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  1. 13 minutes ago, Razzie.P said:

    I didn't mention him doing anything.  But if that's where your mindset is, I won't try to talk you out of it. 



    Hypocrisy from these 3, you mean?  🤣



    I can't speak for everyone, but I've been pretty clear that it doesn't bother me that Intellivision swiped those assets (I just want 'em to deliver a good game, and it's up to them to take care of all the legal stuff on the backend).  And that I've never once really cared "where" graphics come from when I'm playing a game.  And it all the backend legal/ethical parts of whatever Rev is releasing doesn't bother me either.  That's not hypocrisy, my friend, that's consistency.



    All joking aside, I did recently see (elsewhere on the forum) where a user tried to pull the same dick move that you're doing with Rev, and took it upon themselves to call out another user for their releases and the licensing or lack thereof related to them, and a mod or admin (or someone with authority around here, it seemed) shut it down fast by letting them know it's not up to us to police it and personally call anyone out.  No authority here, of course, but I definitely agreed with that mentality.




    I didn’t say you said that. Although I think it was implied. Strongly implied. Well, a lot of people here seem to be doing a lot of policing aren’t they. I never called anyone out. I just asked him a question. Are we not allowed to ask questions anymore? Dick moves seem to be what these threads are all about anyway ( like mocking someone’s post), so, if mine gets deleted, there should be a whole lot of detractors posts deleted. Especially when we’re allowing opinions to be posted from people banned from the entire forum.  Over and out. 

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  2. 39 minutes ago, Milli Vee said:

    The screen corruption that can show up occasionally when changing levels was not discovered until recently so this isn't something that can be fixed in existing cartridges unfortunately. Since this issue is a code* / timing issue there is no solution but to reset the game. Because of this I will be giving existing Turmoil owners a discount on a future purchase as compensation and they should be getting an email about this soon. Games that glitch out or don't work that are due to the pcb not seating we are replacing free of charge by sending a new cartridge and a return label for the old one if they contact me at [email protected]




    * As an FYI the reason for the bug is that the changing the wall color when changing levels is done outside of the NMI loop and as such could possibly get interrupted when the NMI routine does its things causing random data to be sent to the VDP. Most of the time this random data is harmless and only causes a minor glitch but there is always the chance that it causes the game to reset. Our other games, CCR, Anna Lee and one to be released soon use a different method when handling NMI's and as such do not have this issue.

    I there a bug free version of the ROM you can send to customers, like you did the Crazy Climber ROM?


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  3. 1 hour ago, imstarryeyed said:

    I just got the new replacement cart from Milli for Turmoil 2021 and I can confirm I did not see any graphical corruption issues anymore.


    I however do get my Phoenix to hard lock after a few levels.  I assume the Phoenix needs a new firmware for us to download to support this game.


    I have a few real Colecovisions but have not had a chance to try them as they are now in storage, i am going to try to get one of them out tomorrow to test them on this and see if I am getting a locked frozen screen.


    If anyone else got a replacement cart in and has a phoniex please let me know what you are seeing.

    Thank you!

    I haven't had time to try mine. Guess I had better get on it. Did you have to pay shipping for the replacement?

  4. On 11/18/2021 at 3:01 AM, Giles N said:

    Could be nice to see lots of good 5200 controller options floating around and being improved upon.


    I’ve heard about the RetroGameBoyz 5200 joystick/arcade stick.


    How is it on all sorts of games?


    Will a analogue stick version come around? (I love games like Star Wars Arcade and Resque on Fractalus).


    Anyone who’ve tried the 5200 Maker Matrix analogue game-pad?


    Their site say they’re out of cables.


    Would popular demand ‘fix’ this, and get a new batch produced?


    Anyone here who have it, or have tried it?


    Is it any good?





    I got one of the Maker Matrix controllers and didn’t like it. I don’t use it anymore. It could have been made better and the stick could have been made to work with more games but the people involved will just blow off your concerns like you don’t know  what your talking about. Had the same experience with them when they were developing the ikonsgr 5200 adapter. You may have just gotten that feeling. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Tommy2D said:

    For sure.  I'm guessing that most modern tanks could operate in extreme weather.  Heck, I think many of them are designed to operate in radioactive conditions, too.  Although, I'd be curious about the older era tanks.  Would a Sherman tank have any issues operating, in Siberia?  I'd have to do some googling. 


    Regardless of the realism level, I agree that levels with special conditions would be fun.  Sliding / drifting and locked turrets are nice ideas.  


    This would bump things into "wacky" territory but if you had a sliding level, you could always have barriers that would act like bumpers.  The tanks could slam into them and then fly off into other directions.  I wonder if someone has done that, already?  

    That's basically one of the main reasons the Germans lost to The Soviet Union, along with frostbite and the extreme population advantage of the Soviet Union, Germany being spread too thin, etc.

  6. 8 hours ago, PeterPepper said:

    Isn't that what it was called in the footage last year that they showed? Not sure why it wasn't called that now...guessing probably a result of test responses? 

    There was a vote between Armor battle and Battle tanks and lot of people thought Armor Battle would be confusing to new casual players as it sounds like knights in armor fighting.

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  7. 1 hour ago, ashtonm said:

    That is surprising.  You must be a young guy. It was an ok game, but I never got very far in it. I still have it. Had a bit of a following but not a huge game.

    Like I said, you only seem to see my negative posts. A few posts back I said I was out of gaming for 30 years and not so much into it now. Honestly, Wangler doesn't know me at all like he thinks he does.

  8. 2 minutes ago, Pink said:

    Sure bro. I'm in the exact same position you are, never heard of Tommy before this whole thing. I've hardly posted in the Amico subforum until recently and have been lurking quietly and watching from the sidelines because initially I was quite excited when it was first announced and heard about the Earthworm Jim game that's supposedly coming.

    Never heard of Earthworm Jim before the Amico.

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  9. 15 minutes ago, Pink said:

    I think Flojomojo said it best here

    This place has become so toxic and people are acting insane on both sides of the spectrum. The people vehemently defending everything Tommy says and does (and everything he doesn't say or do) and speaking on his behalf or speaking for him and everyone acting like they know precisely what is or what isn't going on are even more annoying then the "haters" (Or whatever term you all are using now)

    Oh, if Tommy speaks he’s not acting like an appropriate CEO or is punching down and if fans speak up, we’re white nights, shills, kool-aid drinkers, whatever. Seems to me a form of gas lighting detractors use to try to shut up any disagreement with them through character assasination. I could go on, but it might risk deletion. 

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  10. 2 hours ago, Rev said:

    Still using placeholder GFX for a console and games a year late?  😬😬😬


    25 minutes ago, 6502wrangler said:

    Haha! Your white knighting game is so weak this time all you got is an obvious (and poorly executed) deflection. 


    I’m sure Tommy appreciates all you do. 


    Have a nice night. 

    I suppose this is just light-hearted joking, too, right Rev. We’re havin fun now. 

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  11. 10 minutes ago, Juice said:

    The question is though would they have replaced them if they weren't pointed out? They  would have only got in trouble if they would have sold games with those images, and then they would have easily been sued by the copyright owner just like plagiarizing the song. The question is why didn't they add that in the description before they were found out? Also it's more proof Tommy lied to me on this message board when he said if it wasn't for covid Amico would have been out October 2020, covid wouldn't effect designing images like these, so if they're just placeholders then he was either lying then or now either way I'm glad I got my money back.

    It did, however, back everything up for the  year of 2020, so maybe they never got to that point because of everything preceding it backed up. 

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  12. 11 minutes ago, Jacob Livingston said:

    They should really limit the deep dive videos to games that are 100% done. That might mean no videos for a while, but really - hold back until a title is finished. Otherwise it's just a messy waste of time. For once I'd like to see a video where they say something is actually complete with out a "in progress / placeholder art / name not finalized" disclaimer. It's very telling that they have no such titles to show in this way.

    Hello again. 

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  13. 30 minutes ago, 6502wrangler said:

    Evidence against what? The graphics are either:


    1. placeholders for a game that should have been out two years ago


    2. stolen for a finished game and now they are a “placeholder” since they’ve been called out. 


    Which is it?


    Besides, who does a deep dive on a game that’s not finished without mentioning it isn’t done and lots of the graphics are going to change? The disclaimer was added after the scandal broke. 


    Go watch Mystic River. You’re reminding me of Sean Penn’s character. 

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