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  1. Lord of the Dungeon is a strange game for operating. There is a comprehensive manual done by one of the CV enthusiasts around the CV forum somewhere.
  2. Thanks for making these additional ROMs available to club members, including some very recent ones. Weren't we supposed to receive a ROM of the 2019 secret game?
  3. The main shortfall of emulation is it is not very compatible with carts, many of which cannot be dumped.
  4. Well, we had a thread without Tommy's participation a few months ago and that one imploded and disappeared ... very rare for AA, I might add ... due to going off topic and arguing among non-corporate folks. This one seems well on its way... Good night sweet thread. And flights of angels sing thee to they rest.
  5. Okay. So, to be clear, every game I buy from the online store can be backed up to an sd card and played on another system, even after online support has ended years from now, should my current one fail? As one who who believes in archiving games against future instrument failures and eventual online service shutdowns, I would love this. But, is this really possible to save downloaded games to an sd card and use them on a second machine in 15 years without piracy being a simple process? It may be something proprietary, but I was wondering if the sd card saving a downloaded game may be more of a short term 5-10 year solution. I’m sure the 20-25% of physical games would work for this, but this refers to online only games.
  6. Yeah. I signed up for the newsletter to get updates on Goldrush, but all I get are announcements about what convention they are at now. Silence equals no conventions in winter, I guess.
  7. I think I actually like the normal bacon on pizza more than canadian bacon. I'm glad they finally figured that one out after many years of normal bacon-less pizza.
  8. Okay. By all of them, he probably meant all of the intellivision IP by mattel & INTV Corp.
  9. It's the cover. The Aardvark is not cute.
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