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  1. I already own 2K4 for the PS2. I'm lucky I rented 2K5 first. I had 2K5 freeze up on me. I think its time for Sega to end the ESPN line of games entirely.
  2. Read the topic I started in Hardware. I'm either the proud or unfortanate owner of a Heavy Sixer.
  3. Q*bert


    I rented Driv3r and thought it was a horrible game. Sloppy controls, confusing storyline, grainy graphics, terrible sound, just about everything you could find wrong with a game.
  4. Q*bert

    2600 help

    My 2600 is a Heavy Sixer. Was there ever anything wrong with the cartridge slot on these models?
  5. Q*bert

    2600 help

    I have a 2600. Well the problem I'm having with it, is that no Activision cartridges seem to fit. Other cartridges will work just fine. The only Activision cartridges that will are Pitfall and Spider Fighter.
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