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  1. I’m not an investor, I don’t even play these types of games much anymore and I never heard of Tommy Tallarico until two years ago when he showed up here. I was practically out of gaming for 30 years.
  2. No I don’t and I don’t see him acknowledging, just explaining legalese. Explain to me, if have the images up in the deep dive is so horrible, why are they still there when they put it back up? Please go back to ignoring me ( oh, right, you only said you would. Guess that makes you a, a …..)
  3. Funny you’re cool with the whole kangaroo court thing, despite the evidence against it everyone seems more than willing to ignore. The others don’t surprise me.
  4. If they are stolen, why were they able to put the video back up with all the graphics still there. Only the name was changed. I’d think that’s a big enough question to withhold some form of mob justice.
  5. Well, when someone gets arrested or gets summoned to court for infringement, you let me know. Otherwise, you can ask him yourself since you need to know in a jiffy. Unless you think it wise to turn this forum into a mob’s kangaroo court.
  6. Prove its stolen. No one admitted to stealing anything. I’ve heard this guff before and it came to nothing. I’d explain what I mean by detractors but it would probably get deleted and don’t presume to know what I think. You shouldn’t speculate about stealing and you shouldn’t speculate what I think and doing so makes you look bad.
  7. I don’t give a flying rip what the detractors think and they seem to be the only ones bothered. I’d explain why but it would probably get deleted.
  8. We always have to be very serious about video games…..
  9. Why would they put the video back up with the same static graphics, then, with just a name change. IE doesn’t have to respond to every crack pot conspiracy theory detractors come up with.
  10. Can you add years to the preorder dates. I see several games that I know have been out a year with Dec preorder dates. It’s confusing to know what is new or old.
  11. I wish we could give "confused" emoticons for "confused" emoticons. It only seems fair. Yet another shortfall.
  12. BTW, I reviewed that robot tank game you asked me to review.
  13. Swami


    Unless you solicit it and then ignore it. What is that the best writers and film directors say? It's about cows, or lack thereof, but maybe too religious to mention.
  14. It never has worked that well. Another embarrassing gaff by the Atariage CEO.
  15. He's always doing that. You should know that about him.
  16. You probably are, but what about my posts?
  17. I told you I already reviewed. You do only notice my minority of negative posts. I have over 6000 posts on Atariage. Tell me what percentage of those are drama.
  18. HOW can you not care about TYPO-GATE???
  19. Hardly. I know you like to argue too much and these things will go on forever and I have a real life, so I concede you are a contrarian.
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