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  1. This is pretty great. Almost 7000 views and a 94% like percentage for his positive views. 450 thumbs ups. It's funny people accused him of selling out for $40 in merchandise, but could it be because he is one of the few people who actually knows what he's talking about because he's actually used the console, instead of throwing around anecdotes based on presumption? Everyone who's used it seems to like it a lot. I think it's cool and funny he defiantly wears it all and has the mug while confronting the haters.
  2. Polymega, LOL. What I need is something like a NUC that is just powerful and affordable enough to run anything in RetroArch as well as PS2 and WiiU. Just paying off some bills first and trying to find a suitable mini PC box. The best thing about the Flashback 9 is it's utterly portable and nearly disposable, so I'd like a mini PC box like that.
  3. The Sinden works with PCs (unix?)(and now PS1/PS2), and the Amico has USB ports, so something could probably be fanagled through a firmware upgrade. It would only be carnival games or shooting ping pong balls at something to keep it at E10+.
  4. Don't know how you'd get a Switch Joycon to work on the Amico. BTW, does the switch still use a sensor bar for anything?
  5. I see Wii already did one for CEC, "Chuck E. Cheese Party Games", so, it would have to out-do it somehow.
  6. I see a Chuck E. Cheese mini-game collection tie-in or maybe Dave and Buster's.
  7. Comment says "I hear it's over $250 now." Ugh. Where does this come from. Just like some guy in the other thread saying it only has E rated games.
  8. The ikonsgr 5200 adapter will tide you over nicely if you have a Sega Genesis pad
  9. A lot of people like playing the actual colecovision with modified NES, SNES or NTT data controllers. Why would an SNES not work on the MEGA SG? Is there a problem with picking levels and starting without the keypad? Can you not add a keyboard to the Mega SG? Usually the biggest problem with things like this and retropies is the lack of instructions for mapping of these add-on cores/emulators.
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