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  1. id never heard it pronounced before, I always thought it was pronounced Tray-mee-il
  2. Most important thing in any Zombie Survival Horror game: Other people to save. People who have locked themselves inside a building or room. Also - interior levels, preferably a Mall level like Dawn of the Dead.
  3. The only 7800 games they showed that were actually 7800 versions were Pole Position II, Joust and Ms. Pac-Man. Choplifter, KArateka, Winter Games, One on One, Impossible Mission, were all the C-64 version, and Skyfox and Gato were vaporware.
  4. commando and ballblazer already have pokey in them. Unless you're talking bootleg copies with the pokey not on board. Not trying to be too nit-picky, but this thing has been 7-8 years in the making, there's still only 7/8 games programmed to take advantage of it. It'll be great to play those games with full pokey sound, but that's still not a "savings".
  5. I meant $10 per cart, yes. You'd have to get to 15 games to make it a savings. There's only 3? maybe 4 carts in existence that use it, that I know of.
  6. If you have to pay $150 in order to save $10 on 3 carts... that's not really cheaper. I'm not trying to knock the XM, and I'm excited that it is finally really coming out, but the savings angle isn't really a good selling point - since you have to pay upfront for games that might never get made. Chicken/Egg.
  7. i was making a joke. I think it's great that it's finally shipping. Hopefully I'll buy one when they are available in the AA store.
  8. i was wondering whether something like this, or perhaps multiple revisions of Dragster existed on real carts, and Todd got one that actually allowed this score to happen. The thing that gets me so that in the video they explain how Todd performed this score on a real console, live, TWICE, at two different CES shows. I don't really see how that can be disputed - but here we are, dragging along.
  9. I've got an idea. Can you enable word replacement for certain acronyms/buzzwords that often lead to arguments - so that those looking to pick a fight have their ammo taken away from them? An old local music forum I used to post on did that for certain annoying or hot-button words that would get things tense. (They also did it for some common misspellings to hilarious results.) example: any time someone types in "SJW" or "Social Justice Warrior" have the board automatically replace it with "I like Baseball" or "Hugs and Kisses".
  10. F-15 Strike Eagle. Ancient Art of War at Sea Ghostbusters Star Wars X-Wing Syndicate Ultima VII: The Black Gate.
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