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  1. I uploaded 65 manuals to the archive this morning. Thanks James Notini for reminding me I had the CP/M manual on the DVD. There are now over 5800 files in the archive. I know many like uploading things to here but seriously, upload them to the archive too! http://adamarchive.org/updates.php?d=12/31/2019 Milli
  2. You can set up a version of Qterm in CP/M to use the AdamLink and then you have xmodem and the like Milli
  3. Use port #1 if port 0 doesn't work - I tested on the adam and in the emulator and it worked for both - it also worked for my testers. Fire button = Left button
  4. I posted a demo of a game I wrote for the CV and Adam if interested: http://smartbasic.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=58
  5. Ok I missed that part - Open teh adam - pop the cover off the RF and adjust the sub carriers
  6. Do the shake test - make sure nothing is floating around in the case. But it does look like a bad cable or bad connection to the TV. Don't use the 5 pin - use a standard AV cable from the monitor port - yes no sound but it lets you see if its cable versus system. Milli
  7. I know this is a very old post but can someone point me to an example of using the export assembly code? As en example I created this simple noise (below) and can see that it is in the standard sound data format OS7 wants I am just unsure how I would go about playing it. Any example code in z80 would be great. Milli sfx_test_1: .db 0x40,0x44,0x30,4 .db 0x40,0xe1,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xdb,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xd1,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xc5,0x30,2 .db 0x40,0xf1,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0x03,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x0d,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x17,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x21,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x2d,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0xfb,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xeb,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xe5,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xff,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0x1d,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x25,0x31,2 .db 0x40,0x1b,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0xf1,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xdf,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xd7,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xcd,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xd1,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xd7,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xdd,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xe3,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xe9,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xf5,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xfb,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0x05,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x11,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x0d,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0xcb,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xc3,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xcb,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xd1,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xd7,0x30,2 .db 0x40,0xdf,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xe1,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xe5,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xed,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xe3,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xdf,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xdd,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xd7,0x30,5 .db 0x40,0xd5,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xcf,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xb3,0x30,2 .db 0x40,0xb1,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xad,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xa5,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0x9f,0x30,2 .db 0x40,0xd3,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xe1,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xeb,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xf5,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0x27,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x2f,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x39,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x43,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x4f,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x57,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x59,0x31,3 .db 0x40,0x44,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0x55,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x44,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0x53,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x44,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0x4d,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x44,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0x1b,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x0f,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0xf3,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xef,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xe7,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xe5,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xe1,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xdd,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xd9,0x30,2 .db 0x40,0xdf,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xe3,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xe1,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0x44,0x30,23 .db 0x50
  8. Your post got lost here but yes. On the main board there are 2 6801's. One is the master and runs all AdamNet communication, the other runs the 2 data drives. All other peripherals, keyboard, printer, disk drive, have their own 6801 built in them. Any questions you have about the data drives should be referred to Howard Eglowstein who helped design them. He hangs out in the Coleco Adam facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/115531017844/) - not sure if he frequents here. There is also a lot of information in the archive (http://adamarchive.org/) Milli
  9. Its standard to a point. You may need to simulate a carrier on the modem if you can not get the radio shack modem to work without a carrier - there are some AT commands that let you disable it. I used to connect my Adam to my PC and then transfer files that way. Milli
  10. "Adam" the only limitations is the screen size being 32 columns so you have to use the CTRL Arrow keys to scroll left and right. Other than that the Adam is a great CP/M machine. Milli
  11. Only thing I can think of is that it cleans up noise on the buss Milli
  12. Same supply I use though I get it from Jameco for about $5 less
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