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  1. I passed on the Founders and was glad to pick this up. Hesitant myself as well on anything right now (I passed on the Arcade1Up Burger Time cab for this reason) but I'm OK with $100 deposit.
  2. Great news, J-F, especially with everything going on right now. Venture was one of the first titles I picked up back in the day when the ColecoVision was first released, and was one of my favorite titles. Very much looking forward to this release.
  3. I patiently await the North American information!
  4. Are they actually calling it the "TRON" edition? If that's the case I'd say the white model would be the TRON edition and the black the TRON: Legacy version (provided they changed the blue to white).
  5. Any part # for those knobs? They look pretty darn good.
  6. Funny thing is "big living room TV" was probably only 27"! Alas, I was only a gamer back then, with no "computer" to my name (unless you want to count my Bally Computer System with Bally BASIC).
  7. Let the heathen drop theirs On the dusty ground God shall make them pay for Each cart that can't be found
  8. The black dot in Adventure and what it revealed. The first, and still the best.
  9. In theory I believe "yes" but I've never opened my TP copies and played them so I can't say for sure. Keep in mind to play the DDP versions you'll need an ADAM or ColecoVision expansion module #3 (which you probably already knew).
  10. Adam ddp versions have animations and 4th board, TP versions should have the same on cartridge. Opcode has not released their version. You can search auction sites and or look in the AA selling forum or post a wanted request.
  11. I don't think ROMs are part of his business model, nor has he ever sold any as far as I know.
  12. You could email Mike Chi for an update or try one of his resellers. Personally, I don't like knockoffs, not just for quality reasons but also the whole "it takes money out of the pocket of the original designer" thing.
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