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  1. Ben Richard's, aka The Butcher of Bakersfield.
  2. Understood. Makes sense.
  3. If I may make a suggestion? Create that new XM thread in conjunction with closing this one, simultaneously. People are always going to have questions and look for an update, now or in the future, and 1 single new thread might help prevent a dozen new separate ones, all asking the same or similar info.
  4. This thread hasn't been updated in 2 years, much like the stuff in that guys video is old news as well.
  5. Curious where that came from? Looks like a render of the cab as its missing buttons for games that need them.
  6. Marty thank you for keeping us and everyone else in the loop, I am truly sorry for the loss of your friend. Many of us have been in your shoes, especially this year, so I say that with all due respect. I agree with TrekMD that the XM and other projects can wait, its good of you to have acknowledged it but I'm sure we all would have waited until an announcement down the road out of respect. When it comes time to revisit the XM I'm sure you'll find many of us willing to volunteer to help get Curt's project done in any way we can, myself included. I may be an engineer now but I cut my teeth building computers back in the day just cause it was fun to take things apart and see how they work. So I'd be happy to lend a screwdriver or whatnot, when and if the time comes, if anything but to help put things together and get them out to people. Please give his wife and family our condolences from his AtariAge family. -Michael
  7. Eduardo advised they had some issues but are working on it.
  8. https://ruggieroandsonsfh.com/tribute/details/2607/Curtis-T-Vendel/obituary.html#tribute-start Mods if this is deemed inappropriate, please delete. I only wanted to give members the opportunity to pay their respects to Curt.
  9. Truly sad news, in a truly sad year. I've lost my father, my cousin her partner, and so many others have lost. I only ever dealt with Curt on the XM, but he was always courteous, responsive and willing to talk when he had the time. I hope if such a thing exists that Curt has found peace.
  10. http://vector-labs.com/index_bally_svideo.html Most asked about add on for the Bally & Astrocade system, looks identical to the original 8BitDomain build (I believe this is his new site). Having used the S-VIDEO upgrade for years, I can say hands down best picture upgrade available. Thanks to Shawn Hantke for posting this on the Facebook Astrocade fan page.
  11. It reached its funding goal on the first day, and raised over $660,000 when the campaign ended. Looking forward to receiving my Dragon's Lair themed cabinet in October. Look for them on Amazon shortly.
  12. Look into the iiRcade, it has a 19" 4:3 monitor I believe, which should fit the bill.
  13. Got mine, thank you, FYI you might want to put some cardboard on both sides of the pin for future mailings: the point of the pin on mine had pierced the bubble mailer, and it also went through the clasp. The pin itself got a little bent but was easy enough to straiten (being as gentle as possible). Any chance you could send me another fastener?
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