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  1. I think you may have got fucked here... Do a request on his info, http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQtZvbQQsofindtypeZ9 Tell him if he doesn't send you a refund you will call paypal and tell them to look at the dispute on how he told you that you had to close the dispute for them to give you a refund. They could have sent you the refund by just ending the dispute on their own terms. Also tell him you have his full contact info and you will contact the local BBB ( if he has a bike shop / if there is one near there ) and contact the local PD. Oh and when you do get your refund leave him a negative, if i remember correct he cant come back after may 1st with negative for you. - ouch he already has 46 negatives this month.
  2. The carts without resistors and such look like plain ROM chips that were taken out of carts and used with the 24 pin socket. Never seen a dual chip pirate such as that one before, You would think it would be just 1 EPROM. Dunno whats up with that one. Cool looking bootlegs!
  3. $100 side deal. LOL +1 Id say pics or it didnt happen but with your past id say its very possible.
  4. Ill get some pictures of the 2400 box i have (its a 2600 with photoshopped 2400's over the 2600's made for some toy company out of Canada or something i cant remember) EDIT: Best i can do for right now.
  5. http://cgi.ebay.com/Atari-2600-Games_W0QQi...1QQcmdZViewItem Wow. Anyone else check her ended items? http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?MfcI...amp;completed=1 Looks like we will see plenty of resales on ebay soon!
  6. Fack. I just bought 10 72 pin connectors from them... They were sent out first class mail also, looks like ill be looking for a beat up bubble mailer.
  7. l3ushwig


    Take it apart. If there is a normal masked rom it means its pretty much legit. If theres an EPROM it means its pretty much a fake. OR Take a normal cart and weigh it on a sensitive scale, then do the same for coke wins, if its noticeably heavier most times its an eprom.
  8. Not a problem, Just trying to help the new guy out. I wont be bidding, im still trying to get rid of all my stuff.
  9. This should be in auction central forums where you posted the link to the 6 switch. Also you should check out my last post in that thread and get pictures of the end label up of waterworld here so you can attract more bidders. For a minute there it sounded like you weren't the auction owner.
  10. Ill bet that that auction doesn't go over $45, Cant even tell the condition of the box. The only thing that will bring in some money is Waterworld, And good thing you posted the auction here because the auction owner spelled waterworld wrong which means it wouldnt have sold for much. I wonder if the end label is still there on the waterworld, without knowing some people might not want to bid on it.
  11. IMO it was probably someone from here... Who's one thats involved with atari collecting and is going to drop a very lage amount of cash on a collection without being on such a site as this that deals only with atari. Just doesn't make sense to think this person isn't from this community.
  12. Heres some 300DPI scans, I hope they arent too big. If they are i can redo them. I did a 2400DPI of one of the scratch off asteroids, kinda cool to see it zooooomed.
  13. Heh i wonder if thats a solid gold pong unit inside. But you got to wonder how many of them are out there...
  14. 325 for boxes? Your about 300 to much right now IMO.
  15. Hello all, Well its official., I got a month to downsize and move. Ill be adding a bunch of stuff here for sale in the next coming days, so check back. Anything that im listing for offers dont hesitate to send me one, I wont be giving the stuff away but i wont be trying to make a million either. All shipping will be done via USPS Priority OR Parcel Post from the zipcode 54304, Please use http://postcalc.usps.gov/ to calculate your shipping cost. Everything will be packed good! No worries about receiving anything broken. Current shipping weight is without packing, give 1 to 2 pounds extra for packing until i can get my hands on some bubble wrap, im using newspaper for now. Now to the goodies, A Pair of Wico Command Control Bat Handel Joysticks - $25 for the pair -Tested and work great, Mint in box, Both come with the instruction manual and the mail in card, One comes with a receiept from 1985 when they were bought. -Shipping Weight 3lbs. Clone/Pirate Atari 2600 Jr With 32 Built In Games - offer -Works, You have to push the power switch up slowly, if you go to far the power doesnt turn on. -Comes with 2 working atari joysticks that came with the unit, Along with the atari power cord, and the av cord. -Switchbox not tested. -Still has plastic over metal band -Shipping Weight 4lbs 3oz If you want to know the games i can upload 32 images of each game on screen. 3DO FZ-1 With 2 Controllers And 7 Games - $50 / offer -Both controllers and system work fine, system and controllers a tad dusty -Games: Star Fighter - Unopened IceBreaker - Unopened Ballz Fun 'n Games - Unopened Wickid 18 Theme Park -Shipping Weight 11lbs Gex Sears Video Arcade Heavy Sixer With Box And 2 Joysticks And Set Of Paddles - $30 PENDING SALE -System has a lower rubber stopper off but im including one, just dont have any glue. -System, Switch Box, Joysticks, Paddles all work. Tested each switch, ports, joystick buttons/directions, paddle button and movement (not jittery) -Joysticks are not the originals, Paddles are originals, I think the power pack is to -Box is in bad shape, see pictures -Shipping weight 12lbs Atari 5200 2 Port In Mintish Box - offer -System looks great and powers up and will start a game, Cant test gameplay because of the broken controller, On river raid it would make a beep sound each time i hit "1" though so i assume its fine. -Comes with one controller, which like most is broke. -Power supply had its fuse replaced, Its been opened and then somewhat melted back together. -Box is in quite good condition, see pictures. -Shipping weight without packing 12lbs, add a few extra because its a large box and there will be alot of packing.
  16. Heh i was just thinking about this since im selling off most of my collection soon. Ill have to find it and get a better scan up. Wont be any watermarks either, That was back in the day when i was young, immature, paranoid as shit that people would steal my images and such. Not sure if im going to keep it or sell it, Ive only seen a few pictures of them online. EDIT: Take a look here, http://cgi.ebay.com/McDonalds-Atari-Game-C...1QQcmdZViewItem Item number if link doesn't work:130204944543 IMO great deal!
  17. Here are the images i took, Video will be up soon. Tested each game to be sure it booted up, And tested each paddle and joystick. Funny thing also, i never knew Wico makes the joysticks for this unit. First video: Click here to watch Atari-POP-Kiosk Second video: Click here to watch Atari-POP-Kiosk-2
  18. Everything right now is located in green bay wisconsin. Its a very good possibility that i will be headed to somewhere in the indian river county near wabasso in florida. And yes shipping would be hard, its long, heavy, and i do believe its made of the pressboard stuff. Would almost have to have some type of custom molded foam stuff or something that fits it perfect for packing then put in a larger box. Ill be responding to everyone soon. I forgot to add, The unit dose work and has the 40 games on the board with an extra cart slot for i assume a diagnostic cart.
  19. Hello everyone. I havent been around for about a year and a half, I havent been collecting since either. Ive got loads of stuff in my basement thats been collected since 2004, And im moving across the US sometime in the next couple months, So i think its time to get rid of most of my stuff. The center of my collection would be this POP Display, Its just the main part not the whole thing. Heres some pics, These were taken today. The other ones were taken in oct 06. I also will probably be getting rid of 20 some NES's ect ect. Heres the other pics of all the stuff ill most likely be getting rid of. So, Any intrest in anything / offers on the POP display?
  20. OMG I LOVE THE CAPS LOCK IT MAKES ME LOOK SOO COOL!! OMG SWEET Yeah i know useless post but i dont care...
  21. Looks like i will be going through all my pennies...
  22. Heh match up with any other people here? IPB is such good software with so many damn options..
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