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  1. You can use my front end Adam 2018 also which lets you do just about anything http://adamware.us/adam2018.php
  2. I see they cancelled the one on the west coast http://vcfed.org/wp/2020/03/05/vcf-pnw-2020-has-been-cancelled/
  3. If you have an ADAMouse I laying around and want to use it here are instructions on how to create the power adapter and modify it to work correctly: http://smartbasic.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=88
  4. Look at the ones I have on http://adamware.us (or in the archive) - just about every rom is there.
  5. I have done a number of updates to the code running the archive: You can now click on the Details icon for Disk and Data images to see the directory of the image (EOS & CP/M & TDOS). You can now click on the Details icon for a ZIP file to see the contents of the zip file. You can now click on the Discuss icon for a file and it will bring you to the Adam Archive forum and open a new message with the file name as the subject. You can now click on the Find icon for a file and it will search the Adam Archive forum for the file in the subject. Updates to how the site looks, cleaned up some of the code. http://adamarchive.org
  6. I uploaded 65 manuals to the archive this morning. Thanks James Notini for reminding me I had the CP/M manual on the DVD. There are now over 5800 files in the archive. I know many like uploading things to here but seriously, upload them to the archive too! http://adamarchive.org/updates.php?d=12/31/2019 Milli
  7. You can set up a version of Qterm in CP/M to use the AdamLink and then you have xmodem and the like Milli
  8. Use port #1 if port 0 doesn't work - I tested on the adam and in the emulator and it worked for both - it also worked for my testers. Fire button = Left button
  9. I posted a demo of a game I wrote for the CV and Adam if interested: http://smartbasic.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=58
  10. Ok I missed that part - Open teh adam - pop the cover off the RF and adjust the sub carriers
  11. Do the shake test - make sure nothing is floating around in the case. But it does look like a bad cable or bad connection to the TV. Don't use the 5 pin - use a standard AV cable from the monitor port - yes no sound but it lets you see if its cable versus system. Milli
  12. I know this is a very old post but can someone point me to an example of using the export assembly code? As en example I created this simple noise (below) and can see that it is in the standard sound data format OS7 wants I am just unsure how I would go about playing it. Any example code in z80 would be great. Milli sfx_test_1: .db 0x40,0x44,0x30,4 .db 0x40,0xe1,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xdb,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xd1,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xc5,0x30,2 .db 0x40,0xf1,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0x03,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x0d,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x17,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x21,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x2d,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0xfb,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xeb,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xe5,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xff,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0x1d,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x25,0x31,2 .db 0x40,0x1b,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0xf1,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xdf,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xd7,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xcd,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xd1,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xd7,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xdd,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xe3,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xe9,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xf5,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xfb,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0x05,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x11,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x0d,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0xcb,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xc3,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xcb,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xd1,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xd7,0x30,2 .db 0x40,0xdf,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xe1,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xe5,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xed,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xe3,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xdf,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xdd,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xd7,0x30,5 .db 0x40,0xd5,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xcf,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xb3,0x30,2 .db 0x40,0xb1,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xad,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xa5,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0x9f,0x30,2 .db 0x40,0xd3,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xe1,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xeb,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xf5,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0x27,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x2f,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x39,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x43,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x4f,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x57,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x59,0x31,3 .db 0x40,0x44,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0x55,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x44,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0x53,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x44,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0x4d,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x44,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0x1b,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0x0f,0x31,1 .db 0x40,0xf3,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xef,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xe7,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xe5,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xe1,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xdd,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xd9,0x30,2 .db 0x40,0xdf,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xe3,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0xe1,0x30,1 .db 0x40,0x44,0x30,23 .db 0x50
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