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  1. Keep in mind Anthony boots vs conversion - most likely that's what you're talking about with Puzzle Bobble, an MVS to AES conversion. I've had lots over the years, and they've had their own history of controversy (sac cart(s) needed, destroying perfectly good carts etc.). But these boots today are just that: nothing SNK original at all, and the possibility of it damaging a console no less. Not good.
  2. Honestly, if you wanna buy bootlegs there's an AliExpress shop that does good work and you can get any title you want made. I picked up an MVS copy of Samurai Showdown 5 Perfect in a translucent red cart shell with a soft case and printed insert for like $80 shipped to the US. (He makes AES carts too). I'm not advocating piracy in any way, shape or form but those "licensed" fakes are highway robbery. SNK didn't even charge that much. And SSV Perfect never had a Neo Geo release anyway so I don't feel bad about buying it.
  3. Never been a fan of these "reprints," licensed or not. To me they're just bootlegs with a stamp of approval. Unless it's from SNK itself...
  4. While Glen's line may have started with 1Up, his quality far exceeds theirs. Plus his Tron joystick works in any system, not just 1Up. Also, there is a second model designed to work with Sanwa sticks and clones, so that covers Marvel Super Heroes LTD ED, iiRcade Dragon's Lair and Black Edition cabinets, plus any sticks that are clones.
  5. 2 different models actually: one for Glen's Tron joystick, one that's Sanwa compatible. Hoping the Sanwa model will work on MVSX, and should work on iiRcade.
  6. Anthony congrats on 7 years man, it's always nice to have a quiet, informative place to discuss the Neo without having to get into a fighting stance before asking a question. 🤣 Here's my favorite Neo Geo video to help brighten everyone's day:
  7. I physically shipped mine back to upgrade the BIOS, and he did some other repairs free of charge as routine maintenance. Might be worth sending it in and having him do it all. If your interested in the video board and getting the very best video and audio out of your Omega, watch this: You can skip to 8:43 if you just want to see what the board is about, but I recommend watching the whole video as it explains why replacing the board makes sense.
  8. Not sure, never really looked into that feature. So it's supposed to retain high scores?
  9. The reason I asked is you could have sent it back to Quan for the VMC upgrade and have him upgrade the Universe BIOS to the latest official version (which he does for free). I had him add the VMC to mine years ago, and more recently had him update the BIOS. While you're at it, you should swap the video board too (Quan doesn't do this, it's a replacement board made for the Omega). You get better RGB out and can even use an RGB to HDMI cable (it's a Genesis II cable).
  10. So the keyboard, cables and controllers in the background aren't included? Seems pricey for just the shell without proof it works and now you have to source the digital data drive too.
  11. I was thinking bootlegs as I don't recall any of those released as loose carts. But who knows,
  12. So the collection I had 20 years ago was sold to the Neo Store, and the money paid for the band at my wedding. The band was amazing, and as I still tell my wife to this day with our venue a DJ just wouldn't have cut it (no offense to DJs, many of you are amazing, I just wanted a band, thats all). Bands don't come cheap so both the Neo Store and I made out well. That being said, the value of what I sold the whole collection for then and what its worth now? One cart alone is probably equal now to that I was paid for the whole collection: a mint condition Garou: Mark of the Wolves US AES cart purchased new from SNK USA upon release. What it's worth now would have paid for the band + their tip I would expect. It's the only cart I have not added back to my collection today that I owned previously. Its just not in my budget at this point, and I wouldn't bother with a conversion or a preproduction. Neo carts and collecting have always been expensive but the prices they are hitting now is unbelievable.
  13. If you scroll back several posts, I talk about my Neo collection back to when the AES was first launched. I've owned a Neo Geo AES three times: back in the 90's (sold), late '99/early 2000 (sold) and lastly since about 2003, give or take. No plans to sell this one, ever.
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