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  1. I'm being followed by a moon shadow, moon shadow moon shadow....

  2. Cuz I never support homebrewers and am always after them about licensing. Oh, wait, that’s not me that’s Nintendo.
  3. That was just joking around to make a point, like Razzie. And again, that wasn’t gossip, it was just a single question.
  4. Wannabe gossip columnists can write articles or make videos. You must remember he has said a number of times he is not always in wannabe journalist mode and sometimes just having fun, so, you never can tell ( also sounds like a conflict of interest).
  5. I must not even know I’m following you then, because as far as I know, I don’t, unless you’re secretly mr beast or saggy melonz, possibly DJC.
  6. Well it’s been a long time since I’ve completely agreed with you on anything.
  7. I didn’t say you said that. Although I think it was implied. Strongly implied. Well, a lot of people here seem to be doing a lot of policing aren’t they. I never called anyone out. I just asked him a question. Are we not allowed to ask questions anymore? Dick moves seem to be what these threads are all about anyway ( like mocking someone’s post), so, if mine gets deleted, there should be a whole lot of detractors posts deleted. Especially when we’re allowing opinions to be posted from people banned from the entire forum. Over and out.
  8. I there a bug free version of the ROM you can send to customers, like you did the Crazy Climber ROM?
  9. Well, Nintendo sells child porn in Japan, so I wouldn't want to support that, so, Amico wins.
  10. I think you should start following the wangler feller around like an old mother hen making kumbaya remarks like you did with me. Only seems fair.
  11. I haven't had time to try mine. Guess I had better get on it. Did you have to pay shipping for the replacement?
  12. I got one of the Maker Matrix controllers and didn’t like it. I don’t use it anymore. It could have been made better and the stick could have been made to work with more games but the people involved will just blow off your concerns like you don’t know what your talking about. Had the same experience with them when they were developing the ikonsgr 5200 adapter. You may have just gotten that feeling.
  13. That's basically one of the main reasons the Germans lost to The Soviet Union, along with frostbite and the extreme population advantage of the Soviet Union, Germany being spread too thin, etc.
  14. There was a vote between Armor battle and Battle tanks and lot of people thought Armor Battle would be confusing to new casual players as it sounds like knights in armor fighting.
  15. Like I said, you only seem to see my negative posts. A few posts back I said I was out of gaming for 30 years and not so much into it now. Honestly, Wangler doesn't know me at all like he thinks he does.
  16. Oh, if Tommy speaks he’s not acting like an appropriate CEO or is punching down and if fans speak up, we’re white nights, shills, kool-aid drinkers, whatever. Seems to me a form of gas lighting detractors use to try to shut up any disagreement with them through character assasination. I could go on, but it might risk deletion.
  17. I suppose this is just light-hearted joking, too, right Rev. We’re havin fun now.
  18. It did, however, back everything up for the year of 2020, so maybe they never got to that point because of everything preceding it backed up.
  19. Oh, I’ve been called a white knight. Whatever will I do. I know who uses that term. Talk about weak responses. Bye h.
  20. Go watch Mystic River. You’re reminding me of Sean Penn’s character.
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