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  1. 82atari5200


  2. Have three systems that are doa. Looking for working system or Adam.
  3. I tested the output of the power supply and everything else is fine but Im getting 10v on the 5v line. Can the Coleco handle this? Secondly when I test it on the power switch, the 5v rail is not showing anything. Plan on cleaning or replacing switch. Just curious if the Coleco can pull down the 10v into 5v or need new supply as well.
  4. Two port. Vs four Port. The two ports I've had all had factory mods with wires poorly soldered. Trammiel strikes again.
  5. It's from the factory. I've had several boards with the pin lifted.
  6. I hate posting on this site sometimes. Did you see the picture? Or the topic for that matter? It's an rf shield on a lab loaner. Not a retail game. That's what I was wondering. I have four protos I found in the wild and two I have purchased from other collectors and this is the only one I've seen with a shield. Anyone else seen them? And how frequently? Thanks and sorry if I come across as a douche.
  7. Anyone ever seen one of these before? Always wondered why there was notches on the sides but never came across an RF shield.
  8. I've removed the roms and put them in Atari pcb's to get some of the games to work.
  9. Those won't work. 27c128 is only 16k and 27c256 is 32k. What you need are 27c010 128k or 27c020 256k to make Ned reproductions. You need larger ones 27c1001? I think is a 1 megabit chip for snes. The ones you have are only good for Atari reproductions.
  10. I'd like to be rich and have my mistresses big titties in my face. Kinda demanding there brother.
  11. Get a new motherboard from best.
  12. I have an EPROMs programmer and several 27c256's to spare.
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