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  1. Hi, This is a really great project ! Have you eard about Fuzix, the Unix like project for 8bit computers? http://www.fuzix.org/ It's a project from Alan Cox, one of the Linux "GranMaster", and it's already running on some pretty old computers like TRS 1, Coco2, Coco3 or Amstrad NC200. There's even a page on their Github Wiki about the Geneve to be a perfect candidate for Fuzix... https://github.com/EtchedPixels/FUZIX/wiki/Platform-Review-Notes One point I like wiht this porject is that it's built to be the same code for every platform (where it's possible), which means that application could be recompiled for each arhtitecture. As it's intented from the begining to run on very limited computers, it probably would be a more intersting source than Minix or Linux.
  2. Hi, There's also the Fuzix project which can be interesting as starting point: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/264588-fuzix-unix-on-ti99/
  3. What an attractive title, isn’t it? J First a little introduction: My first computer in the eighties was a TI99/4A, and I spent hours on it trying to push it to his limits. Unfortunately, I only had an Extended Basic cartridge, so I never had the opportunity to try assembler, so I didn’t had any chance to compete with my friends with Commodore 64… Few years later, I sold my TI99 and get an Atari ST, but I never forget this little box. I recently discovered that there is a strong TI99 community, and I’m really (really!) impressed by what your guys are still doing with the TI99. I knew my TI99 could compete with C64, and you are proving it! But now, there’s a chance to show that TI99 is BETTER than C64, as it could run Unix! OK, I don’t have any TI99 to play with, and I don’t even get free time to do anything around it, but I wanted to share with you some information about Fuzix, as I’m sure some serious geeks on this forum could be interested into porting Fuzix to the TI. So, Fuzix is a new project started by Alan Cox, one of the main contributor to the Linux Kernel. His aim was to do something small (small is beautiful) , and he started to port a System 5 Unix to Z80. Many forks was done to the project, and now Fuzix is running on Z80, Z180, 6809, 6502, 68000 processors. The TMS9900 being a real 16 bit processor, why not Fuzix on TI99 or Geneva? What is needed to get it is : - An open source ANSI C compiler. With GCC for the TMS9900, it’s seems we have one… - A timer interrupt with reasonable precision or a RTC - At least 32 Ko RAM, or banked RAM (SAMS?) - Lot’s of time... Some links: Alan Cox announcement: https://plus.google.com/+AlanCoxLinux/posts/a2jAP7Pz1gj The main project on GitHub : https://github.com/EtchedPixels/FUZIX More information in the Wiki: https://github.com/EtchedPixels/FUZIX Fuzix ported on a Tandy Coco2 : https://sites.google.com/site/cocoboot2/fuzix Video of Fuzix on a MSX2 TurboR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUIl--jNN2o So, anyone interested by this challenge? J
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