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  1. I could say the same thing about "transparency" and "scam"
  2. Link doesn't work. I used ZELDA FOUR SWORDS NTSC ONLY! Nintendo Gamecube Display Case. Works very well. 7 3/4 x 5 5/8 x 1 7/8 inch 197 x 143 x 47mm. These seem to be out of stock, though. Were sold through retroprotection.com and seller retroprotection on eBay.
  3. Nothing negative, but what your saying does remind me of the Intellivision IV feature creep fiasco.
  4. Not nearly as easily if they are not cartridge based. One of the reasons the Big 3 and companies like Steam, etc. are moving to digital despite a lot of resistance a decade ago. Take the PS4, eight years later, one working emulator (Spine) with only 3 games considered playable according to the compatibility list.
  5. and I'm sure you and the haters will keep popping up everywhere whining about the Amico.
  6. What are your big, bad claims? Lying, spreading false rumors, tons of negative speculation usually presented as fact, group downvoting of the other sides videos, etc. I don't think so.
  7. Systems using cartridges get hacked very easy. the Evercade got hacked months after release with an SD card adapter making most of the games they were selling available for free. The Switch has been hacked a few times that got squashed by big money Nintendo, but now there is Yuzu, an emulator that can play a growing number of Switch titles for free with amazing fidelity. As far as labelling both sides extreme. I don't see anything wrong with being excited about the system as it is and unlike the haters, the superfans are not known for lying, spreading false rumors, tons of negative speculation usually presented as fact, group downvoting of the other sides videos, etc.
  8. I never had to use it before all the hater threads started popping up. I've been an AA subscriber for 4 years, but you can bet that's going to stop now.
  9. It still comes up in my recent topics. I like to see mr_me keeping you on your toes.
  10. Am I correct to assume they are somehow expecting you to tell them Intellivision’s proprietary authentication methodology that P&I didn’t think to consider and Intellivision wouldn’t share? People never think about how much a company prefers to keep undisclosed.
  11. Remember the Xbox One Fitness Channel, “Xbox Fitness”? There’s a service that died an early death. Hundreds of thousands of people pissed off about that. I’m not sure how well they were refunded either.
  12. At least they can make fun of themselves. Bringing up that false rumor they started that Tommy said there were no couch co-op games on other systems. Next, they’ll make fun of the false rumor they started about Tommy saying there were no multiplayer games on smart phones.
  13. Right now it is probably ColecoVision Flashback collection on various consoles and Steam, etc on PC. Those new Tiniest Ever consoles with the little TVs. Not that he was that involved in any of it. The interview he had when the tiniest arcades were introduced was funny because every question asked about the products he's been putting out was always, "Well, I wasn't really that involved in making it."
  14. Then when are they gonna make The Last of Us for XB1 or PC? I've been waiting, LOL! It will probably be on emulator first. Ugh!
  15. Yeah, it’s weird. Microsoft said not to worry because as long as Xbox One was supported it was little extra effort to support the 360, but sound like that may have been hot air.
  16. If you do that, trust me, people will complain about how they aren't "professional" enough looking. That they need to "up their game" if they want to be taken seriously. I've seen it before, even with the CollectorVision Phoenix, which was a homebrew effort, people complained the commercials weren't "professional" enough.
  17. Most people think video game journalism is barely journalism at all. The last Ars Technica article on the Amico was littered with errors and obviously poorly researched and fact -checked. So, yes, it is better to give it to media that reaches out to their target audience rather than places like IGN and Ars Technica, that experience shows, don't know what they're talking about. Also, they have different ideas about what people will want than the target audience media.
  18. I'd like to request beefed up versions of the motion control games that use the higher precision smart phone tech, such as the magnetometer and possibly more expensive, advanced gyroscope & accelerometer. Not necessarily at launch, but in the near future. Since the phone motion controls work, seems like they should be used to the best advantage. You could have games that are better than Wii or Switch. I do understand why the Wii dropped the sensor/IR bar as people complained about interference from environmental IR sources.
  19. Them's fightin' words on a forum named Atari Age, LOL!
  20. Yeah, Intellivision was kind of the opposite of the poor man's Atari. It was more expensive, had better graphics, but a lot less games, so, a lot of people who had Atari's didn't get an Intellivision unless they were well-to-do or it was a first console.
  21. Update on Amico physical box protectors. PS Vita game box protectors. Extra space is within 1mm on each side. $11 for 10 or $19 for 20 from retroprotection on eBay or maybe a bit less from retroprotection.com directly.
  22. It’s about a video TonyTGD released and NSG watches it and claims Intellivision is acting shady, so, basically promoting TonyTGD.
  23. I don't post about him weekly or make weekly speculation as negative fact month after month. Look at the definitions. Weak argument. I'm not going to argue this anymore in the "fun" thread. Fine, turn the fun thread into a troll thread like the others with all kinds of negative videos. I'm sure all the members will appreciate that.
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