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  1. I know. I lost. That’s why I said I was unlucky. Just curious how many entries there were.
  2. Just curious, what were the odds in the drawing for the Phoenix. Can't resist wanting to know how unlucky I was. 😁
  3. Or, since a cart slot is then out, for the low low cost of $0 ...emulators.
  4. Having only one life doesn’t help matters.
  5. We still need an adapter so we can plug in our sgm and EM1 at the same time and still play ColecoVision games. Then there’s the adapter to clean up the optics on the Phoenix.
  6. Or just a pass through adapter that moves power from pin 7 to pin 5.
  7. Night Stalker Armour Battle (Beef vs Pork) Baseball Cornhole Safe Cracker Evel Knievel There can be no Missile Command without a trackball and no Breakout without a paddle, but since there may be a paddle/spinner attachment and multiple trackballs is a hard sell for 4-6 multiplayer, I'll go along and answer: Breakout.
  8. Waiting, waiting ... got this and the Secret Club game on the way. Great to hear it's on the way.
  9. All I can speak to on this is that software needs to be specifically designed to use multiple cores and also 4-cores vs 8-cores, then there's the synching issue. Maybe just a lot more work and trial and error for people who do this as a hobby.
  10. Well, the four switches are supposedly the most compatible of the 2600/7800 line with 2600 games/homebrews, but have the worst color. There is disagreement over whether the heavy sixer or jr has the better color. There are very very few games that won't work on one 2600 or another, though. Supposedly, everything works on the EM1, though I need to try some of the new trackball hacks and two light gun games. One of the things on my list of things to do is to find out if the color from the ColecoVision EM1 is better than the heavy sixer or junior, although I imagine it can be subjective, especially visualizing the "expected hues" for comparison. Point is, with the cheap cart extender available, perhaps the EM1 could be the best overall 2600, blasphemous as this may sound to 2600 enthusiasts. Biggest issue is you have to remove the EM1 to play CV games.
  11. Thanks for the additional info. Searches tend to have threads with the obvious supercharger and lots aalong the line of "I think there were some".
  12. June 1983 Atari Trak-ball articles for CX-80 and CX-22. From the picture, it looks like the switchless CX-22 targeted to 2600 owners existed in June when the switched on targeted to Atari 8-bit owners was released. Something of a mystery why the 2600 version of CX-22 was used instead of 8-bit, except maybe because 2600s were owned by more people. BTW, I also notice they mention Atari's plans for a new hand-grip proline controller for the 2600, which would become the Space Age controller ... and a short-lived flop, apparently due to a poor membrane contact film for the joystick.
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