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  1. I'm certain Rev lifted this from somewhere.
  2. That seems like an exaggeration. I know I've discussed things other than drama on this forum. More lies and coverup! Also, I reviewed this game up above. You only focus on my negatives.
  3. I'm just not jumping on the drama train from the get go. And nice deflection to avoid addressing Rev trying to frame me. Typo indeed! I feel bored now.
  4. That's non-sense. I think they'd get the same rating either way.
  5. The ESRB would disagree.
  6. This argument seems non sequitur.
  7. I'm surprised you don't care about Rev posting a fake quote of me saying he showers with his brother the Amico video. That's highly offensive.
  8. It's a remake. It's remade with robots. The best of Battle Tanks and Robot Tank.
  9. Activision had a game called Robot Tank for the Atari 2600. I don't remember any video game named Robot Hooker.
  10. I like games that give me a good workout, like Kinect games or DDR. I don't get that vibe from this. Still looks like fun when I'm being a couch potato. I'd like to see more detail added. Violence is never the answer, except when it is.
  11. That's quite an assumption. Meanwhile, Rev is allegedly performing libel.
  12. I have yet to see Rev produce proof of this typo. I believe it to be all lies and coverup.
  13. What shower typo? This is about fake quotes about you showering with your brother the Amico video. Don’t think to try to change the subject!
  14. Ahh, looks like another coverup being deflected by Rev.
  15. Why are you faking my messages?
  16. Still at work. Haven’t watched it. Only time for quips.
  17. Why are you focusing on drama and not on the gameplay footage?
  18. Congratulations on such a successful Boston Event! Next stop: Minneapolis, right? LOL. Also, congrats on the Battle Tanks Deep Dive. Still at work so haven’t had time to watch it.
  19. A while ago it was discussed that a lot of Opcode’s games had issues due to noise on pins 7 and 9 that are used for optical rotary controls like trackball and wheel. A lot of problems were fixed by using a small M/F pass thru with pins 7 and 9 pulled out with needle nose pliers.
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