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  1. thanks actually I had planned on getting a 32 meg memory but not able to do the work myself. I would be willing to swap the carts towards a 32 meg upgrade and other stuff....
  2. Yeah guess I do I got say I never wrote any ham software for the TI I should have grin!!!!
  3. Sorry Kb8kac is my hamradio call and Bruce is my name
  4. For sale best offer plus shipping TI-994a 16 k silver and black works but I cant find the power supply 2 video boxes video monitor cable speech sythizer and Flash 99 with sdcard with all 16k roms Plus 39 Cartridges adventure ti extended basic car wars addition and subtraction 1 addition and subtraction 2 Chisholm trail football personal record keeping personal record keeping fractions black jack and poker disk manger parsec personal report generator zerozap hunt the wampus multiplication measurement formulas hopper tax investment record keeping slymoids music maker early learning fun video Chess Microsoft​ multiplane terminal emulator 2 touch typing tutor household budget management pacman munch man moon mine beginning grammar meteor multiplication ti Invaders amazing the attack hangman buck Rogers video Chess Alpiner Kb8kac Bruce
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