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  1. This is kinda like the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy. The head of the girl in the middle reminded me of a couple of Saggy's avatars somehow.
  2. Is Nightmare before Christmas a halloween movie. I would have guessed otherwise from the title, LOL. I see have to see this. Thanks guys for remining me of its existence.
  3. Neotokeo releases limited edition carts and does not release roms. The reason he gave was due to bootlegs being sold without permission. It also makes them more attractive to some collectors.
  4. Ms. Nightsalker? There’s a homebrew named that.
  5. How much does it pay? If $0.00 are you hoping/planning to make money off of it?
  6. Winter Is Coming....

    Low of 52degF tonight!

    1. GoldLeader


      It was very nice out today, and lately...But, although it never added up, we've had snow 3 times this year already.

  7. Here's just some: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/288558-tommy-tallarico-fun-amico-conversations/?do=findComment&comment=4929166 https://atariage.com/forums/topic/288558-tommy-tallarico-fun-amico-conversations/?do=findComment&comment=4930103
  8. Blaze does seem to be the UK equivalent, roughly, of Atgames. AtGames's actual products have been good and bad. I would say the same for Blaze. The Evercade has been a real homerun from them. I wonder how much it has to do with it being a Kickstarter. Some of their previous Atari portables had modest success.I haven't looked into Blaze's previous products that much since they are UK based. I can't find any Wikipedia article on Blaze Entertainment that fits the video game focus except for Blaze Europe which is being liquidated.
  9. Swami


    There were also issues with Bad Santa and, I think, Cavern Fighter on the ColecoVision. Also, with all the controller option available to the Phoenix, I think those should be looked into more. Like using the four SNES buttons as directionals on Vanguard wouls have been nice, but it usually done before anyone asks anyone's opinion and they've decided not to add features to the ROMs of released games.
  10. Looking at this picture, I can't stop thinking about how she auctioned off the right to remove her breast wrap to the crew. Carrie Fisher used gaffer's tape to hold down her breasts because George Lucas 'didn't want her looking too aggressively feminine'. Carrie Fisher joked about it saying: 'No breasts bounce in space, no jiggling in the Empire'. Lucky, lucky crew members.
  11. They may have seamail options for half the cost, but I wouldn't recommend it. Lately, I've been seeing packages people get from over overseas that look like an elephant sat on them. I wouldn't risk that for a $170 package to save $20.
  12. Pretty much the only people griping about trolls being banned on comment sections and message boards are other trolls.
  13. Simple as a grand slam at the World Series, of course.
  14. I don't know how many they make in a "lot", but I imagine a stack of the plastic holder got put in the machine upside down for a lot of 20 or something. I think that's what happened with the upside down airplane stamps and 97% of the people were like, that's weird and used them as postage and soon got tossed.
  15. But u ain’t cool if u don’t talk nonsense. What r u? Wiggity wacked? (Ugh, now I have that Kriss Kross song stuck in my head).
  16. It’s not insignificant. Usually because they require you to use express mail, so their delivery statistics look more favorable. On the plus side I get the packages from Europe or Asia in 3-4 days from when the forwarder receives them.
  17. There’s usually a way. I’ll think about it when mine arrive. Won’t peel them, but think over the half dozen typical methods.
  18. Yeah. The evercade can’t play anything past the OG PlayStation circa 1994 unless this vs has more processing power than the handheld, which I doubt. Also would lose motion control.
  19. How does one go about buying an HBVision or did this stop at the prototype phase? HBVision is the one made by fabf, right? Or is that someone else?
  20. It was 100% compatible with the retail games of yore (except the roller controller issue, which was solved). It has had various issues with a number of homebrews, although I think most of them have been solved with firmware or blocking the 7 and 9 quadrature pins.
  21. Tell him not to keep that on his social media or here.
  22. What kind of controller are you using? Standard controller without extension cord?
  23. I will probably have to do this to have one set sealed and one set to display coins/cards. Actually 3, since I have one NA sealed, one Europe sealed and one for collectible display. That’s one nice thing about what’s included is that they are very display-ready.
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