's given me the go-ahead. This version is a "Pi Hat" design. It slots in on top of a Raspberry Pi 2 GPIO connector and has standoffs to secure it in place. The board uses a proper Lynx cartridge connector, not pogo pins. In addition there are a couple of indicator LEDs to show activity/error status. The board is compatible with Karri's cart PCBs (read/write) and it can read other carts, including carts that make use of SWVCC for power. You can purchase a set of 10x blank cart boards from Karri here - http://www.whitelynx.fi/shop/#!/Atari-Lynx-boards/c/15290050/offset=0&sort=normal. Note that you will need cart shells to make use of these, one white shell will be supplied with each board but you can purchase more if you like. Requirements: ​Raspberry Pi with a 40 pin GPIO header Linux knowledge What you will get: Pre-assembled Pi-Hat board 2x 11mm standoffs 4x M2.5 screws 1x 3D printed white cart shell Pricing: Production Pi-Hat - 60EUR + shipping Pre-orders - 50EUR + shipping (finished) 1x 3D printed cartridge shell - 4EUR 10x 3D printed cartridge shells - 36EUR Preliminary documentation is here: https://atarigamer.com/pages/lynx-cart-programmer-pi-hat. Software to read/write carts is from here: https://bitbucket.org/atarilynx/lynx/src/programmer-enhancements/ Pre-order is now closed. If you still want to get a board, please comment here or contact me. All new boards (after the pre-order) will be available on the Atari Gamer Store once it's up and running. Photos (production board left, pre-final board right)... You can use a Raspberry Pi Zero with this board, but be warned that it runs significantly slower vs a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3. These are the curved lip 3D printed cartridges that are available for purchase. This is the 3D printed case for a Raspberry Pi, you can download its STL from Thingiverse, if you want to get one with your programmer board, tell me and I can print it for you. Pre-final boards (as pictured, blue PCB, total of 7 made, 5 distributed): karri - sent 18/Mar/2019, delivered LX.net - sent 1/May/2019, delivered enthusi - sent 14/Mar/2019, delivered edu - sent 19/Mar/2019, delivered vince - sent 18/Mar/2019, delivered Pre-order (production) boards: Andy - sent 1/May/2019 LX.net + 6x shells (2x shells of each white, black, grey) - sent 1/May/2019, delivered thefred + 4x shells (1 grey, 1 black, 1 blue, 1 orange) - sent 7/May/2019, delivered bobandted + 10x shells (random colours) - sent 7/May/2019, delivered vince - paid + donated to upcoming Atari Game competition im_reg + 10x shells (black, grey, orange) - sent 7/May/2019, delivered flip + 10x shells (random colours) - sent 7/May/2019, delivered Greenious + 20x shells (random colours) - sent 14/May/2019, delivered zoran + 10x shells (2x shells of each black, orange, blue, 4x grey) - sent 14/May/2019, delivered theundutchables + 10x grey shells - sent 9/May/2019, delivered Ninjabba + 10x white shells - sent 9/May/2019, delivered Juan José Torres - sent 20/May/2019, delivered Marc Oberhäuser + 3x shells - sent 14/Jun/2019 wazzal - sent 16/May/2019, delivered D-lag - sent 16/May/2019, delivered Songbird - sent 22/May/2019, delivered Songbird - sent 22/May/2019, delivered Fadest + 10x shells (any colour) - sent 22/May/2019, delivered zoran - contacted 4ever2600 + 30x grey shells - sent 13/Jun/2019 KevinMos3 + 10x grey shells - sent 30/May/2019, delivered Positron5 + 5x shells (any colour) - sent 27/May/2019, delivered Wario - contacted - no reply Nop90 + 10x shells (any colour) - sent 4/Jun/2019, delivered LordKraken - sent 27/May/2019 Next batch: Alonsan davidcalgary29 BennVenn peekb mxnschx DashV neo_rg haightc Cancellations: PsychoMage
  11. I've been running Atari Gamer, a website focusing on Atari Lynx history and news, since January 2018 but it hasn't been until recently that I've got into a regular schedule of article posts. At the moment I'm limiting to one article a week, released on a Monday. I'm starting this thread to announce new articles as they become available. Any feedback, comments, article suggestions are very welcome. I hope you all enjoy reading some fresh new content about Atari Lynx! Last week's article was - Behind the scenes - making of the 48 in 1 Atari Lynx multicart. I'm also working with Mark aka MillipedeMan with promoting his Lynx Handycast. Past articles can be found here: Articles
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