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  1. Claus...Is there a 'physical limit' to the gfx resolutions the A8 HARDWARE can display (with/out a custom DL or ML trickery), for i am thinking that you could embed some custom trickery in the upgrade to enable much higher gfx resolutions Will it be possible to display more PMG's with the upgrade (again without resorting to some ML trickry) One idea for consideration is a software based blitter and also PMG scaling (like the similar feature on the Lynx, Sprite scaling...but obviously software based) and built into the upgrade
  2. http://www.ebay.com/itm/121062811693 now this is what i call a 'collection'...shame someone nabbed it
    1. oldjd
    2. Elerach


      I doubt that's worth a fifth of what he is asking. Cool stuff though.

    3. icemanxp300


      How does someone with 9 feedback get to list a 550,000 auction? My account is like 16 years old and I'm a top rated seller that has like a 75,000 limit.

  3. Has any of the AA users residing in NYC seen any of 'Banksy's artworks, let alone the man himself (and i don't mean via his instawhatsits site)

    1. Reaperman


      I'm not in NYC, but I've seen a bit of it. It's a pretty small place here, so it had a lot of impact. http://hypebeast.com/2008/8/banksy-visits-new-orleans

  4. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/m1-cyclist-escorted-safety-police-140247950.html#mkqemdf how could this person not fail to notice that he was cycling on one of the countries major motorways, a lack of crossing points, a lack of pedestrians or traffic lights perhaps
  5. Are we talking about a vcs game or a a800 game, if the pic is from a a800 game when why is he missleading people with thinking it's for the VCS (unless he has some adpater or mod that allow his vcs to play a800 games....i think NOT, or he would have started selling it)
  6. let the sun shine, let the sunshine the sunshine in

  7. Question is...how high is a high score
  8. I bring this up since not a day goes by when you hear stories in the media about someone racking up unfeastly amount of phone/credit card bills by paying for what was 'advertised' as a 'free game' I accept that game developers and publishers should be renumerated and compensated for their 'wares' but what gets me is to advertise the game as 'free' and then crippling the game and getting people to racking up unfeastly phone/credit card bills just to get any sort of game action out of it In other words, mobile developers are basically playing the same game/stunt that desktop games dev's/publishers have been playing for as long as online gaming has existed i.e. for the last few years if you thought the game you bought in the shop was a full game, wrong, that is only a mere fraction of the game (somewhat likened to say one or two levels) they want you to spend more money buying more content (online) for that game in order to have THE FULL GAME....Thats when a 20,30 or 40 pound game starts adding up to 150,200 or even 300 pounds plus Could you imagine the furore or the bad publicity if Atari (back in the day) tried this tactic with 2600 pac man or 200 E T (I tell you something, we certainly would not be talking about Atari today if they pulled something like that) And the mobile game advertised as "FREE" and you get to a particular point in the game before you get something like, thanks for playing the game if you want to continue please enter you paypal details now...or something like 'if you want to upgrade your weapon to beat this baddie enter your paypal details now... the worst one i've heard is, if you want to play the next level (since you already finished the previous level) please enter your paypal details now...remember that we are talking about a game asdvertised as being FREE) Like I said, i've no problem with game developers and publishers being paid or getting compensated for their 'wares', I would APPRECIATE IT THOUGH IF THEY WERE A BIT MORE STRAIGHT AND UP FRONT WITH THE END USER EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE GETTING...i.e. If a game from a shop is advertised as the 'full game' then that is what they should be getting...THE FULL GAME and not having to pay yet more money downloading cack for something that was originally advertised as a 'full game', and for those mobile developer...If a game is advertised as 'FREE' then distribute it UNCRIPPLED and let the people play the game as free I accept that there's 'no such thing as a free lunch' (to using the well worn americanism) the way the games market is treating the end user is disgusting and if they think that is the way that businesses should be run (i.e. the way they treat customers), then perhaps people that supply those very companies (i.e. the games developers/publishers) products or services should treat the games developers/publishers the same way as they treat the end user (i.e. an eye for an eye and all that) and lets see how they like it
  9. If god created the universe, who created god (chicken and the egg situation here me thinks), after all something had to create god in order for god to create the universe

    1. Show previous comments  15 more
    2. DoctorTom


      Andrew, I'm a scienteist and as a physician quite likely to be a lot more educated than you. Evolution is nonesnse. It is embraced by those who are desperate to explain God out of their lives, as they do not wish to submit to His will. I'm sorry you have to call people of faith "nuts", but actually your position is logically and by lack of evidence untenable.

    3. OldSchoolRetroGamer


      You know THERE IS A REASON one of the rules here is no religious posts......

    4. Andrew Davie

      Andrew Davie

      Doctor Tom; I work for one of the worlds' leading and most respected scientific institutions and my education is at doctorate level. I'm not getting into a "mine is bigger than yours" argument with you regarding education. I'm educated; you're educated. Great. Very poor form to try and use supposed higher education (wrong, as it happens) to validate your views. Better not to see science as a threat to your beliefs, and instead embrace truth and the wonders therein.

  10. WBH parrothead....don't leave it so long next time....hows CTCW (GG) going these days Anyways, your m/f retro gig, will that only concentrate on the US market or will it have sections dealing with the various international markets like europe/uk as well as asia/japan etc
  11. Bob....Are you sure you don't run a shop/store or something....you seem to have a heck of a lot of kit/gear (going by your previous posting/thread)
  12. And you, I guess have asked every known games programmer known to man, if they are 'trekkies' or not (me thinks not)
  13. Linky only http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/blogs/world-of-sport/watch-ea-sports-guy-game-131023407.html?vp=1 See if you can do better
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