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  1. I’d agree with all that. My comment was about state of the art , which is always interesting. Not sure why I would routinely use emulation on emulation.
  2. It was, but there’s some kind of eight core i9 coming out next year.
  3. I wonder if you could run all your 8 and 16 bit emulation through dolphin just like the emulators on the real Wii.
  4. The theory is then, no one may trust the holders with another "lost game" they have. Barring unusual circumstances, I can't fathom someone deciding to disappear and just "avoid the issue" for three years, whether they are too busy or had a change of heart. However, I don't think there were any "silence" time limits indicating automatic release. However, when they say it will be released "soon" and then silence for three years, what is one to make of that? Like I said, they could just be too busy to bother, but not want it released without their involvement or maybe had a a change of heart and don't feel the need to explain themselves, or it could have been something major happened in their life. Other possibility is they are P.O.'d at the forum or gaming in general for some reason and want nothing to do with it. We just don't know.
  5. Swami


    You mean SGM1? SGM2 is still in development.
  6. Stay Frosty 2 and Super Cobra. Edit: Also, Gingerbread Man, Space Rocks and Princess Rescue. Omega Race uses pin5-->GND (fire) and pin9-->GND (thrust), I think 6-->GND may also be fire... and there is a whole slew of 2-button hacks for the Genesis controllers:
  7. My best guess is that the FB9 strobes for pin 5 to ground or pin 9 to ground and finds both on the 7800 controller and at least pin 5 -->GND on the Genesis controller, albeit, with some resistance. On consoles with keypads, its not too difficult to crash the controller, so, I'm thinking, 1. With the extra joystick buttons available on flashback controllers, maybe the controller is somehow crashing with strobing of the Ranger, along with pin 5 never being active on the Ranger for the FB9 to detect the paddle. FB9 is probably (from another post) MENU = UP + DOWN SELECT = LEFT + RIGHT (or LEFT + RIGHT + DOWN) REWIND = LEFT + RIGHT + UP START = UP + DOWN + LEFT I wonder if pin 5, 7 or 9 has a function for the flashback joystick...unlikely. Pins 1-4 and 8 have the normal functions for joystick We would probably need the controller pinouts for both the Ranger and FB9 to know for sure... A search for "hyperkin ranger" "pinout" gives you zero hits. Also, on that "2601" FPGA for the Atari 2600, with Astroblast, it can't detect the joystick button press, but if I move the joystick left, it detects it as the paddle button and assumes paddle mode (pin 3/move-left is fire for paddle A) and I assume the FB9 has some kind of oddball controller scheme, as well.
  8. I seem to remember this issue occurring with Curt Vendel's combination 7800 joystick/paddle controller because some either/or games sensed which was present. He had to install a switch to turn off the paddle lines. So, you'd have to make simple adapter that terminates the paddle lines, since we know they won't work anyway. I imagine on the FBX, if it really does work with stock paddles, you would need an adapter with a switch to go back and forth.
  9. which ones? I just downloaded "Yume Koujou: Doki Doki Panic" okay.
  10. You and crapahute had eluded to manual pdfs being made available. Is that still planned or is that the "little something"?
  11. Mainly, to fix the bugs. I also think the side drains on the pinball game make it unnecessarily difficult. As you can see in the video, every ball life is less than 15 seconds. Since the Telstar Arcade is basically just the controller and A/V out, and the games are ridiculously simple by retrogaming standards, if there is a simpler way to feed the recreated game data to the system without recreating each ASIC.
  12. I just got a Coleco Telstar Arcade with carts 1-3. Does everyone who has a Coleco Telstar Arcade with cart 3 notice the pinball ball seems to go through the paddles a lot and in the selection 2 shooting game, the targets are often mostly or totally off-screen? I notice the same thing in this guys video. Also, since the carts have 512 bytes (0.5kB) of ROM each and a microcontroller (firmware rather than software?), can a repro cart be made for the system? I think Kevtris said each cart chip is a custom MOS chip with its own circuitry that would have to be mapped out (Kevtris:"Unfortunately the telstar used custom game ASICs and doesn't really run code, so there's no way to do anything but a simulation without decapping and tracing out the circuit on the chip itself.")
  13. Don’t worry. He’ll be banned from the discontinued Intellivision Intelligent Club.
  14. I drew up a schematic for something that might work as a paddle for joystick games, but not certain if it would work. It's based on autofire, with two 555 timer chips, except with directions rather than button speed.BTW, diodes need to be closer to the 7 pins. Also, left and right should be shorted, not buttons.
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