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  1. Ah, thanks Albert, much appreciated! Now if only I could remember all my friends...!
  2. No, I don't mean a list of how many times Ross and Rachel broke up I'm talking about the Friends list we used to have? I just went to add somebody today and noticed not only could I not add them (no such option) but that everybody else was gone... And yes, I saw the joke about Albert only deleting half of everybody's friends but as we all know by now Prof. Hulk brought everybody back. So what's the dealio?
  3. I have found a site which might be able to search for the commercial through their archives - they do charge for a copy of the commercial but I'll cross that bridge when/if they get there. As a point of reference is the info on Wikipedia correct that the North American release date of the AES was August 22, 1990? I have to give them an approximate air date but 1990 - 1991 is going to have to do if that date is correct. I received my first Gold system as a Christmas gift and that was probably 1990 or 1991.
  4. I had posted this on neo-geo.com in the hopes of finding the only Neo Geo commercial I remember seeing in the US, most likely early 1990's. I believe it was "bigger badder better" themed but I could be wrong, I think it compared the Neo Geo to the Genesis and the Super NES (or could have been the NES). To the best of my memory, it was a dedicated, Neo Geo SNK commercial, not a Wiz or Macy's commercial. It might have had fog and smoke, smack talk about the Genesis and Nintendo, and may have shown the Genesis and Nintendo "blowing up" (literally). YouTube has not yielded any results, just some Japanese commercials for games like AOF etc. Same for google. I have found a few Television archives online and some with commercials, but nothing yielding this one spot. If anyone knows the the commercial, has seen it online somewhere, or knows of any good sights to search for television commercials, I would appreciate any help. I would love to find this footage and get it online if anyone happens to have this on tape somewhere - I have one of those ion VCR to PC players and could copy it.
  5. 128Kgames


  6. eColeco used to sell them, have not checked the site in a while though.
  7. They just announced the Star Wars cab with yoke control, Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back & Return of the Jedi.
  8. Trackball, but is it a new trackball? https://arcade1up.com/collections/spinners/products/atari-12-1-spinner Lazy web site management - it's actually listed as a "Centipede" trackball but they just re-used the 12-1 link...
  9. Never noticed that on Centipede, and I have a day one cabinet. I have Asteroids Deluxe - not sure if that's the same board as Asteroids, but have not tested it yet. I'm pushing to get AD out of the box and setup this weekend, will test it and Centipede again to see if I detect anything. Do you have your video online or can you put it up and link to it? 1Up support is "like a box of chocolates... "
  10. More than likely either no stock yet or they just haven't enabled ordering via the website. I'm sure they'll be available at some point. RE: Glen's spinner: What? Shame you say? You are hereby kicked out of the 1Up club for that statement Sir! It's too bad the 1Up "replacement" spinner turned out to be nothing more than the crappy spinner that already came with the cabs, it would have been nice to have another spinner option and in this case a low cost one.
  11. 1Up selling complete control decks now as well: https://arcade1up.com/collections/control-decks?fbclid=IwAR3lX25iPvgRAZY54LWj56TJzbDMjR1iqbHY89lIrJwwbSibQQI80GkslFw (unless I missed this in a a previous post)
  12. Yeah, I posted from work from my phone but you pretty much hit on what I meant - the "improved" spinner - both Asteroids and 12-1, show specs, but the 12-1 says nothing about the trackball. If you are going to make a new spinner for the 12-1 include a new trackball or else don't charge people for a trackball they already have (keep the price the same as the individual spinner). Selling the new spinner attached to the old trackball makes no sense. Cool, hope you hear back from them. I questioned them on Facebook but that's pretty much a 50/50 they will answer and a 50/50 the info they provide is actually correct.
  13. Tell me about it! If only everyone had followed Bally's lead...
  14. So I'll play devil's advocate here and say "both", as in both SGM2 and OMNI are important, so I would still prefer both. When you announced this as not only being an enhanced SGM but also OMNI compatible that's what sold me. I liked the idea of not only getting a new SGM that was backwards compatible with the SGM1 but with a little something extra, and also the fact that I would also get to play OMNI games without an OMNI. If there is any way to keep both, that's what I vote for.
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