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  1. Ended up getting an Ultimate Cart SD, after it seemed there was less possibility of needing to hunt for, convert or patch files and they are being sold PRE-INSTALLED in cart shells, contrary to everything I have read. $110 each for black, $120 for choice of color + $10 shipping. If it doesn't work for this or that cartridge game that I cannot buy reasonably or the PC software doesn't work with Windows 14, I can get the MyIDE 2 in few months or so, or whatever new great thing has appeared by then. The crap thing about using roms dumps is that 10% of them don't work on the console for one reason or another, so I prefer to keep the cart component as simple as possible to not complicate trouble-shooting. Thanks for your input.
  2. I know there is a lot of info out there, which I have searched through and thought for days about, but I would like to know which is the best flash based cart to load and play the most cartridge-base games on the XEGS: MyIDE II or Ultimate Cart sd card. I am leaning towards the MyIDE II because it comes already in cartridge and requires no proprietary PC software to become obsolete (similar to AtariMax Ultimate SD for CV and Harmony Encore and Concerto prototype carts, which I own) and has MyBIOS integrated. However, I have heard MyIDE has more compatibility issues and not as easy to use (vague statement) versus this from another thread "As far as cartridge rom support, I do like my MyIDE 2 as well, even if there had to be .R16 patches for the XEGS stuff. It runs every cartridge rom including XEGS that I've tried, even through my SpartaDOS cartridge." Also, 1. I don't believe there is any experiential difference between using a compact flash or sd card for 8-bit games, as far as speed, but let me know if I am mistaken. 2. any big advantage to the Ultimate Cart sd use of software for loading games? 3. is one of these more compatible with more games than the other, XEGS thru 400? 4. Does one of these provide significantly better graphics and/or sound than the other? I have also heard of The!Cart, but it sound like you have limited storage space, saving one game per rom space with ~16 spots with that wheel. I think these are important decision questions for many people that would help choosing the best flash based cart for them and I haven't found answers for them. Thank you, Quote is from: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/264504-which-cartridge-and-why/
  3. Just for future reference, anyone know if the Atari CX-80 and CX-22 trak ball controllers are the same size and shape (within a cm)? I have a CX-80 and if oldjd got a donation of one or the other, and they are willing, could they use one controller to make covers for both? Maybe the same holds true for an XEGS and some other console. I can look into my set of consoles once my XEGS arrives (although I only have 4 of the consoles on the list: 2600, 7800, CV and sears arcade 2, as well as the CV roller controller). Just a thought, but I would understand if that is troubling, oldjd. P.S. Love your covers and I know you have made a lot of enthusiasts very happy! Your contribution is priceless.
  4. Anyone know if the Atari 2600 Encylopedia Volume 1 by Derek Slaton print quality was ever improved or will be? Last I heard in 2016, the content was fantastic, but the printing house they used really did a bad job. Offset pages with chopped text, cartridge lines on the pages, etc. Would have liked to have gotten a hardcopy, but I heard they were worse than the paperbacks, possibly because paperbacks were a second run. I would still be very interested in the 4 volume set if it is ever made in good quality. Hardcovers are selling for $50 and paperbacks for $35 on AMZN, but don't want to risk it if they are the first run or unimproved.
  5. He, his brother and dad, CC Sr. are all rich businessmen and script writers, producers and actors, along with the music biz...maybe it's who they know. http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160606/NJBIZ01/306069983/kings-of-castle-the-cardillo-brothers-have-built-an-empire-since-taking-control-of-family-window-business http://www.imdb.com/name/nm7139700/ http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0136443/
  6. This article: author seems book intelligent but disorganized. I do agree with his overall assessment, but some of his points trail off without resolution. First, this is a claim against a tertiary fan doing a popular interest post, not a homebrew producer or advertisement (as Coleco adamantly claimed they were). I don't think he ever clarifies that or makes the transition clear, as most of the story focusses on the latter. In the following paragraph about Niles the camel, it sounds like he begins talking about one thing and ends talking about something completely different. It begins with the junior user trying to accuse the senior user of infrigement and lay claim to the trademark. In the middle, he seems to establish that the court was sympathetic to various facets of the small, senior user and then ends with the senior user not being able to claim defamation since the junior user did not accuse them of piracy. But what about the initial claim of infringement by the junior user? That is not defamation of the senior user? And what became of the junior users claim of infringement? Did they win or lose? Notwithstanding, in Coleco's case, the junior user is also claiming trademark infringement by the senior user. Homebrewers are a small, senior user, so the situation seems similar, but the blogger never finished answering his initial inquiry. "Here, if Coleco Holdings has an inferior right to use the ColecoVision trademark compared to homebrew community, it may wish to nonetheless seek to block the homebrewers and claim that they were the infringers and lay claim to the general availability of ColecoVision trademark. The facts of Peaceable Planet may help illustrate the concept. Peaceable Planet made a plush toy camel called "Niles", a reference to the Nile Delta of Egypt. It sold a few thousand of these stuffed animals. Id. at 988. Ty, Inc., the makers of Beanie Babies, later sold a plush toy camel called "Niles" and its sales were in the millions. Id. The Court recognized that unfair competition may exist when a larger company tries to shut out a smaller company. Id. at 992. It also recognized that a smaller company like Peaceable Planet may unjustly may be perceived as manufacturing a pirate product. Id. at 993. The Court recognized that most consumers "would probably not care a whit" that an infringer may be selling pirate products, especially if the quality is identical to the lawful product. Id. at 993-94. It also acknowledged that highly ethical consumers may turn away from the pirate and his goods. Id. at 994. However, a claim for product disparagement or defamation cannot be made unless the junior user (Ty, Inc.) was responsible for creating the false impression that the senior user (Peaceable Planet) was a pirate. Id." ..I mean, anybody can "wish to seek" to do anything. So is this a case of sue and counter-sue and who was successful. He doesn't say, but I suppose the 4 1/2 to 2 1/2 in favor of homebrewers may answer that regarding the name "ColecoVision". Also, I believe the current situation has to do with the "Coleco" name trademark as well, for which he at one time claims the current Coleco had nothing to do with the old Coleco's decisions, so cannot get favor from them, but in #5 claims the Coleco name trademark is strong becuase of decisions made in the past.
  7. Found this 48k rom version of the game for msx hansadventure11.zip
  8. That arrangement seems reasonable. I can't figure why he changed it to the whole "sell me your game at cost and the rights to make it ourselves." business he posted in the thread.
  9. Maybe the updates are resetting or messing with setting values in the inputs. I would agree with mr_me to check inputs. Happens to all my printer settings at work, too, every time IT updates something.
  10. I'm trying to go cold turkey on posting on this thread, but I just had to say, you don't know how many times I resisted replying to cardo1's posts simply with a dumb-founded "Are you high?". Also, I'd like to thank Al for his post. Very well said.
  11. Hi. I'm trying to load files from the following into bluemsx. It is some contest winners from The Pets Mode, but is one big disk file and don't know how to load. Can someone point out how to get it to run? Thanks. Escape from Dwarf Goldmine ~720 KB Also attached BitLogic from same site. This one is only 48k, loads fine, just for fun. TPM_escape.zip bitlogic-msxdev15-entry-final.zip
  12. I did this today with an Astroblast M Network 2600 cartridge shell. Involved some cutting and the space is too small for a pokey, but the width in both horizontal directions is perfect for snug fit without the pokey. Had to use the long twisters to loop around the pcb notches and over the locking nubs on the shell to "crimp" the twisters so they keep the pcb firmly in place so it doesn't move up during insertion as there is possibly about 6-8 mm of extra head space. Having used the pcb a few times it is about the same either way. Need to give the top of the cartridge a slight nudge toward the back of the console after insertion. Mainly just wanting to keep it clean and impact resistant.
  13. Where do you buy these boxes, or do you have a super-shop??
  14. I have two 7800's: 72R4BR X "?? Stamp" 014703 72R4BR A3 “0(?) 8 stamp” 5299054
  15. Just curious, do any of you notice a slight grind when you insert the naked PCB connector into the 7800? Is this due to the alignment issue?
  16. Sorry, just be clear, I meant PCB, not cartridge. Inserting the PCB is finicky. The PCB is naked! How does your cart connector help with successfully inserting the PCB?
  17. From what I understand, this involves homebrewers making games. Then, in exchange for obtaining a coleco license, the homebrewer can use the coleco logo and then Coleco takes basically full control of the game, including the rights to produce it and change it and maybe pays a royalty to the homebrewer that Coleco thinks is fair. However, I think all are concerned with Coleco's perception of fair.
  18. It seems that since the only way he will agree to anything is to abridge our expression in some unreasonable way, I would agree with TPR and just say that if he unrightfully censors something in the community again, he can expect more of the same.
  19. Basically, the terms here are that he will not unrightfully censor the free press if we agree to censor everything that he disagrees with. I'm getting the way this guy thinks and it is not reasonable at all.
  20. So far I've tried Donkey Kong, Galaxian and Sentinel_NTSC.on the concerto cart. DK and Galaxian work good but the sound is a little squelchy. Sentinel sound is good and works with the light gun, but the sprites are all blocks, so the graphics are messed up ... tried three different roms. I have had some trouble getting the starting screen for the menu, but I think it may be cartridge placement. Placement is a little finicky. I don't know if there is a better rom for sentinel. Tried these three (upload to forum is failing): Sentinel (1988) (Atari) [!].a78 Sentinel (USA) (Proto).a78 Sentinel.A78 Console is 72R4BR X 014703
  21. Worked okay on mine in Stella, using joystick mode. Did you use a file name with 12 at end of file name or the one with no numbers. I tried the one with no numbers and it flipped wildly, thought perhaps it was PAL.
  22. That works! Thanks. I was so close, too. Had tried to stick and gun in the reverse order once. Although, had to mess with picture settings to get good response. Now the sun is green and I have to hold the gun about 2 inches from the TV screen for it to work. May need to mess around to get the sun white, like Christian's picture.
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