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  1. So, "brand new" cannot only include open box on eBay, but "still brand new, used a handful of times. "


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    2. Swami


      But, by its definition, it’s like saying someone whose only had sex a couple of times is still a virgin. At least he defined his redefining so we still know what he means. Just don’t like to see the brand new category on sites like this clogged up with opens box and slightly used - those should go in used: like new

    3. GoldLeader


      ^Exactly right!


      I think he has a Brand New brain...Barely used.

    4. Gunstar


      I too agree that calling it brand new is wrong in these cases. If I selling something slightly used I describe it as "like new" or "mint condition." But as long as the items listed as new that aren't really are selling for less than NIB, I see not ethical issue, just annoying.

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