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  1. My understanding is that the Omni is meant to be the spiritual 16-bit 4th generation successor to the ColecoVision. The SGM2 is a way to get it as a less expensive version of the eventual whole console by using hardware from the ColecoVision. There may be some overlap between the capabilities of the Phoenix vs the Omni, but you might think of the Phoenix as the 3rd gen backwards compatible successor to the ColecoVision and the Omni as no longer compatible 4th gen. Maybe a bit of a stretch but as a rough idea.
  2. I guess Tommy can answer if he wants but from everything I’ve seen he offered for them to come visit in a video and on twitter after they said they wouldn’t interview him and they said they never watched the video or responded to his requests, so unless both parties are not mentioning a private conversation, it seems like someone is just blowing up a hypothetical situation that the two parties never got to.
  3. I don’t understand the question. Why wouldn’t Tommy have them sign an NDA? Why would he allow someone to blab all their proprietary information and trade secrets so others can steal them?
  4. CPU / 8 core, 1.8Ghz Memory / 2GB RAM, 16GB Flash Connectivity / HDMI, 12V power, 3 USB (2 charging, 1 memory expansion), SD card Video / 1080p HDMI Wireless / Bluetooth, WiFi, RFID Additional Features / Interactive Guidance Lighting, integrated wireless contact charging, passive cooling, Karma™ Gaming Engine
  5. motorace usa - arcade miner 2049er Echo the Dolphin sequel Super Burger Time Bowling game yard games (corn hole, lawn darts, maybe ladder toss) frogger breakout imagic: altantis microsurgeon beauty & the beast demon attack irem: Tropical Angel Moon patrol R-Type Moon Patrol 10-yard fight Lode Runner Kung-Fu Master Archon Toe Jam and Earl Sequel Spelunker Atari: Centipede Breakout Adventure Lunar Lander Yars' Revenge Missile Command Night Driver Asteroids Tempest IE: Astrosmash Night Stalker Tower of Doom Frog Bog B-17 Bomber MLB Baseball Utopia Sea Battle Football Armor Battle Bi-planes SNAFU Auto Racing Shark Shark Confirmed Launch Titles: Bowling Super Burger Time LodeRunner? Moon Patrol R-Type? 10-yard fight? Toe Jam and Earl? AD&D Title(s) Possible releases: TRON:deadly disks -Disney Qbert - Sony Lemmings -Sony Lock & Chase 20 Brand New Games at Launch Back Talk Party Circus Running Man game (not the book/movie) Board/Card Games: Texas Hold 'em
  6. There are always day-1 buyers, crowd fund buyers with no prototype to analyze, FE buyers. I rarely buy anything until months after it's been released due to fear of another red-ring-of-death or other bugginess. I bought the XM off someone because it was supposedly shipping that month...it will still be cool if it ever works or gets shipped to people who bought it. Still not remorseful two years later. I bought the Pheonix early edition as I was not sure it would make it to release. Still fine with that $300. I don't go wild too often, but if it's something that's worth the calculated risk, I'll take my chances.
  7. People here blow $100's of bucks on crappy stuff all the time. Like you buy every console there ever was and many of them are crap. At least maybe they'll get some nice collectible for their $100.
  8. I know of two whole commercial sections in the ColecoVision forum and one other in the Intellivision forum that starts and ends with an E that are there for commercial purposes and don't take to people repetitiously tearing apart one of their products. It also doesn't go over well in the 7800 forum. I think most people have a view to not bite the game providers who feed us. I really don't understand people trying to bully Tommy into revealing all kinds of protected patent information before he's ready. It's been pretty well established that this thing is well beyond where Coleco and Atari have ever gotten so it seems like an inflated sense of entitlement to want all the inside information you don't get from other commercial companies.
  9. I did find the Jakks Pacific Revenge of the Sith Plug and Play with the five standard games, but they seem to have forgotten the two extra Game Key games: Catamaran Strike & Coruscant Fire Patrol.
  10. Is this the point they are at so far or have they done others, such as the Star Wars ones? There were the joystick ones like the millennium falcon and the prequel ones that had PlayStation like ones with Darth Vader and Yoda with the game key.
  11. I got mine, but it came with no instructions. Tried it out on my UK PAL-I Atari 800XL. Managed to set it to PAL-I, as I got the setting itself to change to English, but not the options. At first the channel would only change from 1 to 9. Then I did something with the channel in menu that changed it to 36, which is supposed to be the ouput channel for UK 800XL. Then the channels would change from 1 to over 40 in the normal channel display. But got no signal at CH36. Tried doing a search in PAL-I and then it got stuck on channel 1 with very poor signal. Tried searching other regions, but kept getting stuck on CH1 and no longer able to change up or down, but could put in 1-9 manually, but nothing above 9. Then I checked this thread a couple more times and figured out how to change everything to English. Then, eventually found the manual tuner and checking the Atari computer section here found the UK 800XL uses 591 to 597 MHz, so tried a couple spots in there and, viola: PAL 50Hz program running with PAL 800XL on 50/60Hz monitor: Beautiful! Light gun works, too, which does not happen with even with the professional Altona PAL to NTSC converter shown in the video in the post above. I'll try the Intellivision next. One other thing, I noticed with the searches the frequency would slow down and sometimes briefly stop between 590 to 610 MHz, but would then stick me with a very snowy CH1.
  12. Someone will have to send her one or at least send her a case, she won't use only dimensions.
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