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  1. I saw an old post that alluded to the fact you repaired Adam data pack drives. Do you still do that? Or is that something I should be able to do myself?

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    2. Milli Vee

      Milli Vee

      I’ve posted a few videos on repairing the wheel on my YouTube channel - let me ask if anyone knows what that card is 



    3. Richlb


      Someone did identify it as a RAM expansion. 

    4. Richlb


      I ordered some tubing to try and replace the encoder wheel. Hoping I can pull it off. I'm asked how new this machine works. Since it's been in a box for 20+ years it has no yellow to it. Compared to my other Adam it's like night and day.

  2. HI everyone - the game Pazuru! that I wrote in 2018 is now available in the store on DDP and Disk https://8bitmilligames.com/pazuru.html
  3. Hi everyone - 6 copies of Turmoil 2022 left in the store then no more cartridges will be made. These are all shipping next week - if you have been considering it get it now! https://8bitmilligames.com/turmoil-2022.html
  4. Thanks for the correction - I hadn't finished my first cup of coffee when I posted that
  5. You can use a power supply for an Atari 400,800 etc for the disk drive as long as it’s 9v ac and 31 amps they sell them here https://www.best-electronics-ca.com/
  6. 75 copies of turmoil 2022 waiting for the game boxes to arrive. Still have 12 left in store
  7. When it got to 3 left I got a bunch of emails so I figured I’d list 20 of the 25 was going to put on the shelf
  8. 75 Turmoil 2022 games ready for their final test then put in the cartridges. Mass production of ColecoVision games in 2021!
  9. I'm done here - I have backers to satisfy and not play he said she said. I was worried yesterday, big name in the CV community is upset at me and posting things everywhere but honestly I now know that though you may think you have sway - the rest of the CV community doesn't feel the same. You may want to stop and reconsider how you treat everyone before you run out of people who actually care. Any who - lovely fall day i'm going to go home and take my beautiful daughter for a walk. In a few years she will be coding in Z80 like her dad.
  10. Adam I really don't know what website you are talking about or where you are sending your emails? Do you mean YouTube? As for email where are you sending them?
  11. You just did exactly what I have been waiting for - ban me from your group because you wasn't happy with what I told you. C'est Le Vie
  12. Once the kickstarter copies are done then I will add a DDP and Disk version to the store and I'll be sure you know
  13. Your opinion has been noted. You were only 1% of the backers and as of right now it is not trending in your favor and you are no longer a backer. You really are starting to look foolish with this campaign you are on and that is not my opinion, that has been the opinion of every backer that has contacted me as well as dozens of non backers. As i have said so many times it is getting repetitious the controllers are being updated because that was a good idea. As for converting all the work done that the other 99% of the backers as well as those that have purchased advance copies are happy with that is not going to happen. Again I posted this in your facebook group and I will post it here. If you want an arcade exact copy of crazy climber the source code for the game is here (http://www.computerarcheology.com/Arcade/CrazyClimber/ ) all you need to do is work on it to make it run on a CV. I personally was not going to use someone else's code. Now I will go back to work making the backers happy and you can rant as much as you want. Have a great day.
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