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  1. Hello Marco,

    Im from Argentina.

    I wana ask you for your Hubot.

    Have you manuals? Have you disks?

    I have one here in Argentina and Im looking others owners arround the world.



  2. Another seemingly abandoned profile. do you think he will see this? :D

  3. Yes, that is the box I was talking about. I has Atari all over the thing, if it is indeed a pirate system, they did a mighty fine job Cheers, Marco
  4. I have a box from Canada that says it contains an Atari 2400. I only got the box, not the unit and the seller didn't remember if the unit actually said "2400". Cheers, Marco
  5. Hi Jerry, Please don't get me wrong, I wasn't trying to prove you wrong or anything. I was just pointing Adam towards two more models I had stumbled upon, as I thought he'd be interested in them. He's a collector, you see Cheers, Marco
  6. According to the Atari Historical Society there are also CX2200 prototype consoles. Cheers, Marco
  7. Marco(2)


    That label was made by Roloff de Jeu, better known as Deleto. He made it as an April 1st joke. It was a big hit on #rgvc, as almost everybody fell for it at first. The excitement of this "find" was just so big that people wanted to believe it was true. Also, there hadn't been too much fraud back then so people weren't as suspicious as they are today. Ah, those good ole days of fun... Cheers, Marco
  8. Okay guys, final day, get your bids in!!! http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?View...&userid=marco_k Cheers, Marco
  9. There is no box for this rare puppy... ... unfortunately :wink: Cheers, Marco
  10. Okay, let's assume you expected a serious answer from me I never say that originals are rarer, I say they shouldn't be in the same league or category as homebrews. Some of the homebrews are artficially created rarities, that's kind of 'cheating', I think. Others are artifically created valuables. Sometimes that's the same, sometimes it's not. In this case, I cannot but admire the work sniderman put into this. I know some of you programmers think "what, it's only a hack!", but I think "to each his own" couldn't be more suitable in this situation. Cheers, Marco PS: WIZ, why are you such an angry man? :wink:
  11. Second highest bid was only $160.... they will go down in price! Cheers, Marco
  12. Yep, it is the Men-A-Vision game. It's not likely we will know how many games of Air Raid were produced or released. But perhaps that goes for Video Life as well? I have a letter from CommaVid that states that they intended to produce 1200 games combined of Magicard and Video Life. They may have ended up with only 20 Video Lifes, like the CommaVid guys told John and Sean. What amazes me is that we can account for about half of the Video Lifes in existence then. I don't think any other game, besides Cubicolor and homebrews, has that high of a "hit rate". If there were hundreds or even thousands of Air Raids, I think it would be likely that we should have seen some more. I personally know of only two popping up in the past ten years, but perhaps others know dozens more owners. Who knows, Men-A-Vision may have been some kind of homebrew company - are there any ads known to exist? Cheers, Marco
  13. I'm not sure about the timeline, but I thought he moved after his exhibition. I know he was looking for storage space for his collection at that time, perhaps he had already moved prior to the exhibition and just needed the storage space. Hm, my memory fails me here. Perhaps Matty can help? Cheers, Marco
  14. Only that weird one that I have - there should be good ole NTSC versions out there as well Cheers, Marco
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