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  1. Crazy case, that one on eBay wasn't even working and was supposed to be canceled. I'm not entirely sure that auction 100% legit with those prices. The Astrocade and Home Library Computer model are probably the rarest, with the white Montgomery Ward being the third. A HLC model in the proper box (the one with people playing arcade games) plus documentation and all accessories including all 4 controllers (the HLC came with 4, not 2) in working condition documented could easily go for $500+.
  2. Interesting - so its possible that Astrovision or Astrocade (same company) finally revised the ROM to show Galactic Invasion. Next time you fire it up can you snap a shot and post it?
  3. Really? I would like to see that, I could have sworn they all say Galaxian. Is it an Astrocade labelled cart?
  4. I would say the Galaxian cart with Galaxian menu is harder to find - I think when Bally re-named the cart the only thing they changed was the label, not the ROM. I don't think any of the carts actually say "Galactic Invasion" at the main menu. But then again I haven't fired up any original carts in years so I could be completely off here.
  5. Nice job grabbing and posting these especially with them being taken down. I wonder if 1Up licensed Glen's new GRS Disc's of Tron joystick and his new spinner that moves up and down for Disc's of Tron? I really, really hope they don't mess this up and cheap out on the controls. This is probably the last 1Up cab I would finally pick up if it lives up to its expectations. I know a lot of people don't love either game, but this will be a very cool cab if they manage to pull it off correctly. Now if only they'd make and environmental sit down Disc's of Tron version...
  6. From what I read online, T2 wasn't a light gun game, the guns were basically joysticks pointing in the direction you fire, so there's not need for that. This info was in the posted in the Arcade1Up Deals and Discussion group on Facebook by Luis Chambers.
  7. Nice, I still dig physical releases. I haven't done much with my 7800 as I was waiting for the XM module, and I think I have someone's 7800 flash cart somewhere, but I've never used it. Always good to support both the programmer and AtariAge so I'll keep an eye out for this in the store.
  8. That would be a good thread, surprised there isn't one. You can put my LG 86UH9500 model down as one that works with the Phoenix.
  9. Nah, its fine for what it is. I've got the Asteroids Deluxe cab and the 12 in 1, they're fine.
  10. Confused here: isn't that exactly the opposite of what the cart was made for? What gives you the impression Left Turn "disapproves" (I think you meant) of adding purchased ROMS to the LTO? Maybe I missed something.
  11. You can also reach out to Eduardo / Opcode directly I'm sure.
  12. Agreed - they're probably just repurposing the existing control decks, not reinventing the wheel.
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