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  1. Yep , that is my pic . Unfortunately I had to cancel my preorder on the 2nd batch last year due to personal reasons . I really wanted one . I saw that a 3rd batch may or may not happen and that if it does Collectorvision is raising the price by $50 and it would take a year to a year and a half for it to ship . I paid the $100 markup for the basic package just so I could get a Phoenix now . I would never pay the $200 markup just for a box and controller . When it arrived he had sent me the " Deluxe " edition with box and controller with a note that said " enjoy free upgrade " .
  2. Ok , I looked at the card and see that it is already setup .
  3. Before I mess around with my Phoenix , how should I go about putting 2600 roms on the SD card ? Do they all go on the root of the card ? Do I make a 2600 folder and then a games or roms folder inside that folder ?
  4. How do you add ROMS to the SD card ? What should the folder be named ?
  5. Thanks for the replies . Still having the issue . I tried the paperclip suggestion and the games still do not start . I will open up the system and try again . Hope I didn't ruin anything when I soldered in the new sockets for the multiplexer chips 😲😵
  6. I am new here and have looked up different threads about controller issues and have tried a few things , the the results are still the same .... Games do not respond to the keypad or start , pause , reset presses . I have a 2 port 5200 and have swapped out the multiplexer chips , the pokey and have also put in a new rev 9 gold flex circuit and gold buttons in my controller . A continuity test confirmed the controller inputs were good . My question is what do I do next ? All of my games come on and go to the demo screens or the " press start " or choose players screen . The picture and colors are great. The only games that I game get to start are games that you can start by pressing the fire buttons . I only have two that will start that way . Buck Rogers and Mr. Do's Castle . Both will start and play perfectly and the audio is working fine as well . Am I missing something ? Any help would be appreciated . I really want to play my 2 port 5200 !!!! Thanks in advance . Again , I am new to this site and to the 5200 .
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